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ctenophorus nuchalis

  1. S

    NSW WTB Central Netted Dragons

    I’m after a female, but would try my hand at sexing hatchies. My number is 0448329826 and pick up around Central Coast/Sydney is ideal. Cheers!
  2. HerpNthusiast

    Best Lizard to Handle

    Hey guys i started a thread to look in depth into the care of a central netted dragon but thinking back i also would like to know what lizard is a good handler i will most likely get a netted i know they are a mostly look but don't touch animal. Anyway below is the three lizards i've chosen to...
  3. HerpNthusiast

    Central Netted Dragon Questions

    Hi all with the VHS expo coming soon i'm thinking of adding one final piece to my collection i've made a list of lizards and am considering keeping one or two of these dragons i know about their heating/lighting requirements i'm hoping they can be kept in a 2foot x 2foot x 2foot melamine...
  4. DaNReD

    Central netted dragon skin problems.

    Over the 6 months or so my male CND has been having problems with his skin. It is growing out warped and is dry mostly down the middle of his back. It started with a thick dry patch that developed pretty quickly and I first started with daily warm baths and it settled down not long after but it...
  5. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  6. matt74

    QLD Central Netted Dragons and Saw Shell turtle

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus nuchalis and Myuchelys latisternum Common Name Central netted dragons and Saw Shelled turtle Age Netted 3 yrs and Saw shell is 5 years Size Netteds are approx 200mm. Saw shell is 23cm SCL Quantity Available 4 Netteds and one Turtle Bred By Unknown...
  7. Smurf

    Painty McBeardface - The Central Netted Dragon

    So this is our little guy, a 1yo Central Netted Dragon (who for a while my partner could not get the species right, hence the name - Painty McBeardface). A couple weeks ago, he got into a little strife. He usually sleeps on his log. Good, nice secure spots. Then one night, he climbs onto a...
  8. B

    Breeding and selling lizards in QLD

    Hey all, Just looking for any information or help about whether, under a recreational wildlife licence in Queensland, can you sell lizards that you have breed in captivity (as a hobby, but not commercially as i don't intend to make a profit or a living off this). For example: I am looking at...
  9. reptalica

    Pipping or not pipping Boyd's Forest Dragon eggs.....advice soughted.

    Hi all, Over the past couple of months my female Boyd's laid a number of eggs in the enclosure substrate. We had no idea she was gravid and it was only when we went to clean out their enclosure that we noticed some healthy and some not so healthy eggs. Of the heathy ones I still have two...
  10. geckoboy2001

    My Female Beardie Pictures

    She Has Good Colours And Nice Patterns. I Love Beardies Ive Had Beardies For 7 Years Now And i Love Them And now I Wanna Get into Central Netted Dragons
  11. Reptiles101

    Central Netted Dragon Shopping List

    Hey all, I've been researching about keeping a Central Netted Dragon and the things I'll need so this is my shopping list so far, if there's anything I need to add or get rid of please let me know :) Exo Terra Terrarium 90x45x45 Exo Terra Compact Canopy Top Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp-Lamp Eco...
  12. Reptiles101

    Exo Terra UVB

    Just wanting to get some opinions on these spiral Exo terra UVB lights, that I'll be using for a Central Netted Dragon :)
  13. Reptiles101

    Central Netted Dragon Enclosure Pictures

    Hey everyone! I'm looking into keeping Central Netted Dragons and looking for pictures of enclosures to give me a bit of inspiration. More looking at glass enclosure setups, as this is the type of enclosure I'll be using :-)
  14. Native_EWD

    NSW Central netted dragons

    Wanting to buy some central netted dragons, preferably adults. Located western sydney, will travel
  15. C

    Ctenophorus sp.

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering does anyone else keep any species of these amazing dragons? I fell in love with this genus last year when I picked up this gorgeous 2 year old male Arcoona C.fiooni from the VHS expo
  16. BDkeeper

    Central netted dragon question

    Hey all just a quick question about my CND He seems to be constantly looking at the roof of his tank and turning he's head around and I'm abit worried about what he could do to himself. If anyone has any thing to say in terms of advice I would love to hear if Ps he's shedding
  17. moloch05

    Broken Hill and Menindee, NSW. Mar 2014

    These are photos from a quick trip out to Broken Hill and Menindee in northwestern New South Wales. These areas are quite a distance from Canberra where I am currently working. I clocked over 3500 kms of driving in 4 days so I spent much of my time behind the steering wheel. As always, though...
  18. C

    Central netted worn down nails

    My Central netted dragon has worn his front claws all the way down from digging should I be worried it dosent seem to affect him only when climbing.
  19. N

    Eastern blue tongue or blotched blue tongue

    Ok so most of you know I was going to get a central netted dragon but now I've changed my mind to go with the blue tongue family I have heard these guys have great personalities and you can handle them, and they aren't fast like the dragon family but now I need to know which one is better...
  20. N

    Blotched blue tongue lizard or eastern blue tongue?!

    Ok so most of you know I was going to get a central netted dragon but now I've changed my mind to go with the blue tongue family I have heard these guys have great personalities and you can handle them, and they aren't fast like the dragon family but now I need to know which one is better...
  21. N

    Netted dragon advice and help

    Ok so I'm getting a netted dragon as they are very active and what i have heard they are a good dragon for beginners just need some advice. is a 3 foot tank big enough for 2 females or should I get a 4 foot tank How much should they usually cost and best substrate and the tempreture I need...
  22. justbrad

    QLD Central netted dragons

    After some Central netted dragons, hatchies or adults. Pls pm or email me with pics to bundabergrumcollecting@gmail.com
  23. N

    Getting a netted dragon just need some help

    hey guys im new to the forums and reptiles and i've decided to get 2 central netted dragon's which both hopefully will be female's i don't have the space for breeding them but if i did then it would be a male and a female. ok so im just wandering how big should the tank be for 2 central netted...
  24. GeckPhotographer

    Herp pics (warning - pic rich!)

    So this thread is composed of a bunch of reptile pics I've taken since back in October, through to now over a couple different trips. First off was a short night up around Newcastle with a couple of friends. This Rough-scale was one of the few snakes out on the road. Tropidechis carinatus...
  25. F

    NSW central netted dragon hatchies

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus nuchalis Common Name Central netted dragon Age 2 weeks Size Approx 10 cms Quantity Available 3 Bred By Me General Description Cute active babies feeding well on pinhead crickets Can email pics Location Mayfield west Willing to Freight? No Contact...
  26. GC_Pet_Centre

    QLD Central Netted Dragons

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus nuchalis Common Name Central Netted Dragons Age Between 2 and 3 years Size Adult size Quantity Available 4 adult males available Bred By Us General Description We have 4 males that were originally bred by us and they have lovely natures and handle very...
  27. geckoboy2001

    Show us your central netted dragons

    I'm planning on getting some but I just want to see the colours and the patterns pls comment
  28. reptalica

    Gravid Central Netted Dragon/Dragon advice for breeding newbie.

    Hi all, Have a near certain gravid Central Netted Dragon in an enclosure with 6 other CND's and given her condition what would be the most recommended thing to do at this stage??? Have heard separating her to another enclosure (with plenty of sand for digging etc) and give her some peace and...
  29. geckoboy2001

    Anyone breed central netted dragons

    Hi I'm wondering if there is anyone one in adelaide that breeds central netted dragons i just want to now some things like whats temp do they need and other info
  30. H

    question on incubating central netted dragon eggs

    Hi , hope to get some helpful advice. Have 4 eggs in the incubator but have been given advice from others on what temperature & humidity to have. I have the temperature set at 37c and the humidity is at 67 at the moment. The incubator is for chickens eggs but has no egg turning facility and is...
  31. reptalica

    Possible gravid Central Netted Dragon.

    Howdy all, Could well possibly be the first time I have had a gravid reptile and seeking some general advice and tips on what to do from here on until she lays, again once I confirm she is gravid. At present I have 7 Central Netted's who have co-habitated well now over recent months as my...
  32. BDkeeper

    Central netted dragons

    Hey guys im just wondering if this tank would be ok for central netted dragon/s Ps i still need a uv light and some plants Its got a hotspot of around 30 wich i will need to kick up a bit. Its got a hide an 1 burrow/ hide The substrate is kids play sand from bunnings and i made the...
  33. S

    QLD Central netted dragons

    Wanted Breeding pair or trio of Central netted dragons for my 12 year old son to try and breed some. if any one has some for sale or knows of some for sale, please let me know . I am in Cairns QLD. CHEERS
  34. Pythons Rule

    Eggs and Hatchlings 2013-2014

    Mums and Bubs 2013-2014 Hi everyone this thread is for photo's of mums laying there eggs, eggs, incubation methods, hatching or egg cutting, babies fresh from the eggs, and after feeds and during feed time. I have 1 clutch of 11 fertile 0 Slugs of a trio of Wenlock River Cape York female...
  35. geckoboy2001

    I need some advice about central netted dragons

    Hi very soon i well be getting some central netted dragons hopfully a breeding pair can i some general advice about them it would help me so much :oops::oops::oops::lol::lol::lol:
  36. Reptiles101

    4ft tank, what species can live in one

    I know I post heaps, but I get heaps of helpful information on here by all of you, and always have happy reps because of it :). So at my local pet shop there've got a really nice brown wooden coloured melamine reptile tank it's 4ft (120x50x60cm) and I'm really thinking about purchasing it, for...
  37. T

    VIC 4x Adult Central Netted Dragons

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus Nuchalis Common Name Central Netted Dragons Age 3 Years Old Size Adults Quantity Available 4 Bred By Heath sutherland General Description I have 4 adult netted dragons for sale. 1 male and 3 females. They have just come out of hibernation. I am selling...
  38. reptalica

    Central Netted Dragon behaviour.

    Howdy all. Ok have a situation whereby we introduced another CND during the week which makes it five on total then on the weekend (yesterday) we added another two (male and female). These two co-habitated well at the shop where we got them from albeit he is a lot larger than the other six we...
  39. V

    QLD Central Netted Dragon

    Quantity Available 1 General Description One approximately 4yo central netted dragon to give away, sex unknown. Must have a reptile licence, preference given to those who keep netteds already. PM for more details. Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? NO, Pick up only Contact Details PM...
  40. A

    Newbie here! What species of lizard should I keep?

    Hello all, I am completely new to keeping reptiles... well I will be when I get to the keeping part. Currently I have a couple of fish tanks, one of which I am hoping to sell the fishies and convert to a lizard tank. It is 2ft long and a taller tank. Its dimensions look alot like this picture...
  41. dragondragon

    Good reptile vet in Sydney

    Hi today I was holding my central netted dragon baby and I was putting him back into his cage then he decided he wanted to go sky diving onto the top of the tank now it looks like he has a sore leg where is a good reptile vet in Sydney thank you
  42. T

    Central netted female (Under 2 years)

    Looking for a female Central netted dragon. Must be under 2 years old and in excellent health. I'm located in Gosford NSW but willing to pay freight. Please inbox with information.
  43. GC_Pet_Centre

    QLD Central Netted Dragon Juveniles

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus nuchalis Common Name Central Netted Dragon Age 6 months Size 12-15cm (Total length) Quantity Available 6 available Bred By Bred by us in store, parents are available to view General Description We have 6 beautiful little central netted dragon juveniles...
  44. Niall

    Pilbara Trip a few months ago.

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since ive been on here, went through the Field Herping Forum and its lacking colour! Heres a few things to brighten it up a bit ;) boring looking Central Netted Dragon Ctenophorus nuchalis we found along the dirt track. On the way into Carnarvon we found a Thorny...
  45. Tempest404

    QLD central netted dragon

    don't care for sex or any specialty genetics, don't want to buy in a situation where i have to freight. just find the little bugger extremely cute and would love to add one to the collection of scaleys would preffer baby. cheers tempest404
  46. Pythons Rule

    show off your enclosure finishings - backgrounds and interior

    I wanna see everyones amazing enclosure setups as I need some ideas, I have 5 enclosures to work on. I have 2 vision enclosures that look kind of hard to fit out so would love to see what others have done, and I have 3 4ft malemine enclosures that are bare I need to see how everyones done them...
  47. Icarus

    central netted dragon breeding

    I have had a male central netted for a while, and a few weeks ago I acquired a female who has bred the last 2 years for the previous owner. They are absolutely smitten with each other, and although I haven't actually seen them 'do it' they are head bobbing, arm waving, etc. So I have a couple of...
  48. Varanoidea

    Hi from Ashtonfield

    Hello everyone! I used to own a 9ft Olive Python by the name of Oliver (creative, right? I was 11 at the time >.<) but recently I had to sell him due to family divorcing issues. :( I am 17 years old now and doing animal studies certificate 2 at Tafe and my dream is to be a keeper in the reptile...
  49. reptalica

    Central Netted Dragon breeders....

    Just getting it out there and finding out who our resident Central Netted Dragon breeders are???? I have done the rounds on the usual reptile forums / classifieds / listings and to date have been out of luck. If anyone could put me in touch with a reputable breeder or possibly knows someone...
  50. T

    Free to good home - Central Netted Dragon

    Central netted dragon approx3 yrs old. no longer have the time or money to properly care for it. anyone interested please private message me. pick up only from campbelltown 2560 nsw - - - Updated - - - Thanks everyone for the offer. Someone has taken him.