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Antaresia perthensis is a species of snake found in western Australia. The smallest member of the Pythonidae family, and known as the Pygmy python, the species is also termed the Ant-hill python for its occurrence in termite mounds. The specific epithet is derived from the state capital, Perth, but this is not within the distribution range. No subspecies are currently recognized. A neonate (newborn) will be 8 inches in length and about 4 grams in weight. A yearling (one year old) will average about 25 grams in weight. Adults (over 3 years old) grow to about 50cm (28 inches) in length and have a weight near 210 grams.


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Found in Australia in the northwest of Western Australia and on some coastal islands. The type locality given is "Perth, West Australia" (Western Australia); an erroneous assumption of the place where the specimen was collected. The unfamiliarity of europeans with the place of a specimen's collection has given rise to other 'naming peculiarities'. According to L.A. Smith (1985), the type locality is unknown.

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Small lizards, especially geckos.



Probably easy to keep in captivity, but not widely available.

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