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The Woma is a relatively large robust python with a narrow,somewhat pointed head which is broader then the neck. Like the Black headed python, it lacks heat sensing pits on its lips.The head and the body range from pale yellow through yellowish reddish brown to pale olive. The body has numerous irregular dark or reddish brown stripes of varying width. In some snakes these bands join together on the dorsal surface to form a darker vertabrle area. Juveniles are paler then adults, with a more contrasting pattern and in older snakes the pattern becomes extremely obscure, sometimes to the point of being entirely absent. Womas inhabit the least populated parts of Australia and relatively little is known about their natural history. Populations out in the south west of Australia are under threat and may be extinct with land clearing and feral predators probably responsible for the large decline. They are nocturnal although they are observed during the day and they are largely if not wholly terrestrial.


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Desert and adjacent areas of central Australia. From the northwest coast of Western Australia to the Moonie and Tara region of southwest Queensland. A separate population is found in the southwest of Western Australia. Subhumid to arid interior. Woodlands, shrublands, and heath, often with spinifex.

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Reptiles, birds, & mammals.



Popular and hardy captive. Commonly available.

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