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cyclorana platycephala

  1. D

    Water-holding Frogs

    Anyone keep Cyclorana platycephala? Want to know the husbandry of this species. They look nice and seem to be unique in the way they survive the hot dry summers.
  2. S

    Water Holding Frogs

    Anyone had any experience with them?
  3. S

    Water Holding Frogs

    Hey Anyone keep these Just want hear about anyones experiences with them I'm talking to a guy about them on saturday
  4. greeny1

    Herping at Lightning Ridge

    as the title suggests this is about the lightning ridge field trip. majority of the group was north copast herp society adn the other 4 people were hawkesberry herps. the trip was organised by hawkesberry group and north coast was invited to come along an in the end we made up the numbers. all...
  5. Ninjaette

    Rarer Frogs

    Just wondering how many frog keepers keep species that aren't very common in captive collections? I started out with GTFs but no longer keep them. I now have M. Fasciolatus and am looking to keep Spade foot toads and perhaps Perons tree frogs again. Comments and pics please :)
  6. stiffler

    Dream Collection v's Actual Collections?

    I was wondering what people had in their current python collection and what would be their dream collection, ie loose some. gain others. Currently I have: 1 x Pair MD's 1 x Pair NT BHP 1 x Pair Qld BHP 1 x Pair Classic Bredli 1 x Semi Hypo Bredli 1 x WA Woma My dream Collection would...
  7. moloch05

    Windorah, Queensland 3 -- Floods and Frogs

    A huge thunderstorm hit the Windorah area on the afternoon as we approached from the south. Flash floods cut the road for awhile in the afternoon until the water levels dropped once again. We arrived late so we weren't delayed but we could see debris on the road. There were pools on the sides...
  8. D

    What types of reptile do you keep?

    What types of reptiles do you keep? What types do you want to keep? I posted this thread with the poll to... :? Well to find the answeres to the questions, I guess?:D :oops: :lol: Thanks! :) Dragon1
  9. carinacat

    water holding frog HELP PLEASE......

    ok guys, i really need sum help with one of my water holding frogs. she wont eat. i have been trying to get her to eat crickets but she keeps spitting them out :cry: im really worried as she is now skin and bone and not looking good at all. im just wondering if this is normal as the water...
  10. salebrosus

    Help - Frog Identification please

    Hey all, I have two different frogs i need identification on. The first was found on a pretty cool night (Origin Night), under my awning, about 50m from the Mary River. The second was found in the same location, however this was last night and while the area under my awning is partly flooded...
  11. smacdonald

    Pics from the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

    I headed out to the Brigalow Belt in Queensland to meet some friends of ours and see what cool critters we could find. I've been out to this particular spot a few times, but have never managed to see a De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi), despite this area being well-known for this snake...
  12. Nephrurus

    Frogging last night Mark II

    G'day All, Yesterday we made a fairly disorganised spur-of-the-moment trip to Nyngan to check out the areas affected by heavy rainfall and floods. Of course, this is the first really heavy rains the region has experienced in about 7 years. It was a forgone conclusion that we were going to...
  13. carinacat

    water holding frogs

    just wondering if anyone other than me own water holding frogs? im always stuck for ideas on the set up for them and d love sum new ideas :)
  14. carinacat

    water holding frogs

    ive got 2 water holding frogs. just wondering if anyone else had any? i would love to find more info on these guys as they arent as comon as green tree frogs and there isnt much info out there. also different deas for there habitat would be great.