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Only the following reptiles and amphibians may be imported into Western Australia (WA), however, all python species imports are prohibited.

There is a blanket ban on all species of python entering Western Australia from overseas and ALL states & territories of Australia. The reason for the import ban is due to the risks associated with the transmission of "Boid IBD" (Inclusion Body Disease). Even those pythons appearing on attached schedule 1 are not permitted to enter Western Australia. Only pythons purchased from Western Australia-based Dealers can be kept in this state.

People living in WA and holding the appropriate reptile and amphibian licence may apply for an import licence as per attached application form. People sending reptiles or amphibians will need an appropriate export permit from their own state or territory government.

Category 1

No Species

Category 2
  • Egernia napoleonis - South-Western Crevice Egernia
  • Gehyra variegata - Tree Dtella
  • Heteronotia binoei - Binoe’s Gecko
  • Litoria caerulea - Northern Green Tree Frog
  • Litoria moorei - Western Green Tree Frog
  • Pogona minor minor - Western Bearded Dragon
  • Strophurus ciliaris - Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko
  • Strophurus spinigerus - South-west Spiny-tailed Gecko
  • Tiliqua multifasciata - Centralian Bluetongue
  • Tiliqua occipitalis - Western Bluetongue
  • Tiliqua rugosa rugosa - Bobtail

Category 3
  • Antaresia stimsoni - Stimson’s Python
  • Chelodina oblonga - Oblong Tortoise
  • Ctenophorus reticulatus - Western Netted Dragon
  • Egernia kingii - King Skink
  • Litoria splendida - Magnificent Tree Frog
  • Morelia spilota imbricata - South-western Carpet Python
  • Nephrurus levis - Three-lined Knob-tailed Gecko
  • Oedura marmorata - Marbled Velvet Gecko
  • Underwoodisaurus milii -Thick-tailed Gecko
  • Varanus caudolineatus - Stripe-tailed Pygmy Monitor

Category 4
  • Aspidites melanocephalus - Black-headed python
  • Aspidites ramsayi - Woma Python
  • Chelodina steindachneri - Flat-shelled Turtle
  • Chlamydosaurus kingi - Frilled Lizard
  • Heleioporus albopunctatus - Western Spotted Frog
  • Lophognathus longirostris - Long-nosed Ta-ta Dragon
  • Varanus acanthurus - Ridge-tailed Monitor
  • Varanus brevicauda - Short-tailed Pygmy Monitor
  • Varanus tristis tristis - Black-tailed Monitor

Category 5
  • Liasis olivaceus - Olive Python
  • Acanthopis antarcticus - Southern Death Adder
  • Acanthopis pyrrhus - Desert Death Adder
  • Acanthopis wellsi - Pilbara Death Adder
  • Notechis scutatus - Tiger Snake
  • Pseudechis australis - Mulga Snake
  • Pseudechis butleri - Spotted Mulga Snake
  • Pseudonaja affinis affinis - Dugite
  • Pseudonaja nuchalis - Gwardar
  • Varanus gouldii - Gould’s Monitor
  • Varanus rosenbergi - Southern Heath Monitor

Application Form: Attachment 90681

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