christinus marmoratus

  1. Lance

    Hi... I’m new! Just wanted to introduce myself :)

    Hi all! My name’s Lance. I’m new to this site but have been into reptiles and frogs for many years - particularly lizards. Currently I own 3 southern marbled geckos (christinus marmoratus) 2 females, Christinus (original, I know! Lol) and Min (hatched a couple of weeks ago) and my lovely boy...
  2. Smittiferous

    Almost squished this little feller. But what is it?

    Found this wee one at work amongst a stack of old bricks that were about to be thrown in the back of a tipper... Moved him to the neighbour's garden. Anyone know what species it is?
  3. eipper

    Let's see herp rooms and cages.....

    Hi all, Due to risk of disease etc I very rarely have people over and are even less likely allow people into our herp room. However you cannot get bugs from photos so.....
  4. S

    Help! don't know what to do with my childrens python

    G'day all, I have a problem. I have a Childrens Python (had him for 9 years) that has become snappy! Problem is me, I don't have a lot of time to spend with him due to work. I think its time for him to go :( trouble is, I believe he's about 18+ years old. I know they're not worth much but I just...
  5. NickGeee

    Grampians Herping - SMALL BROWN SKINKS!!!!

    The Grampians are such an underrated place to herp. With close to every single species of temperate victorian skinks confined to the area, it is absolute paradise. I headed up to the area on the easter weekend for a camping trip with a mate, and when we arrived at the camping ground at Lake...
  6. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  7. M

    Gecko... Please help me identify my hitchhiker!!!!

    Hi Well we found this lil guy in our house and need help to know what it is (pretty sure it is a gecko) not sure if i should release it around where i live as it may no be from around here but hitchhiked with us from somewhere else in Australia. We recently drove from the Sunshine coast in qld...
  8. Iguana

    Good Gecko for beginner

    I'm looking to get a group of about 3 gecko's not really intending to breed them but if it happens it happens. They will be treated more like pets than breeders so the occasional handling will occur. So what is the best type to get? I'd rather they be a large/meduim size and not too expensive...
  9. NickGeee

    More Vic Herping

    Here are some older and more recent pics from Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, which is SE of Melbourne. Little brown from the hills around Melbourne Airport. Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Gale, on Flickr A cute and gravid Marbled Gecko from my Backyard, in Melbournes...
  10. NickGeee

    Winter Melbourne Herping (w/ pics)

    I cannot find the Field Herping subforum or whatever so i suppose ill just throw this in here? But anyway, here are some pics from April to about last weekend, which includes trips around my area and around Melbourne, some NSW herps, some North Vic finds, some Grampians Geckos, Some frogs from...
  11. BredliFreak

    Good lizards to own

    hi all, I'm thinking of getting another lizard in the future and I am looking for a good handling and somewhat affectionate, placid animal. I've narrowed down my search a bit to these animals: -Jacky Lizard -Mountain Dragon -cunningham's skink -black rock skink -white's skink -southern water...
  12. NickGeee

    Melbourne/Victoria herping

    Haven't seen a herping thread on here for a while now, so here we go. As the temperature here is getting colder I decided I would try to get out as much as I could on my holidays and try to find some species I have never photographed yet around my area. Unfortunately I could only get access to...
  13. K

    Creating native habitat on YOUR land and green strip tips and experiences

    I'm looking into planting 2 or 3 small flowering native plants (banksias and wattles say that will not grow over 2m-3m tall) in my green strip. Aims: 1) deny the green strip's use by my neighbour as his private parking lot 2) attract native birds and insects (by providing food and habitat) 3)...
  14. N

    Best type of beginner lizards

    Ok so you must be getting sick of me now but before I choose and start researching a lizard I can take care of. so i have a 1 foot tank I don't mind if it needs a heat mat, but a heat lamp won't work as I have no space to put it in. so if you could tell me a few species ON THE BASIC LICENSCE...
  15. N

    Types of geckos that at don't need heat lamps

    Hi guys just wondering what types of geckos on a basic license do not need any heat? and also if you know and other types of small lizards on the basic license that don't need heat cheers.
  16. N

    Finnaly getting am marbled gecko just a couple of questions

    Hi guys so I'll get straight to the point what is the best substrate are they solitary lizards and is 61cm X 40cm X 30cm LXwXh big enough for maybe 3-4 of them?
  17. cheekabee

    Herping around Vic

    Haven't posted for a while here but here are some recent reptiles and amphibians I have found back from autumn to now These southern toadlets were found back in autumn and showed quite a bit of variation in color and pattern. Southern toadlets don't spawn in water instead lay their eggs in...
  18. M

    Marbled gecko just layed eggs! HELP!

    I've been trying to find some decent information but I can only find snippits so if anyone can help that would be awesome! I just found two eggs in my marbled tank. I have two in there, I am not sure of their sex but I'm beginning to think I have a male and female (you know probably!). I don't...
  19. N

    Marbled gecko setup

    Hi everyone im getting 2 marbled geckos when the holidays are over. but I was wondering could I make there vivariam look like a rainforest? And if you could can you take some pictures of your vivariums? cheers
  20. NickGeee

    Basalt herping and more

    Some recent photos I have taken in the last month or so. These shots are in no way sensational :P Delma impar- which is an endangered species. Awesome things! Striped legless lizard (delma impar) by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Striped legless lizard (delma impar) by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr A...
  21. N

    Marble velvet geckos

    Hey fellas so I was considering getting a marbled believer gecko as they are good starter reptiles and don't need a license. could you tell me the requirements for them cheers
  22. M

    Australian native vivariums/ My attempt

    Hi all, Im a new kid on the block really. I've been researching with very little luck Australian native vivariums. I've tried to create a native planted viv for my Oedura castelnaui, Underwoodisaurus milii, Christinus marmoratus and Amalosia lesueurii. My set-up is a Exo Terra 90x45x45...
  23. M

    hiya all

    Hi just a quick hello, Im just new into the hobby and loving it =) So far have 2x Marbled Velvet Gecko/Christinus Marmoratus, 2x Lesueur's Velvet Gecko/Oedura Lesueurii and 4x Thick Tailed Gecko/Nephrurus Milii. Anyway looking forward to learning more and sharing yours and my experiences with...
  24. Gizmo101


    I found this little guy in my bathroom hiding in my lucky bamboo thing, any ideas what he could be, I'm thinking he could be a marble gecko (I'm near canberra area). What's everyone else's thoughts? I moved him into a Chinese container to take him outside and when I put him on my bench so I...
  25. M

    New to Reptiles :)

    Hi everyone! I'm Moondance... I'm new to the world of reptiles, but years ago I thought about getting some and I've always had a fascination with geckos. Snakes scare the living bejesus out of me, but geckos and lizards are love. My best friend has what I believe is a leaf tailed gecko? Or...
  26. Reptiles101

    Male won't breed :(

    I've got 6 marbled geckos (Christinus Marmoratus) - [2 male, 4 female] one of my males has bred with 2 of the females almost every year gave the females a break last year, but my other male won't breed at all, so I'm thinking maybe he's not in the mood haha :) is there anything I can do to...
  27. snakegirlie


    found this guy :) isnt he cute <3
  28. Reptiles101

    Some picture's of some of my beautiful marbled geckos

    Missy (top) & Leroy (bottom) Lucy Gem Lexington Not a gecko but my praying mantis peta enjoy! :):D:P
  29. G

    Gecko type ideas

    Can anyone give me some ideas of what gecko I should keep. I live in Victoria, Australia and I want a small gecko (no larger than 10cm) that's easy to care for. Also if they don't need a large area to live that would be great. All reply's are appreciated.
  30. F

    My Marbled Gecko Enclosure

    Hi every one first off I would like to say thanks for letting me join this site as I have always got a lot of information form the posts here and thought it would be my turn to sign up and show you all what I have been up to over the last month or so. Well here we go I got a Marbled Gecko and...
  31. M

    Hi All

    Hey Guys, After a couple years of stalking the site i figured i should join! I have a lovely 2 year old beardie, a 2ish old stimmie and today at the VHS expo I picked up a couple marbled gecko :) I've kept frogs before, just little brown tree frogs, but i lost the poor things over the heatwave...
  32. C

    Carpet snake in roof

    Hi there, I'm a concerned mum about to move into a house my husband has renovated in a semi industrial northern suburb of Melbourne. He found small eggs in the roof cavity and a few nights ago thought he heard movement in the roof cavity. He cleared a backyard overrun by black berries and car...
  33. X

    Marbled Gecko's Liverpool sydney.

    These are everywhere around my area atm, i caught this one last night, and no i wasn't rough it, it dropped its tail as soon as my hand approached it. i could go outside right now and probably find one. I didn't think they had any business being in the Liverpool area? PICs
  34. MissScarlett

    Help with ID please ?!

    Found this little critter in a drum in south Gippsland , Vic . Any idea what kind of skink/lizard this may be?
  35. R

    What Gecko is it?

    Hi Does anyone know what type of gecko this is and if it is legal as I dont want anything illegal and Im getting mixed views on the type of gecko it is :rolleyes: Frustration level is building so any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated :lol:
  36. NickGeee

    VIC WTB - breeding pair of Marbled geckos

    Was after a male female pair of Christinus marmoratus, any age as long as they are sexed animals. will pay around the 80 + dollar mark. Pm me or send me a text (TEXT ONLY) on 61498371195. would prefer a local sale. thank you!
  37. azzmilan

    First Gecko

    i was looking into getting my first gecko and was wondering what would be the best beginner one ? I already own a blue own a blue tongue & understand the geckos will not like to be handled, but in terms of longevity & health of the gecko which would be the best and easiest to take care of.
  38. Y

    Found these eggs in yard

    Found these eggs in my backyard. Was ripping up concrete pavers and found these underneath one, against the brickwork of the house buried in sand. Where I found them would have been a very tight squeeze, too tight i think for a lizard. There was about 25 of them. They are hard like birds...
  39. Reptiles101

    Some pics of my new female Marbled gecko

  40. Reptiles101

    New addition thought I'd share

    Finally picked up another baby marbled gecko from my local pet shop and put her with my little boy Riley as he's been a bit lonely in his enclosure by himself for a year or so. Will get get pics but letting her settling in for a little bit.before I do.
  41. J

    Pregnant marbled gecko

    My marbled gecko is pregnant, i can see the little eggs in her stomach, i just wanna know how long is te gestation period for these little guys and how long til the eggs hatch after that ?
  42. E

    Egg incubation problems

    I have had over 35 bearded dragon eggs in my hovabator and I am now left with less than 25. They keep slowly shrivelling up and then dying. I mixed a 50/50 verm mix and tubs are airtight and their is lots of water on lid of tubs and substrate still holds shape. Some eggs are a month old and over...
  43. Gecko_Girl

    HELP! Marbled Gecko Puffy Cheeks.

    I have had this gecko for nearly a year now and no problems until now. I went to feed him his usual crickets i feed these crickets things like carrots that are apparently good for the geckos but when i fed him today i noticed he had puffed up cheeks this really worries me i have no idea what's...
  44. Reptiles101

    Mini Exo Terra Terrarium

    I've got a baby Marbled Gecko that's about 5cm total length and want to put her into a Mini Exo Terra Terrarium 30x30x45 my question is, would this be suitable for her?
  45. Metaldad555666

    Some help please

    Hello everyone, I'm new around here so if this is in the wrong place, I apologise. I found this gecko the other day at work and was wondering if anyone could let me know what the white "dumps" are on its neck? thanks in advance, Adrian
  46. Dazza91

    Wish I had a camera as a kid :(

    Hey everyone, I was just thinking about all the reptiles I saw when I was growing up. I wish I had photos of them all, one in particular was a bright greeny yellow diamond python. It looked amazing and was also about 9-10ft long (biggest wild snake i have seen). My mates and I used to go out...
  47. sandfireackie

    pet lizard

    my nephew has been asking his mum for a pet lizard for a year now she says she will get him a small lizard that doesn't need much heating. so she is asking me to see if there was any lizard that is good for a lizard that is good for 5 year olds. I was thinking of a beardy or a skink. does...
  48. Rlpreston

    Melbourne Zoo id?

    Hi all, My 4 year old princess found her first ever 'wild' reptile in a toilet block at Melbourne zoo! She was chuffed but this was quickly replaced with disappointment in me when I could offer no identification other than 'Melbourne zoo toilet lizard'. He was about 6-7 cm nose to tail...
  49. A

    Newbie here! What species of lizard should I keep?

    Hello all, I am completely new to keeping reptiles... well I will be when I get to the keeping part. Currently I have a couple of fish tanks, one of which I am hoping to sell the fishies and convert to a lizard tank. It is 2ft long and a taller tank. Its dimensions look alot like this picture...
  50. Varanoidea

    What got you into reptiles?

    Curious to see how everyone ended up with scalies in their house and at what age. :) For me it is how ancient and different they are, and how successful they have been over millions of years.