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egernia rugosa

  1. RoryBreaker

    Yakka Skink and Ornamental Snake delay $16Billion mine

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-05/federal-court-overturns-approval-of-adanis-carmichael-coal-mine/6673734 Not for long I fear, money always finds a way. :evil:
  2. G

    Reptiles of Frazer Island

    Hi guys, in the next few weeks i'll be off to Frazer island for a little vacation and would like to know what are some of the reptiles they find on the island, i already know Lace monitors are abundant, but never heard much about dragons, snakes, skinks, and geckos?
  3. Cooly505

    Metabolic disease?

    I know it happens to bearded dragons if you dont have a uvb light but does it occur with other lizards?
  4. gus11

    Frog ID

    I again headed back to central QLD but unfortunately the trip was cut short and i didnt get any herping in, i did find a yakka skink and eastern beardies and this frog. i was wondering if anyone could help me out on its identification Cheers Gus
  5. The Reptile Outlet

    September Issue Scales & Tails Australia

    For those who haven't seen it yet, this is a brief outline of the content of the September issue of Scales & Tails Australia. It's an absolute ripper! Snapping Snappers! ... Photographig turtles.. not as difficult as you think Keeping them outside ..... Building an outdoor lizard enclosure...
  6. Gecko75

    Southern brigalow belt and Granite belt of Queensland (DUW)

    Just another of my recent herp threads, put them up else where and decided to put them up here just for anyone who missed out or doesn't use other forums. enjoy Have been lucky enough to have spent the last 3 nights in the south east brigalow belt of queensland, found about 30 species, went to...
  7. smacdonald

    Brigalow Belt pics

    This year I've been out to the southern brigalow belt twice. Once to look for pale-headed snakes (which slacker has already mentioned), and another time to look for yakka skinks. Both trips were successful. My yakka skink trip took place over the long weekend, and I saw three new species (new to...
  8. Macca

    West Qld 06

    Hey, finally a field forum on the site. These are some photos from a fairly recent herp trip around western Queensland. The habitat is mostly semi-arid. We spent 6 days on this trip, travelling 6500km, leaving from and returning to Sydney. A total of 55 herp species were found. The first...
  9. moloch05

    pics from far western NSW

    I visited the Fowler's Gap area for a night in October, 2006. Fowler's Gap is located to the north of Broken HIll along the road that eventually passed to Tibooburra. The University of New South Wales operates an arid land research station here. This place is a bleak, inhospitible part of the...
  10. R

    reptiles australia is out,great wheeleri article

    got vol 4 isue 4 from the newsagents today of the reptiles australia magazine and inside is a great article on the wheelers knob tailed geckos in captivity for all u knob tailed fans,a great article on lake eyre dragons amongst many others
  11. smacdonald

    Pics from the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

    I headed out to the Brigalow Belt in Queensland to meet some friends of ours and see what cool critters we could find. I've been out to this particular spot a few times, but have never managed to see a De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi), despite this area being well-known for this snake...
  12. peterjohnson64

    Mac Herps Show Suggestions

    Hi Team, Whilst it is still fresh in your minds we would like to get suggestions as to how to improve the show next year. Whilst many may not be possible 300 heads are always better than 1 and we want your feedback. Yes, the animals did get stressed and we need to address that. I ended...
  13. Hickson

    Pics from MacHerps 3rd Show

    The Macarthur Herp Society's 3rd annual show is on NOW!!!!! PCYC 95 Minto Rd, Minto (southwestern Sydney). The show will close at 4pm, so still plenty of time. We've had a big turnout and it's looking great! APS is there - Administrator and Slateman AFTCRA, Gabrielle Latta on...
  14. GreenWillow

    Changing GTP

    This is Green Lotus. She is 10mths old. I think she looks beautiful as is and would be thrilled if she didn't change anymore!
  15. Lost_in_the_Jungle

    I want it !

    So what do people want as their next reptile :D I know everyone will say GTP's of Albino's but i want to know what else people want. :D
  16. Retic

    Restricted Woma's

    This may be news for some and not for others, if you know already just ignore it. As of March this year (I think) Womas have been removed from the restricted reptile list, previously only 2 womas could be kept on a recreational licence but now they are unlimited like other reptiles. I am...
  17. Alexahnder


    First person to answer the question correctly wins the point. My decision is final ...First question: Is the curl snake Oviparous or viviparous