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aprasia parapulchella

  1. cheekabee

    Herping around Vic

    Haven't posted for a while here but here are some recent reptiles and amphibians I have found back from autumn to now These southern toadlets were found back in autumn and showed quite a bit of variation in color and pattern. Southern toadlets don't spawn in water instead lay their eggs in...
  2. richoman_3

    Central Vic herping

    Just a few pics of a good days herping in Central Victoria yesterday... Wood Geckos - Diplodactylus vittatus , are always a cute sight Eastern Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus vittatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Eastern Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus vittatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Pink-tailed...
  3. Chicken

    Recent herping (Pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, heres just some of the herps i've found over the past 4-5 months. Start off with some snakes - Eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Dwyer's snake (Parasuta...
  4. cheekabee

    Recent Herping pics

    Just a few of my recent herping pics from around vic that I haven't posten on APS, ps some might be from last year. Snakes from around Melbourne Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr...
  5. richoman_3

    Snakes and more c/vic herps!

    Start with the crap snakes! Little Whip Snake (Parausta flagellum) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr False start! heres the ugly one! Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr A cooler Snake! Lowlands...
  6. PythonOwner25

    Central Vic - Winter

    Victoria has had clear sunny skies for the past week, and although freezing cold, I decided to organise a day of winter herping with a few mates to see what we could find. It was an early start, dark skys and between 0-1 degrees. Ice was everywhere and it took a while clearing the ice from the...
  7. richoman_3

    more Herping pics !!

    just some of my latest finds over the past month or so... first of all, one of my favourite and best finds ! this guy was awesome!, but a pain to photograph !! a worm lizard! Pink Tailed Worm Lizard (Aprasia parapulchella) by Richoman_herps, on Flickr Pink Tailed Worm Lizard (Aprasia...
  8. V

    Pink-tailed Worm-Lizard

    So today I went herping today and again like several times before invited richoman to join me. I'm very lucky because my dad readily takes me and my friend to areas within 3 and a half hours max in victoria to go herping every week (although i choose to go closer usually) and pretty much...
  9. spongebob

    Shows us your Pygopodidae

    I thought I'd start a thread to showcase this family of fascinating critters. Please feel free to add your own photos and comments. I'll start with the scaly foots (or is it feet in plural?). Firstly the Eastern Scaly (Pygopus schraderi) which seems to be one of the more commonly kept and bred...
  10. BigWillieStyles

    Looking for an article from Herpetofauna (1993b)

    Hello all, im doing some research into Aprasia parapulchella and I was wondering if anyone had the 1993b edition 23(2):pages 30-31, of Herpetofauna. I would super appreciate a copy/scan of the article about the species from this edition. Let me know if you can help me.:D thanks William
  11. BigWillieStyles

    Herpetofauna Issue 35

    Hello all, Im doing some research with Lizards and I am after a copy of Herpetofauna Issue 35. Does anyone have this Issue that they would be happy to lend to me :) Or better yet just scan in the pages I require. On another note, how can I subscibe to the journal, it doesnt seem to have a...
  12. jase75

    Bathurst Herps

    Well iv finally started to copy all of my old pics over to CD, so i thought id post a few that i have taken around the Bathurst area. All pics are from within 50kms of Bathurst and all are wild specimens. First of all the Snakes: Various Eastern Brown: Tiger Snake:
  13. Magpie

    Identifly Lizard

    Found this legless lizard the other day (actually, I found 3 of them) and wondered if anyone knows what it is or, if no one does, if someone who has a copy of Coggers can look it up for me.