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The Spotted Python is one of Australia's smaller pythons. Because of it size they are very popular with new keepers and pet owners.


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[top]Range and Habitat

You can see this specie mostly throughout the Queensland coast. Usually at ground level, under rocks, logs or leaf litter. Mostly in country that is rocky and fairly dry or area that drains quickly, But I heard that they have been find in rain forests. In some cases they have been find under sheets of roofing iron sometimes more than one under a one sheet of iron.

[top]Diet and Feeding

Rats and mice. Sometimes day old chickens and quail for variety can be used. In the wild diet seems to consist of mice, small rats, reptiles such as geckos and skinks. Larger animals can feed on birds and bats.


Cooling mid April, warming beginning of June. They should start to mate when cage temperature starts warming up. Sometimes they begin mating later as far as August. In many cases you are not able to see mating, as they can be very secretive. Can be kept in small groups of mixed sexes all year. Incubation period usually around 45 to 50 days at 30 degrees.


Height of cage is not important as they use mainly floor area. Place small timber box,a piece of plastic pipe on the floor or a natural piece of bark. If you are keeping more than one animal in the same enclosure make sure that you place multiple hiding spots. This make feeding time more easy. However lot of the time multiple animals of this species kept together will all try and fit into the same hide, that is why is good to have one large hide there.

  • Usually there is no trouble if kept in colonies.
  • Like any other python that is kept in multiple numbers in a single cage make sure that they are observed at feeding time to make sure there is no damage done to any of the animals. If you have some smaller animal than the rest feed this one away from the others.
  • Hatchlings maculosa pythons are around 28cm in length growing to around a meter in length on average.

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