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aspidites ramsayi

  1. Umbral

    NSW Hatchie Tanami Womas

    Species Common Name Tanami Woma Pythons Age Hatched 31/12/13 Length Appropriate Quantity Available 6 Bred By Me General Description Great little guys, with nice colour and patterning. Very placid temperament (Other than W1 who should calm down with age.) W1 and W3 missed their first...
  2. R

    enclosure heating

    Hi all, i have just built and finished a bank of enclosures and i'm wondering what would be the best way to heat them? they are roughly `120x45x45. Cheers
  3. =bECS=

    DON'T let your beardie's hibernate then breed too young!

    Here's why... I picked up a nice 12 month old pair of beardies from RDU this week. The male was bigger than the female and they were kept together since they were both 7 weeks old. The owner told me that she was smaller because she hibernated longer than the male. I explained that its not a...
  4. B

    Confidence to remove from enclosure

    As I have written before, I have adopted a 7 year old Darwin Carpet Python from a friend about 4 weeks ago. He is great but I lack confidence retrieving him from the enclosure and want to know how I might be able to improve in this. I tend to stuff about when getting him out and waiting for...
  5. Lawra

    That's not food!!!

    Ok so I just fed my woma (12 months old) his rat and straight after finishing he looked around and decided that a piece of paper towel wet from rat juice needed to be eaten. *facepalm* He should be fine, right?
  6. A

    pet shops selling reptiles in nsw

    hey all went to the pet shop with the kids to get some supplies today and noticed they had a selection of reptiles for sale... im keeping the name of the pet shop nameless but im sure there are some smart cookies out there that will figure it out. i have to say i was very impressed with the...
  7. rum.pig

    Any ideas dead BHP

    Hi I have just lost my BHP of 2 years. I feed him a mouse as per normal, no unusual signs except he was little grumpy. approx 16 hrs latter he regurgitated the mouse, He has never done this before. 24hrs latter he was dead with small amount of blood at his mouth and patches of yellow staining...
  8. Marzzy

    Tips for getting blackhead hatches to feed

    Hey, Hatched 2 blackheads on the 5/12/13 I'm having trouble getting them to eat its been quite sometime now so I'm getting worried. They seem to lunge at the food but always miss or they will try to lunge for my hand instead completely ignoring the food or they bite the food then let go...
  9. T

    QLD WA Woma Hatchlings

    Species Common Name Age Length Quantity Available 12 Bred By me General Description WA Woma Hatchlings ready to go now, both males and females. Full records, from a clean, healthy collection. Location Logan Village Willing to Freight? yes Contact Details 0432532627 pm...
  10. deebo

    QLD Various Snakes For Sale

    Selling a few animals to free up a few cages/tubs.... 1 x Pair of RP Jungles - both feed well on rats, bit snappy, will make an interesting pairing, 2yrs old- $400 pair 1 x Proven Female Jungle - only a small animal but laid 5 healthy eggs this year. Feeds well on rats, doesnt bite - $200 1...
  11. A

    NSW Sub adult woma

    For sale is a sub adult woma python 2 1/2 years old never bitten fantastic patterns and is around 4 foot long. feeds on 200g rats and is extremely friendly animal. selling due to other commitments. reptile licence a must and will exchange details upon purchase. call 0407650212 for any info...
  12. zeke

    Just thought I'd show off some ofmy collection(pic heavy)

  13. caleb96

    NSW Small Yearling Tanami Woma

    Species Common Name Tanami Woma Age Yearling Length 35cm to 45cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Myself General Description Hi guys, i have a hold back from my clutch last year that was a lot smaller then the others, so i decided to hold her back and see how she went with feeding ect...
  14. M

    Taking snake outdoors.

    Hi all, I have seen many pictures of snakes outside on the grass etc. what is the general rule of thumb for taking snakes outside and letting them crawl through the grass? many thanks, joseph.
  15. ryanbichel

    love snakes but my dog hates them

    Since I moved to my new property, we have noticed that red belly black snakes seem to thrive here. I love them but my dog seems to hate them and rips them to shreds whenever she sees one. Although she is protecting the rest of my family (4 year old brother) I hate seeing her kill them. Any...
  16. G

    NSW Boodarie Woma Trio

    Species Common Name Boodarie Woma Pythons Age 5 years Quantity Available trio 2/f, 1/m Bred By True Blue - Rob Mcleod General Description 1 pair proven breeders + extra female yet to be bred. All Great feeders - can be cage aggressive. Male Females Location Windsor / Richmond NSW...
  17. P

    Begginer snake?

    Hi all, i am very interested in getting a begginer snake. i want something that can tolarate being handled and not one that needs a big container. i am willing to take a few hours a day and almost all day seting it up, i have been looking at childern and spotted pythons because they say they are...
  18. A

    NSW Sub adult woma python

    Sub adult woma python great colour great feeder never bitten very friendly just finished shed about a week ago and has just been fed last Saturday. Pm for details pickup from 2770
  19. N

    New to pythons and need a few answers.??

    G"Day All, I was fortunate enough to be given a python and enclosure(reptile one) as a mate was going oversees in a hurry and he had to move her along and as it would be I was still doing my homework and getting licenced, next minute I have a Bredli python with all the trimmings at home with me...
  20. D

    Woma Python Questions

    Hello guys, I was wondering what cage size do you recommend for female adult woma python? I was thinking of putting my woma in a 4'x2'x1' cage. I'm not sure if that is more than what my woma needs? What substrate do you recommend best of womas? Also, my woma will bite me every chance she gets...
  21. HayleyChuck93

    Heat mat or heat cord?

    Was just wondering what is better to use for underneath click clacks, either a heat mat or heat cord with a tile above? Also what wattage is the best to go for and least likely to over heat? Will be using either one with a thermostat. Any info from previous experience would be appreciated...
  22. J

    Please show us your Woma handling pics

    Show me some of your womas being handled :shock:
  23. C

    Rack Build Help

    Hi Guys, So here is where I am at, I'm looking to knock together a rack to house some of my snakes (well the new ones I'm wanting to get soon), so really I'm after advice on the size tubs i will need to house for example a childrens python, up to a woma and carpet python. Also, im looking at...
  24. N

    High yellows? Really?

    Is it just me or has the label "high yellow diamond" become too loosely used? Quite a lot of snakes that people refer to as high yellow to me are just nice standard coloured diamonds. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong if I am.
  25. swampie

    QLD Woma hatchies

    Species Common Name Woma Python Age 2 months Length 40 cm Quantity Available 4 Bred By me General Description I have a few male Womas here for sale. Will eat anything that fits in their mouths. Have shed a couple of times. Pics show parents. Location Deception Bay...
  26. J

    HELP! Woma or Jungle!?!

    Hey guys, I already own a Bredli Python and she is just BEAUTIFUL. NEVER struck at a stranger and only bitten me when I had a mouse in my hand prepping for her to eat and she crept up and tried to grab it from me (little bugger!). My problem is... I'm afraid if I get a new snake they won't...
  27. ssnakeboyy

    Coastals and eastern beardies

    Hey everyone, Im about to finish my cabinet enclosure conversion for my woma python and im thinking about making an out door enclosure/aviary for my eastern bearded dragon and getting a couple of water dragons and maybe a turtle with a large pond. The aviary will be 4mx4m or bigger. So i was...
  28. 12-08-67

    New addition and great buyer experience

    This is my new Albino Darwin - 12ths old who finally turned up (after months of me saving) on saturday and first pics are staright out of her travel box and is settling in wonderfully. You hear so many bad buyer stories but the breeder i purchased her from i wanted to share a good one. The...
  29. J

    Two days after shed and still rubbing

    I have a lovely Woma that shed 2 or 3 days ago. The shed looks like it came off fine and it was all intact. 2 days later the snake is still rubbing itself (not just head but all it's body) over rocks and substrate. Is this normal or is there some old skin I can't see?
  30. PappaSmurf

    Where do you feed your snakes?

    I know there are probably a dozen threads on this already but i'm lazy & curious as to how & where people feed their snakes. So where do you feed them? In their enclosure? In a feeding tub? On the dining table? Anywhere else?
  31. M

    how long after a pythons eyes go milky/grey is it going to shed?

    Hey my murray darling has milky eyes today and am wondering if this means shes going to shed soon or what does this mean? Cheers
  32. caleb96

    Woma python breeders

    This is a question for all you woma python breeders, how many days do you keep your eggs in the incubator for? I've been away for a couple of weeks and came home to one of the eggs covered in mold and a yucky yellow colour. Today is day 50 and i decided to get rid of the one covered in mold but...
  33. bumble

    Jungle python feeding

    Hey peps just a random question . Does it matter what time of the day/ night I feed my jungle ? I have the temp set at 27-28 hot end and 22-23 cold end . Jungle is just over a year old too if that matters . Reason I ask is that I have gone from day to night shift so it makes it hard to feed at...