I'm not sure if this is in the right section but I have some left over ceramic tiles that would be great to use in enclosures as they help to retain the heat. I collected a lot of tiles and chose the ones that I wanted to use in my enclosures, so I am offering the left overs if anybody needs them. Here is a list of what I have and I can send pics if you want.

  • Ten tiles @ 40cm square, they are all smooth with the exception of two that are a sandstone type finish. The sandstone ones would be great for a lizard enclosure to help keep the claws short etc. There are mixed colours in this lot but they are brownish & grey (slate) type colours.
  • Two large sandstone tiles @ 45cm square.
  • Six matching tiles @ 34cm square. They are a grey colour.
  • Three tiles @ 33cm square. One is a rough finish in an earthy red colour, another one is also a rough finish with a dark grey colour and the last one is a smooth finish in a grey colour.
  • One tile @ 30cm x 60 cm in a smooth dark grey finish.
  • Eighteen small tiles (approx 10 cm square) they are a smooth finish in a black colour. They are joined with backing in groups of nine.
  • Eight Terracotta tiles, 300mm x 300mm x 14mm. They are brand new and still in the packaging.
  • One other light colour tile that is 30cm square and has a ripple type finish.
I am at Hawthorne in Brisbane and am happy for anybody that wants them to pm me and arrange a pick up. If you would like photos then let me know what you are interested in and i will send them your way. I use tiles in both of our enclosures and they work a treat, they hold the heat and are easy for spot cleaning too.