ctenophorus pictus

  1. Katemichelle

    Painted Dragons

    I finally got my painteds! I ended up with 4, from two different suppliers. Unfortunately the littlest one died, I suspect the behaviour of the larger ones had something to do with it. I now have 2 females and one male. These guys are nuts, interested in everything, love being sprayed, love...
  2. T

    ID please

    This one is i think a Lozenge marked dragon but is alot paler than pictures iv seen.Thanks
  3. J

    Which dragon(s?) from southern Eyre Peninsula?

    In late October I saw a number of dragons in southern Eyre Peninsula whose identity isn't clear to me. The first two pictured were in Kellidie Bay Conservation Reserve (by Coffin Bay, west coast of peninsula). The latter two were in Lincoln National Park (east coast of peninsula, but not too far...
  4. Khukuri

    Lizard ID, Adelaide

    Hi all! I came across about half a dozen of these little guys while out on a walk around Port Adelaide today, and am curious about what they are. The closest I can manage with my terrible lizard ID skills is "some sort of Ctenophorus, maybe". :p Any takers?
  5. SteveNT

    West coast Eyre Peninsula

    Spring is finally breaking through (but it's still Antartic conditions for Darwinites) and the herps are coming out. Here's today's pics. barking gecko, painted dragon & wolf spider, beautiful bg, scalyfoot, crypto. Beautiful shack on the beach, booked for 3 nights and just extended! Oh...
  6. B

    Are there too many snakes being bred?

    We have a whole 6 stimsons for sale and I haven't sold any . I have noticed that a lot of the 'average looking snakes 'are not selling quickly on here . are there too many available ? are they too expensive ? are people on here looking for that 'special snake for their breeding program ? or...
  7. GeckoJosh

    NSW For Sale Male Painted Dragon

    For Sale Male Painted Dragon 18 months old, eats great, not the best handler as I have never tried to tame him. $150 or swap for Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Located in Gosford, I may consider freight or I can deliver if petrol costs are covered. Call me on 0435940579 or PM Thanks Josh
  8. T

    ID Help?

    Was wondering if anybody could help me identify this species I managed to snap a good picture of today in Katoomba NSW. Lived here for many years and only in the last few have I seen these guys Best photo I've been able to get the numerous times I've spotted these guys. When they want to run...
  9. H

    Bearded Dragons Vs Mealworms ?

    Just wondering how old your bearded dragon has to be to eat mealworms? If they should eat mealworms? Harper 1 :rolleyes:
  10. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  11. N

    Tawny Dragon or Painted Dragon

    Hey guys so could you tell me which dragon would be better I'll tell you the details of my tank as soon as I find out some basic information TAWNY DRAGON: Do these guys like climbing or do they usually just stay on the ground and all that Is it true they only grow about 10-15 cm How big...
  12. richoman_3

    VIC Mallee herping !

    Well Matt beat me to the APS post on this... but last is always better. After a riveting day of school Matt and I wasted no time (Maccas is not wasting time!) getting to Little Desert NP On arriving there we set up our camp, and the tempting calls of banjo frogs nearby lured us to their pond...
  13. PythonOwner25

    Victorian Mallee Nov 2013

    Hey all, headed up to the Mallee over Cup weekend with a few mates to see what we could find. We started off at Little Desert, then moved up through Big Desert, and across to Hattah - Kulkyne National Park. Here is some of what we found. Enjoy the photos! Banjo Frog (Lymnodynastes dumerilii)...
  14. P

    Painted dragons

    Adults to babies wanted, even a colony will freight if not in Victoria Primary contact through pm
  15. cheekabee

    Small dragons

    Hi just wondering if you guys have any tips on getting small dragons eating.
  16. Rocket

    Some SA herping...

    Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might...
  17. richoman_3

    Herp trip to Western NSW

    me and a chicken made our way to Mungo National Park last week. Sitting in the car on the way got boring so we decided to open the windows and jump out in bendigo. With perfect landing we stumbled across this disgusting creature. Thick Tailed Gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii) by Nick Volpe, on...
  18. Chicken

    Western NSW Herping

    Hi everyone, just finished a trip up to Mungo national park for 3 days. It was about an 8 hour drive from melbourne, the first night we stopped in Hattah NP for 1 night, which is 1 hour south of Mildura. Overall it was a good experience, i went with Richoman_3 (nick) on here. Once again...
  19. jordo

    South Australia Part 1 - Ngarkat Conservation Park

    I have pulled this from my blog. I couldn't be bothered re formatting all of the scientific names into italics again so I deleted them. Check out the original blog for those details: http://whawha88.wordpress.com/ Enjoy. In September 2012 I went on a field trip to South Australia to help my...
  20. lizardjasper

    What did you name your reptiles?

    Wondering what most people name their pet reptiles? Mine are: 4 C Beardies - Jasper, Diego, Cricket and PeterPan 2 E Beardies - Pepsi and Schweps 1 E Water Dragon - Mr. T.Rex 2 Bluetongues - Buffy and Leelo What do you have and what did you call them?
  21. P

    painted dragon had eggs...help??

    Hi all I'm new to all of this so please correct me if im doing wrong I have just been given a painted dragon who has had 4 eggs do I leave them and let nature do its thing do I incubate them or?? Any help aopreciated
  22. richoman_3

    Vic Mallee Herps !

    Spent the Cup weekend at Little Desert and Big Desert with micah, steve, simon and alot of other really cool people ! It was my first time up to the mallee so i was really damn excited ! the first day kicked off well ! the skinks were common, but proved to be fast ! Obscure Skink (Morethia...
  23. V

    Mallee Herping

    Went to both Little Desert (one day) and big desert (nearly 3 days) with richoman and others to do some herping for a few days. Was quite successful and saw about 25 species (nearly 50% out of the true mallee penetrating sp). Of these i photograph few some i didnt bother photographing and others...
  24. GeckoArk

    Looking for Painted Dragon breeders or keepers :)

    hey all, i have a female ctenophorus pictus and im looking for a pair or lone male under 2 years of age so i have a pair or trio. Im not posting this to continually bump looking for sellers, just wondering how many painted dragon breeders there are at the moment? are any of you breeding painteds...
  25. GeckoJosh

    Ctenophorus thread

    Hey guys, I thought I would dedicate a thread to this awesome genus. Please feel free to post pics of any Ctenphorus species and their habitat/enclosures. I will start with some pics of my own Some of my Central Netteds: And their home: My Painted Dragons: And their home: Cheers Josh
  26. R

    Small Dragon Species

    Hey guys, I'm looking to add to my mixed species enclosure by adding some more of the smaller varieties of dragons, such as the Mountain Heath Dragon and Painted Dragon, just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the topic, they would be going in with JUVIE Eastern Water Dragons and some jacky...
  27. G

    what is the best kind of dragon/lizard to get

    hi all, i was wondering what was the best kind of dragon/lizard was best to get and if anyone has any for sale. preferably small.
  28. S

    SA Painted Dragons

    Scientific Name Common Name Painted Dragon Age 2 Size 10cm Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By SA Quality Reptiles General Description Young Adult Pair, male is a nice pastel blue Location South of Adelaide Willing to Freight? Preference will be given to local buyers for quick...
  29. T

    Bynoe's Geckos?

    So just across from the house in amongst all the shrubs/bushes, which are a few metres from the ocean. There are a few what appear to be Bynoe's Geckos. Most are a goldy colour with black stripes across the top. However, I saw one that was gold/orange with strips across the top and sort of aqua...
  30. BigRed

    Very thin Painted Dragon

    I've had an adult pair of painted dragons for about 6 months now. Over the last week I have noticed the male getting thinner. They are housed in a 900 by 600 by 600 melamine enclosure, the substrate is coarse sand, the ambient temperature is 29 degrees with a hot spot at around 34 degrees. They...
  31. A

    VIC Painted Dragon Pairs

    2 pairs of Painted dragons for sale. $295 per pair. 0395450000 Amazing Amazon
  32. Damiieen

    Suggestions to get.

    Hey, I'm hopefully getting a new reptile enclosure it's a bank of four 2-3ft wide enclosures by the looks of the picture. I'm just wondering what I could get to put in there open to all suggestions but it has to be able to live in there at adult size. thanks in advance :)
  33. KREPS2011

    NSW WTB, Painted Dragons

    I am currently after some Painted Dragons, Ctenophorus pictus. I would like a Breeding Trio but will settle for any. Willing to pay good money for the right 1. If you have any please email me at. hopenkyle4eva@hotmail.com. Or Txt me at. 0431921487. Cheers
  34. levis04

    SA sub adult trio of painted dragons

    Scientific Name cten pictus Common Name painted dragons Age 6 to 8 mths Sex male 2 females Size big Quantity Available one trio Price $350 Bred By friend General Description great looking dragons pit raised and eating insects and veggie mix, ready for breeding...
  35. smigga

    Lizard ID please

    Hi guys, I was just over a friends house and they had this dragon, but didn't know what sort it is. I thought maybe Painted Dragon but could someone with more knowledge than I, give a definitive answer? Cheers, Smig
  36. waruikazi

    A n00bs guide to herping

    There was a little bit of interest coming out of Michaels http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/general-reptile-discussion-42/colour-159804/ thread for a bit of a guide to field herping. I thought it would be a good idea to help some people get started. In this thread I’ll talk about some of the...
  37. M

    Painted Dragon info needed

    I have a pair of Ctenophorus pictus (painted dragons) and the female is gravid (I believe so anyway). Does anybody know how long this species is gravid for and what temperature I need to set my incubator at? Any other information about the egg laying process would also be greatly appreciated.
  38. A

    VIC Painted dragon juvies

    Scientific Name Ctenophorus pictus Common Name painted dragons Age 6 weeks+ Sex Size young Quantity Available 8 Price 2 for $100 Bred By General Description eating well on baby crickets. Location AMAZING AMAZON 365 SPRINGVALE RD GLEN WAVERLEY MELB VIC 3150...
  39. U

    two lizards?

    hey guys, i have 1 eastern beardie and i was wondering if i could get 2 into a 90 long by 40 deep by 50 high cage. thanks in advance!
  40. damian83

    sth brissy reptile shops

    does anyone know any good reptile shops near eagleby? going up tomorrow and was interested is stopping into one
  41. chewbacca

    Show us your dragons

    Come show off your dragons :) I picked these 2 beardies up on Friday night, there still settling down and getting use to there surroundings but seem to be going great..
  42. N

    Feeding Colour feed

    Has anyone tried feeding colour feed to your reptiles?? Can you safely enhance reptile colours with natural colour feeds such as asthaxanthin? Its commonly used as a colour enhancer in fish foods and acts as a natural anti-oxident for other pet foods. Cheers Nam OK...well I might experiment...
  43. jinin

    Reptile Pickup distances.

    Just wondering how far you guys have ever traveled to pick-up one of your scaly friends. Personally the furthest I have ever driven is to Yass, NSW, we were planing to drive to Tamworth from Sydney but the seller lost contact. Anyway, who ever has traveled the furthest for a reptile wins!
  44. GeneticProject

    SA painted dragon, penisula dragon, marbled velvet

    Scientific Name Ctenophorous pictus Ctenophorous fionni Oedura Marmorata Common Name Painted Dragon Penisula Dragon Marbled Velvet Gecko Age 1 yr 1yr 1yr Sex M M F Size from snout to tail 16 20 15 Quantity Available 1 1 1 Price $120 $120 $120 Bred By Rick Walker Rick Walker...
  45. troycoop

    Gold Coast Reptile Expo 2011

    Hi OK there has been some threads asking if the Gold Coast Reptile Expo is on and i would just like to tell every one yes it is on. The Gold Coast Reptile Expo will be held at parkland show grounds southport the same place as last year and will be on the 30th and 31st of July 2011. if you...

    Some Collections Pics

    Here are some pic ive taken of my herps over past few months.
  47. monique18026

    How many have u bought this year

    I was just thinking about how many reps I got just this year didn't think I was this bad but I have gotten 1 scrub 1 olive 1 keelback 3 common tree snakes 1 night tiger 1 spotted a croc and Im getting my gtp in 2 weeks . So how many reps have you gotten this year ???
  48. levis04

    SA Painted dragons

    Wanted painteds, am chasing some for a good friend, will swap knob tailed geckos or an adult pair of red beardies for a pair of painted to the same value. Pm me if you can help me out!
  49. AllThingsReptile

    want new herp..

    well for some time now ive wanted a new herp (dont we all) and i had a snake in mind but parents said a big fat NO, also monitors are too big :rolleyes:, so all i have a hope of getting is geckos and dragon/skinks.. ive been seriously contemplating getting a marbled gecko or a knobby but...
  50. geckos_are_great

    christmas herping trip

    hey this christmas my dad and i have organised to go up the south coast of australia untill about nelson lagoon. and then were going inland and i was wondering if Mumbulla creek and mumbulla falls would be anygood also wondering if anyone has been there befor and what speices you encountered.