diplodactylus vittatus

  1. N

    Best type of beginner lizards

    Ok so you must be getting sick of me now but before I choose and start researching a lizard I can take care of. so i have a 1 foot tank I don't mind if it needs a heat mat, but a heat lamp won't work as I have no space to put it in. so if you could tell me a few species ON THE BASIC LICENSCE...
  2. richoman_3

    Central Vic herping

    Just a few pics of a good days herping in Central Victoria yesterday... Wood Geckos - Diplodactylus vittatus , are always a cute sight Eastern Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus vittatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Eastern Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus vittatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Pink-tailed...
  3. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  4. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  5. SamNabz

    NSW 4x Hatchie Diplodactylus vittatus

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus vittatus Common Name Eastern Stone Gecko Age Approx. 4 weeks Size Hatchies Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description 4x hatchling D. vittatus for sale. All are approx. 4 weeks old and from 2x separate dams. Eating well on pinhead crickets...
  6. richoman_3

    VIC Mallee herping !

    Well Matt beat me to the APS post on this... but last is always better. After a riveting day of school Matt and I wasted no time (Maccas is not wasting time!) getting to Little Desert NP On arriving there we set up our camp, and the tempting calls of banjo frogs nearby lured us to their pond...
  7. PythonOwner25

    Victorian Mallee Nov 2013

    Hey all, headed up to the Mallee over Cup weekend with a few mates to see what we could find. We started off at Little Desert, then moved up through Big Desert, and across to Hattah - Kulkyne National Park. Here is some of what we found. Enjoy the photos! Banjo Frog (Lymnodynastes dumerilii)...
  8. Chicken

    Recent herping (Pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, heres just some of the herps i've found over the past 4-5 months. Start off with some snakes - Eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Dwyer's snake (Parasuta...
  9. PythonOwner25

    SA weekend

    Herping weekend SA Hi all, was bored on Friday night on facebook, talking to a few mates, and a herping trip was mentioned. Next minute I was booking an early morning flight from Melbourne to Adelaide for the next day (27th July) and a return flight the following night (28th). It was the best...
  10. GeckPhotographer

    A South Aussie Weekend.

    With the Uni holidays winding up, and my need to find herps still far from itched, I decided on spending a week in beautiful, sunny, warm South Australia. I flew over on a tuesday and spent the week catching up with the numerous (almost too many) family members I have in Adelaide. After...
  11. cheekabee

    Recent Herping pics

    Just a few of my recent herping pics from around vic that I haven't posten on APS, ps some might be from last year. Snakes from around Melbourne Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr...
  12. richoman_3

    Snakes and more c/vic herps!

    Start with the crap snakes! Little Whip Snake (Parausta flagellum) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr False start! heres the ugly one! Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr A cooler Snake! Lowlands...
  13. PythonOwner25

    Central Vic - Winter

    Victoria has had clear sunny skies for the past week, and although freezing cold, I decided to organise a day of winter herping with a few mates to see what we could find. It was an early start, dark skys and between 0-1 degrees. Ice was everywhere and it took a while clearing the ice from the...
  14. D

    Simple Geckos

    Looking at keeping a pair of Geckos :) I love how they look and really want to keep one. What would be a good one to start with? I want something that is cheap and easy to maintain. What do you think would be a good species to keep? would prefer something that requires very little maintenance...
  15. L

    nyngan/cobar herping :)

    hi guys im thinking about saving abit of cash and heading out west to cobar for abit of herping in october any info on the best time of the year to go would be great :) Ive been to nyngan but never got to herp seen alot of beardies couldn't tell if they where central or eastern as i was in the...
  16. N

    Hey New not reptiles help is appreciated

    Hey, New to this forum and site, i would love to hear your views and opinions. Feel free to send me a message.
  17. dickyknee

    NSW Eastern stone gecko , Breedign pair and 4 hatchos

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus vittatus Common Name Eastern stone geckos Age adult and hatchling Size smaller and smaller Quantity Available 1 breeding pair , 4 hatchlings Bred By Me General Description Small geckos , breedign pair plus 4 hatchos , no heat...
  18. dickyknee

    NSW Diplodatylus vittatus , Eastern stone gecko

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus vittatus Common Name Stones Age Hatchos Size Small Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description Small stones , eating small crickets Will swap for levis or velvets Location Wollongong NSW Willing to Freight...
  19. mcloughlin2

    Herping out Nyngan/Cobar way?

    Does anyone have any experience with herping out Nyngan-Cobar way? I'm just trying to gauge whether it's worth the drive out there for Sydney siders or whether just as many species can be found in locations around Sydney. I go out that way each year hunting on a friends property but I've never...
  20. Maseface

    Sick gecko?

    Came in today to find my gecko under water, Its an eastern stone gecko, he just sits in his water bowl occasionally lifting his head out. i havent seen him eat for a while and im a bit worried about him, though hes still dumpin turds. I removed the heat mat about a month ago after it started...
  21. GeckPhotographer

    A few recent reptile pictures part 1 of 2. Arid South Eastern Lizards.

    So a little while ago I finished all my Uni exams for the year and my mother decided this meant we should visit the family in Adelaide. Since I'm such a keen herper I convinced her the best way to do this would be to drive from Newcastle to Broken Hill, and then down from there to Adelaide. This...
  22. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  23. jordanmulder

    Herping north of coffs harbour

    Ok so I went herping with Stephen around Coffs harbour and north of it. I had a great time and found many new species which pleased me. The last few shots are from around the hunter valley after we came back. The quality of my shots will vary because I was borrowing different equipment at...
  24. richoman_3

    Vic Mallee Herps !

    Spent the Cup weekend at Little Desert and Big Desert with micah, steve, simon and alot of other really cool people ! It was my first time up to the mallee so i was really damn excited ! the first day kicked off well ! the skinks were common, but proved to be fast ! Obscure Skink (Morethia...
  25. V

    Mallee Herping

    Went to both Little Desert (one day) and big desert (nearly 3 days) with richoman and others to do some herping for a few days. Was quite successful and saw about 25 species (nearly 50% out of the true mallee penetrating sp). Of these i photograph few some i didnt bother photographing and others...
  26. R

    NSW Marbled Geckos + Eastern Stone Geckos

    Hey guys + girls, Im after a pair of marbled geckos and 3 eastern stone geckos, I'm located in Wollongong and am happy to travel up to sydney or down to nowra to pick them up, Cheers, Kieran.
  27. dickyknee

    A couple of pics , diplos , levis , wheels ...

    Finally got the new nikon our for a few test shots ... Diplos Diplodactylus vittatus by Brett Darby, on Flickr Diplodactylus vittatus by Brett Darby, on Flickr Wheels in their night skins , they are often much whiter as they quickly darken up once you start annoying them ...
  28. GeckPhotographer

    Herping near Newcastle

    So the Watagan Mountains is sorta my backyard (pretty much literally) and over the past couple weekends I've taken a good look at my backyard and what's in it, turns out some pretty cool stuff. Due to the reasons behind the look I didn't have time to photograph everything just the ones I see...
  29. dickyknee

    NSW Female Vitttus / eastern stone

    Female Vittatus / eastern stone Am after a female eastern stone gecko / Diplodactylus vittatus Can swap levis hatchlings ...
  30. snakes123

    Tonights Herping. Thick Tail and ID frog/toad

    Decided to go out herring tonight, i actually got some luck and found a thick :) Just need an ID on the frog/toad. I also found this monitor yesterday which i think if a Heath Monitor? There hope you like it :)
  31. killimike

    NSW WTB: Adult male Diplodactylus vittatus

    I am looking for an adult male vittatus as company for two lonely girls :) I would prefer a Sydney sale, but happy to consider other NSW or interstate if necessary, and you are willing to ship. Please contact me by PM if you can hook me up ;)
  32. knobtailedgecko

    Knob Tailed Gecko Thread

    all information will be great! i dont need the information but i feel bad for the people that do so this is information for all the people who want to learn about these species... i know i didnt find much information so i hope use do thankyou! + im getting a levis in a month :) :D OMG IM SO...
  33. jack

    and the award for silliest thing said at IRS expo goes to...

    i was behind an exhibit all day and had a chance to communicate with the public. here are my favourite bits: the bearded gent who asked if any of the geckos were poisonous, because when he was younger there were dangerous biting geckos in the woodpile. the trail bike rider who had seen a...
  34. XKiller

    Herping Glenmorgan - St George

    Heres a few pictures of afew reptiles i saw from this weekend herping between Glenmorgan-St George and Dalby sertin spots in each aeras. Leaveing thursday afternoon heading stright to Glenmorgan to stay the night target species for the weekend brigalow Woma..to rub in Dans face lol, De vis...
  35. A

    New Amazing Amazon Website

    We have just finished our new website! Check it out! :D www.amazingamazon.com.au
  36. A

    VIC Male wood gecko

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus vittatus Common Name wood gecko Age 2 years Sex male Size Quantity Available 1 Price Bred By General Description Location AMAZING AMAZON 365 SPRINGVALE RD GLEN WAVERLEY MELB VIC 3150 amazingamazon.com.au 0395450000 MON-WED 10-6 THUR-FRI...
  37. H

    NSW Eastern Stone Gecko + Enclosure

  38. GeckoJosh

    NSW Golden-tailed Geckos

    Scientific Name Strophurus taenicauda Common Name Golden-tailed Gecko, spotted tail form Age Hatchie Sex Unknown Size 5cm Quantity Available 1, I will have more available in the next couple of weeks Price $130 Bred By General Description These guys are easily one or our...
  39. KaMKaM

    Is it a thick-tailed gecko ?

    Just found this little guy outside with the dogs barking at him . . Trying to figure out what he is
  40. wayneobro

    Gecko identification ??

    hey all , finding heaps of these little gecko dudes in my laundry i live in the illawarra and have no idea of local species ? we have had heaps of them come in the house when it rains , poor little dudes just keep on picking them up n putting them back outside lol im thinking they may be an...
  41. dylan-rocks

    ID gecko Help NSW

    hi i live in cowra NSW and there is a gecko that i just keep running in to everywhere i go herping or hiking. It is brown with like darker brown dots on it, not a large gecko just average size and it lives in trees(under bark) and small cracks.it also can climb just woundering if anyone can ID...
  42. TNWJackson

    January 2010 trip - Northern inland NSW and Southern inland Qld

    Hi all, I've posted these pics on another forum that I know some APS members frequent and moloch's awesome sequences above almost make me too embarassed to post them here too but what the hell, I thought I would anyway! The pictures are in roughly chronological order, as we moved North through...
  43. James..94

    Gecko help?

    Hi all, I think my little Eastern Stone Gecko has forgotten what being nocturnal means. Is this harmful to his health in anyway? Cheers James
  44. Gecko75

    Southern brigalow belt and Granite belt of Queensland (DUW)

    Just another of my recent herp threads, put them up else where and decided to put them up here just for anyone who missed out or doesn't use other forums. enjoy Have been lucky enough to have spent the last 3 nights in the south east brigalow belt of queensland, found about 30 species, went to...
  45. Ramsayi

    NSW Eastern stone geckos

    D.vittatus Have current season hatchies available. Feeding well on woodies and crickets. Located in Sydney.Pics to follow. Will consider freighting. PM for initial enquiries
  46. S

    QLD Eastern stone geckos

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus vittatus Common Name Eastern stone geckos Age hatchys and yearlings. Sex not sure Length hatchs 2cm yearlings 4-5cm Quantity Available 5 hatchys and 3 yearlings Bred By Me ( parents bred by geckodan.) General Description Cute geckos...
  47. VM2KX

    Post your lizard enclosure

    Curious to see some for ideas :D
  48. froggyboy86

    Recent Herps

    Hey guys, Just thought I would post some pics of some recent herps I have seen over the past month from around New South Wales. Thick Tailed Gecko (Nephrurus milli) near Sydney South-eastern Morethia Skink (Morethia boulengeri) near Narrandera Southern Bell Frog (Litoria raniformis)...
  49. I

    Pics of your Favourite Herp

    post a pic of ur favourite herp!! :):):):):):):):):):):) show off your snakes, pythons, dragons, geckos or anything to everyone on Aussie Pythons and Snakes!
  50. D

    DECCW Reptile Ballot

    The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) is offering a number of reptiles for disposal through a ballot. The following species have been identified for the Department and are advertised as: 4 - Yellow-faced Whipsnake (Demansia psammophis) 1 - Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis...