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Stimson Pythons are a relatively small python compared to other Australian python species, Stimson Pythons share the same genus (Antaresia) as Children's Pythons, Spotted Pythons and the Pygmy Python. The average adult length of a Stimson Python is 90cm, they generally max out at around 1m in length making them one of the smallest (apart from the Pygmy Python) pythons available to the keepers in Australia.

Stimson Pythons come in a large variety of localities that have different coloured markings depending on what locality they are and also what area of Australia they are from, some examples; Tennant Creek, Mcdonald Ranges, Broome, Sand Fire and Wheat Belt etc.


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Stimson Pythons have one of the largest distribution ranges around Australia compared to other Australian pythons, Stimson Pythons can be found in their natural habitat in; Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and several other areas located in Australia.

[top]Diet and Feeding

Prey items consist of small mammals, birds, frogs and lizards in the wild. Captive bred animals are usually fed on mice when they are hatchlings and then move up to weaner rats once they have reached adult size. Most breeders reccomend that you feed hatchlings once a week, once the snake has reached adult age / size to extend the feeding to every 2 - 3 weeks depending on the prey size offered.


The female can lay up to 16 eggs per season, Once the eggs have been laid the female will then coil around the eggs and incubate them for a perioud of seven weeks, during this time frame the female will sometimes make a shivering motion to help maintain the temperature in the egg clutch. Once hatched, the hartching are fully independent once they have left their eggs and will begin the journey of sourcing out their first prey item.


Stimson Pythons are often kept as a pet due to their calm and placid nature, Stimson Pythons are hardy and relatively low maintenance to look after, this makes them a hardy pet and an excellent choice as a new keepers first python. Stimson Pythons are generally easy to get feeding once they have hatched compared to other species of python.

The enclosre setup for an Adult Stimson Python can be as basic or advanced as you like depending on what you can afford and how much space you have avaliable to store the enclosure.

An example of a basic Adult Enclosure:

Length: 900mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 600mm

Note: Stimson Pythons can live comfortable in a 600 x 500 x 600 enclsoure.

Some information for setting up enclosure:

Heat Source: Ceramic Heat Emitter, Infrared Globe, Reptile Radiator, Heat Mat (you choose one)
2 x Hides (1 for Hot end and 1 for Cool End)
Water Bowl (large enough for the snake to soak in)
Optional: Branches
Optional: Fake Plants
Substrate: Alot of keepers decide on different items to use as substrate, it's more of a personal choice item, however here are some examples: Paper Towel, Newspaper, Marine Carpet etc

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