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aspidites ramsayi

  1. Kopeht

    Alternative natural substrate

    Hi all, apologies if this has been brought up before but I can't find decent information about this anywhere. I currently use Kritter's crumbles/Reptibark as a substrate for my JCP and Diamond (both indoor) but I'm looking into using an alternative such as organic ground mulch/bark from...
  2. bulldogwoma

    NSW WOMA Hatchies and Yearlings

    Species Common Name WOMAS Age 2 MTHS Length 30 CM Quantity Available 5 Bred By ME General Description Good eaters. Great first snake..... Location LIVERPOOL Willing to Freight? NO Contact Details 0402452147 License Number (Required for NSW and SA...
  3. jybhp

    new wa woma

  4. Ironmind91

    Anyone watch "Snake Boss"?

    Has anyone else seen that show on animal planet "Snake Boss"? I saw it last night and am just curious as to what other snake catchers think? I quite liked it, entertaining at least. Plus you can see some cool snakes as well.
  5. pirate_reps

    Check out my collection!!

    I swear there was a video section on this site where we could upload our reptile videos? Maybe Im wrong, but it would be awesome if there was a section in the forums for video uploads!! Anyway, If you want.. have a look at my reptile collection update. I did a fair bit of downsizing so I just...
  6. M

    Woma Python missing for months and now gravid? Is it possible?

    Hi from Sunshine Coast, Queensland. A newbie breeder of a stunning pair of woma pythons. Ok, funny story. Whilst cleaning the woma enclosure 3 months ago I left the door open and the female escaped, disappeared, gone! I had countless people searching, facebooked, letterboxdrops, snakecatchers...
  7. Smurf

    Belly up Boy!

    Hey, any one ever had their male stimmie or other pythons lay belly up? Because my little man decided it was the positive for him last night. And before you ask, he is not mistaken for a gravid female, she is currently belly up in a different enclosure, unless I have two immaculate conceptions.
  8. Burgo89


    Would like to get people's opinions and experiences with breeding? With all the breeding and clutch posts that are coming through at the moment has me keen to experience it for myself. I have a pair of stimmies that I would like to breed next season. Don't wanna do it to for the money, purely...
  9. bulldogwoma

    NSW stunning yearling womas for sale

    Species Common Name WOMAS Age 18 mths Length 2 ft Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description very healthy good eaters. Location liverpool Willing to Freight? NO Contact Details 0402452147 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) akl...
  10. bulldogwoma

    NSW Tanami woma hatchies.

    Species Common Name WOMA Age 2 mths Length 30 cm Quantity Available 5 Bred By me General Description very quiet,good first snake. Location liverpool Willing to Freight? only if you take 2 or more + $100 ... Contact Details 0402452147 License Number...
  11. P

    Advice on first snake?

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on a good species of snake for a first time snake owner. I've been doing research and I have many questions, not only about species but also their care and requirements. I want to make sure I know as much as I can before I take on such a responsibility. What...
  12. A


    Hi, Im here as a result of an encounter with a snake in my yard last summer, (Newcastle nsw) I'm still unsure what kind of snake it was (golden/darkish brown colour with a white looking underbelly, about 2meters long and quite thin maybe a 1.5 inch radius) It was my first and only snake...
  13. Raebiez

    Heating at night?

    What is everyone's opinion on heating during the night? I have found conflicting information online about whether or not to turn heat lamps off and was wondering what everyone else likes to do. I have turned mine off during the night in the summer months. I have had red heat bulbs constantly...
  14. cement

    Here Kitty!

    I removed this diamond after it ate the kitten. This photo was taken by the owner a couple of days before the "incident".
  15. aspidito

    Wild SA Woma feeding

    A nice warm night in the desert at a remote oil & gas installation in the far north of South Australia. The loud squealing of the rabbit is what drew the attention to the guys at the facility. Meals are far & few between in this harsh environment so this was a very satisfying encounter.....for...
  16. T

    Bring back the Good Old Stuff

    So I really liked the reading in that old thread Crocodoc Vs IaninOz and it got me thinking. All you guys that have been on here for a while probably remember a bunch of old threads that were a great read. Threads that were interesting, informative and entertaining. Would really appreciate if...
  17. Burgo89

    First Attempt at DIY Enclosure

    Just thought I would throw up a couple pics of my first enclosure build. So I needed another enclosure and wasn't prepared to shell out $800+ for a brand name one. Half the price and few hours later I was able to knock up a nearly identical one. Couple of little things I would do differently...
  18. jscarlett

    NSW Woma Adult Pair

    Beautiful pair of Tanami Woma. Both in great condition and feeding on defrosted rats. They are of breeding weight and age. Male is the last 2 photos. Pickup from northern beaches or freight. Contact if interested.
  19. ronhalling

    How awesome is this

    I have seen some pretty artsy stuff before but this 1 takes the cake. :) .....................Ron https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsopDsv4BKM
  20. Tigerlily

    Did it become legal to crossbreed in some states?

    I came across some people selling "mix carpets" and at first I thought they were dodgy small scale but I was wrong; they have a huge following, YouTube channel etc... Only a few years ago I remember reading a devastating article about how a bunch of crossbreeds were seized and euthanised. Have...
  21. cement

    Retained sperm in aspiditis

    Anyone else had a bhp fall gravid without being mated for 12 mths? Or heard of either of the aspiditis species doing this?
  22. pythonmum

    NSW Double enclosure and all electricals - Plug and play deal!

    Classic cube double enclosure made of white melamine with storage underneath. Glass panels on tracks with cabinet locks. Large vent at back, smaller one on the right side of each enclosure. Sturdy light cages around compact fluoro lights and ceramic heat emitters. Includes 2 Habistat pulse...
  23. T

    Hoping someone has a shot like this

    Hey all I am working on the redesign of the site logo and looking for a reference pic like the one here. The focus being on looking directly front on to the face. I want it to be a python of course.(species any). Just as long as we look directly front on. I have searched and not yet found one...
  24. jscarlett

    NSW Woma pythons 9 months

    Stunning young woma pythons with very interesting pattern and colouring. Male and female available, they are both great feeders. Breed by myself. Contact if interested. Willing to freight or pickup from Northern Beaches.
  25. BredliFreak

    What's happening?

    Basically, I want an update. How collections are going, herps you are seeing and wish list stuff etc. As for me, I've got a couple of updates. Red and Lizzie are going strong, snuggly and placid as usual. Red made his first public appearance when I showed off my new cage I'm working on at a...
  26. AusReptiles

    NSW Various Pythons - Green Trees, Albino Darwin, Lined Spotteds, Tanami & Boodarie Womas

    Species Common Name Green Tree Pythons, Albino Darwin Carpet Python, Lined Spotted Pythons, Woma Pythons Bred By All by Us - Aussie Reptiles (except Adult male Green bred by Russell Grant) Location Windsor / Richmond NSW Willing to Freight? Willing to freight at buyers expense...
  27. W

    Diamond Not Eating.

    Hi guys got a male diamond he'd be about 5 years old. He has for some reason gone off the bite, shows no interest in rats, nothing has changed with his enclosure or heating. The other snake that's in there with him is fine. It would of been 5 weeks at least since his last meal and this is a...
  28. Elite_Reptiles

    QLD Topaz Woma

    Species Common Name Woma Python Age 2.5 yrs Length 4 ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By Elite Reptiles (Southern Cross Blood Line) General Description Stunning 2 yr old Female Topaz Woma. Bred by us from Stone blood line. Ok to handle, but very food orientated. Eats hopper rats, in...
  29. jscarlett

    NSW RHD Woma

    2 RockHampton Down Woma male hatchlings 7 months old. The hatchlings have very nice banded marking and bold colouring. Both feeding on defrosted mice. Pick up from northern beaches or freight. Contact if interested.
  30. A

    Best bites

    Hey guys lets see everyones best reptile bites, ill upload mine tonight
  31. BredliFreak

    Good lizards to own

    hi all, I'm thinking of getting another lizard in the future and I am looking for a good handling and somewhat affectionate, placid animal. I've narrowed down my search a bit to these animals: -Jacky Lizard -Mountain Dragon -cunningham's skink -black rock skink -white's skink -southern water...
  32. tahniandshae

    QLD woma pythons

    Species Common Name woma python Age 6 months Length normal Quantity Available 3 Bred By me General Description healthy juvenile tanami womas for sale, good feeders, great to handle, have never bitten. all hatchies have had the same great temperament Location sunshine coast...
  33. L

    Someone help me pin down the morph of my beautiful ball lady. Please help!

    Hey guys, just needing a little guidance in pinning down what morph this lovely lady of mine is. We have been told she is 'pastel hidden gene woma', and we got her from Crystal Palace Reptiles and they know their stuff. But looking into it a little more she looks quite different from a lot of...
  34. reptalica

    Bell's/Kitah/Starmaid storage tubs direct to forum members....

    Good afternoon forumites, I have been toying with this idea for a little while now and I've noticed there has been quite a demand for the various branded plastic storage tubs that many of us use for their reptile collections / breeding programs etc. By posting this I am hoping to get an idea...
  35. K

    How much handling does a snake like

    Hi, have just purchased my first snake, a 15 month old Stimpson python. Was just wondering how regularly a snake can be handled and for how long? Husband seems to think every 3rd day so we don't make it cranky. Have been holding it for at least 20 mins. Cheers
  36. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  37. Herpo

    Black headed Python

    Just a question. I'm thinking of getting a black headed python, but I'm not sure of: 1. Are they able to be kept with a class 1 licence? 2. Their temperament. I don't mind if it's food oriented amd gives out feeding bites, but is it aggressive? 3. General husbandry tips. Thanks in advance...
  38. Herpo

    General Opinion

    Hi all, Just wondering what the temperament of jungle carpet pythons is? I read a few books that said that these snakes are bad tempered and aggressive. Is that true? Bite doesn't bother me. I may be a child, but I can take the pain. So what's the opinion? Is their aggressive reputation justified?
  39. princessparrot

    Info on Womas

    Info on Womas and water dragons Ok so I know this isn't showing her but anyway, Would anybody have any tips on breeding/incubating womas?I'd like to try to breed my girl one day but am not overly confident in incubating the eggs myself. How difficult is it and what are the survival chances of...
  40. jscarlett

    NSW Woma Hatchlings

    Beautiful coloured and pattern hatchling Womas. D.O.B 14/02/15. Males and females available. All are eating hopper mice. Contact James on 0401476044 or jsdesign@live.com.au for any inquirers. Pickup from Sydney Northern Beaches or freight can be organised.
  41. RoryBreaker

    Python swallowed tongs when fed a rat

  42. P

    favourite breed of python!

    hey everyone, just starting this thread to see everyone's favourite breed of python and why!? ill post a picture of my waters when i upload photos to my laptop :) but in the mean time lets see what everyone's favourite breeds are! DONT FORGET TO UPLOAD A PHOTO :)
  43. reptalica

    Green Tree Python husbandry and the like....

    Good afternoon, Having been pro-Woma for many years now I am now also looking at branching out into Green Tree Pythons. Given this is a completely different baby to a Woma I am just seeking advice/assistance as to the best way to keep these i.e. type of enclosure, heat source (I was thinking...
  44. jscarlett

    NSW Woma Hatchlings

    Variety of different coloured and pattern hatchling Womas. D.O.B 14/02/15. Males and females available. All are eating hopper mice. Contact James on 0401476044 or jsdesign@live.com.au for any inquirers.
  45. jscarlett

    NSW Woma

    Adult Tanami type Woma python with nice pattern and colouring. This is a 4 year old male, 1.5m in length and he is a active and healthy snake. He eats defrosted small rats. Please email for any inquiries and freight can be organized in needed or pickup from Warriewood NSW. Contact...
  46. M

    Feeding Jumbo Rats.

    I know their unhealthy and very fatty for Snakes. I know you can feed smaller items to them. What about feeding large Quails and Rabbits to them ? Pro's and Con's. Thank you !
  47. R

    Unshed skin on nose

    My 2 year old spotted just finished a shed on Monday. I didn't notice until today when I had him out that he appears to have some unshed skin on the very tip of his nose. About 4 or 5 scales across his snout. He doesn't appear to be uncomfortable, and hasn't been rubbing his face on things to...
  48. aspidito

    SA Sa woma pair

    A very nice pair of SA womas from different clutches, both feeding well on fuzzy rats. These are the largest form of womas & the adults can grow to around the 7 to 8 feet mark & are very impressive snakes. These are 100% guaranteed pure blood animals from the Strzelecki desert of far north...
  49. E

    NSW Adult RHD Woma Pair

    Species Common Name Woma Python Age both 4 years old Length around 5ft, female a little larger Quantity Available 2 Bred By Ultimate Reptile Suppliers General Description For sale is an unrelated pair of URS bred RHD locale Womas. Both snakes were purchased as hatchies and have been...
  50. S

    help to breed woma pythons

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of tanami woma that I would like to target breed this year instead of just having the 2 together and only getting slugs by the time I see what's going on, and be ready and set up for the hopeful outcome. They are old enough and big enough to breed. (Obviously) I live...