furina diadema

  1. PythonOwner25

    Hunter Valley Sep 2013 "PIC HEAVY"

    Hey all. I flew up to NSW last week for some herping around the Hunter Valley with a few mates. After getting off the plane, we went for a poke around some spots in Newcastle. First finds were a young Marsh Snake and She-oak Skink. Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata) by Matt Clancy Wildlife...
  2. I

    What snake is this ?

    Can you tell me if this a orange naped snake ? Forina Ornata ?Does anyone keep one as a pet ? Can you share something about them with us ? Thanks
  3. n3xia

    Red naped snake found in NT

    My workmate found one of these in her driveway at Noonamah, 40 mins south of Darwin last night. Seems like their distribution is currently thought to be the east coast only.... hmmm. Anyone got an idea who I should tell about this? Is there a govt body or something where you can report snake...
  4. I

    Last one out's a rotten egg!

    These are from a relocation a month or so back...some beginning to emerge :).
  5. Darlyn

    Red naped snakes

    Anyone keep them? Know anything about them? If nobody breeds them, why not?
  6. GeckPhotographer

    Herping the Macquarie Marshes (Pic Heavy)

    So recently I volunteered with Jo Ocock of UNSW to help with frog abundance surveys in the Macquarie Marshes for her PhD. It was a great trip and I got to see 13 species of frog and a bunch of new reptiles for me. I also got to take some pictures of some of those which I thought I'd share. We...
  7. GeckPhotographer

    Some Herping in the Hunter Valley

    Well I went out to a party in the Hunter Valley on Saturday and right next to the field the party was in was a beautiful hill that just looked ideal for reptiles. Winter and all, ever the opportunist I decided to go for a walk up it and see what I could find. It was sunny and warm even though...
  8. medz84

    snake id that i found today!!

    can someone tell me what this is?? i found it in wilton (near picton nsw)
  9. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Western Brigalow Belt - Mt. Isa (Massive DUW)

    Sorry guys but this is going to be one of 3 or 4 massive posts, this one covering the Western Brigalow Belt to Mt. Isa in October last year. I will try to leave as many boring species out as possible, the link above it will take you to my unfinished website that is a long way from completion, so...
  10. potato matter

    NSW Species wanted

    I'm looking for anyone with a Stegonotus cucullatus or a Furina diadema for sale. PM me.
  11. cement

    Nice find!

    While digging in a water line on a property at the Watagans, we disturbed a couple of Red Napeds (Furina diadema). I think its a breeding pair, with the female being the larger at aprox 300mm and the male being the smaller at aprox 240mm. After a couple of photos we put them back under their...
  12. S

    How many white kids are there?

    Ok so i was just browsing through the threads last night and I saw a few post that poked my curiousity. I know there are Mac, Darwin, Spotted and Olive Albinos but what other Albino's are out there in respect to Australian snakes (including Elapids, Colubrids and File species). What about...
  13. Bench_Warmer01

    Easter Herping

    Some sunshine coast herping for easter.. no eggs.. just a rough scaled snake..
  14. T

    January 2010 trip - Northern inland NSW and Southern inland Qld

    Hi all, I've posted these pics on another forum that I know some APS members frequent and moloch's awesome sequences above almost make me too embarassed to post them here too but what the hell, I thought I would anyway! The pictures are in roughly chronological order, as we moved North through...
  15. Gecko75

    Southern brigalow belt and Granite belt of Queensland (DUW)

    Just another of my recent herp threads, put them up else where and decided to put them up here just for anyone who missed out or doesn't use other forums. enjoy Have been lucky enough to have spent the last 3 nights in the south east brigalow belt of queensland, found about 30 species, went to...
  16. JasonL

    Last nights walk in downtown Hobbiton

    A mate and myself went to check out what was about after a relative hot day and weren't disappointed with what we came across.... Underwoodies were out in large numbers, we got sick of seeing them after a while, one was exceptionally large so I took some pics of it... we would of found about...
  17. W

    whip snake. I think!

    found this little guy on the way to coober. Pretty sure its a little whip. Anyone think different
  18. squishi

    help i.d.

    hi there, i just had a friend call me up she lives in rockhampton qld which is an hour away from me. she has a snake hanging around her pool she can't send me a picture but has given me a good description. it is a small snake about 30cm with a smooth head black with a yellow belly and a orange...
  19. smacdonald

    Brigalow Belt pics

    This year I've been out to the southern brigalow belt twice. Once to look for pale-headed snakes (which slacker has already mentioned), and another time to look for yakka skinks. Both trips were successful. My yakka skink trip took place over the long weekend, and I saw three new species (new to...
  20. J

    Arboreal Red-Naped Snake

    G'day guys, We found this little guy the other night, about two metres off the ground on a basically vertical rock face. This isn't very typical of them, however they are particularly abundant at the location it was found. The first shot is in-situ, and the second shot is to show how high it...
  21. moloch05

    Warrumbungle National Park, NSW -- nocturnals

    We went night driving during each of our three nights at the Warrumbungles. The first and third nights were cool and we did not see much. The second night was overcast and remained warmer for longer and was quite productive. The road in the national park passed through ironbark eucalyptus...
  22. ClareB

    What snake is this....

    My husband just found this out where he was working, can anyone tell me what sort of snake it is? It is only about 15cm long.
  23. moloch05

    Windorah, Queensland 2 -- Gibber, Clay and Mulga

    There is a paved road that extends west from Windorah for about 120kms before finally giving away to gravel on the Birdsville and Diamantina Tracks. This road is a great place for night driving since there is very little traffic on it at night. It also passes through a variety of habitats...
  24. Riley

    any herping spots around Oxenford, qld?

    hey guys, up here on holidays at my grandparents place and was wondering if theres any good places for herping around here? (Oxenford in Qld) any ideas would be really good! :D -oh yeah i might be going to Australia Zoo on the weekend ;):) cheers.
  25. ryanharvey1993

    Warrumbungle National Park Reptile Species

    I am trying to put together a full list of species that would be found in warrumbungles national park to save me having to look through my books, so just wondering, what species hae you seen there? thanks
  26. Sdaji

    Red-naped Snake Pictures

    What a little cutie :D A guy I know bred some of these. Very cool :)
  27. K

    help identifying snake

    Can anyone please help me identify this fella found under a garden paver on our place near toowoomba yesterday, he is creamy brown in colour and has a black head with a red band around it, he is pretty white under his mouth and cream under belly
  28. S

    What snake is this?

    I saw a snake and don't know what it is - can anyone help to identify it? Sorry I didn't have a camera on me at the time.... It had a tan body with pale belly and the head was black with dot of bright red in the middle - very similar in colour to a redback spider. Any suggestions?
  29. J

    some elapid picts

  30. moloch05

    herps from the Warrumbungles, NSW

    I visited the Warrumbungles several times in the last few years. This is a great place to see some of our dry country reptiles and it also is excellent for bushwalking. I think that the Grand High Tops walk is absolutely stunning with magnificent views of the cores of these old volcanos. This...
  31. K

    Painted Snake

    My other half found this little guy at work & I thought i'd share a few pics. Unfortunately he had found some wet paint so he was a bit messy looking but I presume it wont cause any problems & will shed off eventually. I think he is a red-naped snake, Furina diadema can anyone confirm?
  32. ryanharvey1993

    Lightning Ridge?

    We are going to lightning ridge these holidays and i was just wondering what people have seen out there, if anyone has pics of herps or landscape please post thanks P.S i got some records of wildlife atlas to get a general idea but there may be some mistakes in it or stuff found out there...
  33. E

    HELP!!! We found this near our pool area??

    Hello all! I am new on here and seeking any help I can get! I live in Maryborough Queensland, and we found this little guy in our pool area? Can anyone have a look and tell us what he is and do we need to be aware? Many thanks! Eve
  34. zeke

    Colubrids and Elapids on recrational licence

    i just want to know what Colubrids and Elapids u can have on a recrational licence
  35. nvenm8


    Went for a drive a couple of nights ago. What a great time it was. :) :) :) :) Dave
  36. zard

    snake id please

    red naped snake??
  37. Horsy

    Catching Wild Herps.

    Sometimes I come across herps and can't resist picking them up. I always release them where I found them of course and only hold them for a few seconds. If they start getting stressed, I let them go. Today I came across a Bearded Dragon and picked him up. He did a little hiss at first but calmed...
  38. Z

    Best Photo Competition ~ Round 2 - Entries & Poll

    Here are entries into the Best Photo Competition ~ Round 2 :) Sorry about the delay. My wife & baby have been in hospital. #1 - Green Tree Snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus) #2 - Central Carpet Python (Morelia bredli) #3 - Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia...
  39. nvenm8

    Red Naped Snake

    Saved this little fellow from a certain appointment with a shovel. I am glad that my neighbour had the fore-thought to call me. Damn cute little bugger too. Hope the Photo's are ok. Furina diadema -for those interested in. technical names.
  40. B

    Nice little find...

    Just thought i'd share a pic of this gorgeous red nape "Furina baranardi" found whilst doing some gardening today 8) I'm sure she was gravid and in top notch condition...enjoy 8)
  41. B

    Red Nape Snake

    Just found this cool little red nape under a rock while doing some gardening 8) I've come across quite a few of these but wasn't sure how venemous they are so i didn't handle him and just took a pic of him in a plastic jar :) Sorry the pic's not too crash hot A very pretty little snake,this...
  42. Parko


    My snakes are all northern species, Stimsons, Brown tree snakes and soon a Bredli. I am wondering does that mean I should hibernate them for a short time only? And just how cool should I let the enclosures get considering winter temps are extremely low in my area. Do pythons like Bredli's...
  43. marc

    get your books out, here comes another who am I???

    guess what I am....Kevyn I may have got you this time....lol
  44. wattso

    Free Herps!!!!!!

    Found this message from jeff hardy nswpw~ for syd herpers. "Jeff Hardy" <jeff.hardy@n...> Date: Tue Dec 16, 2003 3:22 pm Subject: Reptiles free by ballot ADVERTISEMENT A number of reptiles that were recently seized by Australian Customs that cannot be returned to the...
  45. S

    red-naped snakes

    Anyone know where I could get some of these from? Also, what is the likely price range?