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The color pattern is brown-to-reddish above with dark bars along its back. Yellow-to-pale cream below.


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Found in Australia in the mountains of southern Northern Territory. The type locality given is "Pitchie Ritchie Park, Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Prefers very arid desert areas. Normally arboreal inhabiting ranges and rocky outcrops.

[top]Diet and Feeding

Lizards, frogs, birds, mammals.



These snakes are easy to handle and maintain if looked after properly. They require a temperature 26-32°C during summer and a few degrees less in winter (if you wish for them to hibernate). The cage should have a warm and cold end so the snake can decide its own temperature and find a good spot. They should have access to clean cool water at all times, although they rarely use it. Feeding should be regular at 7-to-10 day intervals depending on the size of food and the snake. Some individuals tend not to like rats. If this is the case, chicks or hamsters can be fed. When shedding, they can become slightly agitated and aggressive.

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