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  1. Zer0tonin

    Polyurethane coating causing smell

    Hello my dudes, I'm hoping some of you might have run across this issue that I am having in the past and know what I can do about it. I recently built a pair of plywood enclosures for my two pythons. I stained the wood with water based stain and sealed it with clear water based polyurethane...
  2. Wynona_Jane

    Does anyone know where to get a radiant heat panel in Australia?

    I want to heat my spotted python enclosure with a radiant heat panel but can't seem to find any! 40w is the ideal one
  3. H

    DIY heated branch?

    I’m setting up a bioactive enclosure for golden tailed geckos and looking at a solution for a hot spot. It was suggested to me to make a PVC Branch with a heating cord inside it and cover the pipe with coco fibre/moss to make it look like a branch. Has anyone done this? Can I see how it...
  4. V

    Flood Light Heating

    Hi guys. I'm upgrading my Stimmy into a 60x45x45 Exo Terra. Currently in a click clack with just a heat mat 'cause that's been sufficient for heating purposes but I'm concerned that it won't be enough in such a big tank. So I'm wondering if it's an easier heating solution to use a naked...
  5. Link the Noodle

    Night heating for pastel ball python

    Hey everyone! New owner here, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to turn off the heating lamps at night for my ball python, Link. I don’t have an UTH yet, so I’m still cautious with the whole heating arrangement. I know it’s not healthy for there to not be an established day/night cycle...
  6. S

    Ballarat/Melbourne folks from colder climates - please help (carpet pythons)

    Hi guys, I'm waiting for my license to be approved and I'm so excited to get my first python, which I've decided will be a Murray Darling. I read 'Guide to Australian pythons in captivity' and watched tonnes of videos for months before deciding on getting the MD. I've been lucky enough to hold...
  7. timothyng1998

    Boyd's Forest Dragon Setup Advice

    Looking at getting 3-4 boyd's forest dragon next year (1M : 2-3F) Want to know if a 1800 long x 800 deep x 900 tall enclosure will be better or a 1200 long x 800 deep x 1200 tall? I was thinking the 6ft long one might be better because i can fit a lot more vertical branches for them to get away...
  8. Ebonie

    Thermostat Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at thermostat options for when my hatchling Diamond moves into his more sophisticated enclosure. I'll want a thermostatically controlled (heat and time) 60W reflector lamp, and a fluorescent light on a timer. Is there anything that can do all this? Or will I be...
  9. JCHReptiles

    Heating a Jungle Carpet Enclosure

    Hey everyone, Just curious to see how you all heat the enclosures for you Jungle's? Currently I use an infrared heat globe, and a heat mat but I'm looking at changing enclosures soon and just curious to see if heating with only heat globe or ceramic lamp is sufficient, or if I should be using a...
  10. D

    Heat mat and thermostat

    Hey again! I am getting a children's python and would just like to know what everyone uses for heating. I know I want to use a heat mat but I am unsure how many watts and also if I need to get one with a thermostat attached, separate or to get a completely different thing to check temperatures...
  11. rainmonitors

    Heating & Viv Help

    So I've been researching vivarium heating a lot lately, as I'm still deciding between homing a blue tongue lizard (western, central or northern) or a ridge-tailed monitor. It seems blue tongues don't need any heating at night, but ridge-tails do, right? What I'm trying to ask is, what are...
  12. Sarah Jane

    Snake won’t go to heat mat

    Hi all! I’m new here but I’ve had my girl for around 2 years. She’s a jungle python. I have noticed this a bit lately; I just checked her temp and she is at 18 degrees, but her heat mat is on and she isn’t going to it. I don’t understand as it’s quite cold at the moment and I’ve read snakes...
  13. L

    Heating for Stimson Python

    Hi all, I am upgrading my enclosure for my Stimson Python and the new height will be 60cm (2ft), so the thing I am most concerned about is what new heat lamp to use due to the large height gap between light and reptile. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. P.S The enclosure is wooden.
  14. mrnofear


    Hi everyone I'm selling a new range of Brand new Heat globe's that r suited for all Reptile's, Frogs ect. ALL GLOBES ARE BRAND NEW IN A BOX These globes r fantastic n provide the right source of heating & lighting for all Reptile's & Amphibians GLOBES AVAILABLE! OZ Purple Nocturnal heat...
  15. B

    Blue tongue essential supplies + questions & queries

    Hey! I'm considering getting myself a blue tongue skink but there's so much conflicting info on care! I had a baby one as a kid (until my mum let him go) & the care seemed so much simpler back then (although I guess I wasn't quite old enough to do my own research). I'm not sure on some of the...
  16. R

    Green tree python lighting and heating.

    So ATM I'm currently converting an old Balinese cabinet into an enclosure for a GTP. The enclosure dimensions are 800 high X 1000 wide X 600 deep. Any suggestions on where to get a heat panel big enough for the enclosure and the best way to supply UV in the cabinet? All while trying to do it as...
  17. ellehcore7

    IMIT Thermostat issue - not turning back on?

    I bought a Stimmy and a whole set up today and I'm worried already about his home :( The enclosure had this IMIT thermostat built into it: https://www.amazingamazon.com.au/imit-thermostat.html I have hooked up two 75w infrared heat bulbs to it with mesh cages around them. Set it to 30C and...
  18. NewSnakeMum

    I need some clarity

    Hi All, My partner and I have decided to buy our very first snake, a 5 month old Albino Darwin Python. I have tried to do as much research as we can before we pick her up but I'm finding a lot of the information I'm reading is contradicting one another. I want to know what heat methods...
  19. EllieSkyline

    Placing heat in a uniquely shaped enclosure?

    Hi just after some opinions on whether or not, I should place a second heat source in my uniquely shaped enclosure and if so where. I actually already have a pretty good idea of what I wish to do, but being an in-experienced owner I wanted to confirm that it would be the appropriate thing to...
  20. spydon

    Lighting and Heating for Turtle

    Would this be a good idea to have a heat globe in one and a UV light in the other? https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-150w-compact-twin-security-flood-light_p4370626
  21. Aztec

    Heating Question

    Aztecs has just arrived after 4 years in Far North Queensland by plane and into his custom built enclosure which is is 2m high x 1m wide and 590cms deep. I put a ceramic 150 watt under a dome just right of centre he has his top perching branch approx 35cms beneath the lamp. I put a thermometer...
  22. DragonTemple6

    Absolute Newbie Needing A Little Help With A Stimson Python

    Hi, I have been looking at getting a snake for a while and read up on it and got the permit and everthing. I have gotten the chance to get a 3.5 year old female Stimson Python whose owners are moving, she seems like a very well adjusted snake that is friendly and happy. I'm picking her up in a...
  23. C

    General Question Regarding Diamond Pythons Setup

    Hello, i'm new to the reptile world and im interested in the diamond pythons and i have some questions regarding lighting/heating. 1) what should i do regarding lights during the night? do i turn them off or leave them on? 2) I've been reading and its says that its best to have a globe that...
  24. K

    Lighting Large Enclosures. Help.

    Hey guys, so long story short I'm getting an enclosure built for me( was getting a custom bed built and figured why not). Anyways it's still being built but ultimately it's 5ft x 4ft x 3ft. It'll be the forever home for my rapidly growing bred little. But my issue currently is. LIGHTING...