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brachyurophis incinctus

  1. moloch05

    Photos from a trip to the Red Centre

    Over the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to the Red Centre. It is a place that I've wanted to see for many years but never could find the time to get out there. Australia is a big place and the drive to the middle of the continent is a big one from the east coast...
  2. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Alice Springs

    Continuing on from http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/field-herping-reptile-studies-5373/nt-qld-herping-trip-western-155397/ After camping near the small border town of Camooweal, we left Queensland and entered the Northern Territory on the Barkley Tablelands, again targeting Speckled Browns...
  3. moloch05

    Aussie Elapids

    A guy on another forum made these disparaging remarks about our elapids. His comment was: I decided to reply and thought that some of you would enjoy these pics as well. I am sure that you will agree that we have plenty of brilliantly coloured snakes that are various shades of olive...
  4. jase75

    Who has seen the most species of Aust. Snakes in the wild?

    Im interested to know how many different species of Aust. snakes u have seen in the wild???? Iv seen 12 different species,Brown Snake,Tiger Snake,RBBS,Copperhead,Blind Snake(Proximus), Dwyers Snake, Yellow face whip Snake, Small eyed Snake, Red Naped Snake, Brown tree Snake, Carpet and diamond...
  5. moloch05

    snakes from the channel country, QLD

    In the last couple years, I have visited the channel country of southwestern Queensland on two occasions. The first trip was with my son in November, 2006. The daily temperatures in November were already 40C+. We found many reptiles but it was too hot to have much of a chance at finding a...