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    2 x 18 tub RAT RACKS + Edstrom watering nozzles.

    Price: $380ea


    Quantity Available

    General Description I am selling one of my rat racks as I no longer need it. It comes in 2 pieces, one having 18 tubs and the other having only 17, although the tubs can be purchased from Sam's Warehouse. For each tub there is an Edstrom automatic drinking nozzle, and there is a main water reservoir that has a tap on it, ready to be hooked up to air line tube to supply the nozzles. I threw out the old air line tube as it was a bit gross, but I still have all the little T shaped and elbow joiners. Whoever gets in first can have the extra tub and reservoir.

    Will do the lot for $700

    One half of rack: >>Can be split into 4 pieces with 9 tubs each, if there is no interest in it being sold in only 2 parts.

    Jindalee Pick Up

    Contact Details
    PM me

    - - - Updated - - -

    1 part with 9 tubs is sold, 3 parts left
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