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hemiaspis damelii

  1. M

    Wtb golden tree snake and slatey grey

    What to buy golden tree snake and slatey grey snake cheers
  2. GBWhite

    Fools in the game

    The guy in this story is supposed to be a snake re-locator and demonstrator. I don't think he has a clue. Mistakes a harmless Slatey Grey Snake for a juvenile Taipan. Apparently he knew straight away that it was a Taipan. There's even a photo of him about to milk it. And to think that he is...
  3. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  4. richoman_3

    Couple herping shots

    Draco sp. (Flying Dragon) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Northern Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus primordius) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Roth's Tree Frog (Litoria rothi) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus...
  5. R

    breeding season

    just a few of the animals I breed this year
  6. Davesgonefishin

    ID please

    In the garden pebbles. Port Douglas QLD. Very fast. Fiesty. Can get more pics if needed as I now have him in an old hatchy tub.
  7. Chondrobsessed

    Mossman gorge far north QLD RBB?

    Hey all saw this big black boy cross my path (exactly where by foot was going to be) yesterday in the daintree rainforest right by a creek. It was about a meter possibly bigger and about 5cm in diameter at the widest part, his scales where thick, and he looked up at me just after I noticed I was...
  8. A

    Spotted Python is New Frontier for New Member

    (Good to see persons like Gruni on this forum. I’ve seen they way that you helped members in the past, using tact & discretion. You veterans seem quite experienced, and I very much value your insights & stories.) A reptile lover all my life, I’ve mostly kept snakes since they are more easy &...
  9. nintendont

    Genetics Question

    What sort of trait would you call Caramel coastals? Is it hypomelanistic or something else? and if a Caramel was bred to a normal 'wild type' what would be the result? All normals or???
  10. F

    damaged scale help :(

    So, I went to work this morning and quite a lot happened to my boy while I was gone. The cat thought the cage would be a good sleeping spot, he is fat, the roof got dented in. My mum saw and tried to fix the lid until I was home by taping it up with gaff tape. Then she calls me freaking the hell...
  11. V

    Late Night Visitor

    Hi Guys, Stepped outside and found this guy (see attached picture) with what I thought looked like an imminent case of death. So I just moved him out the front of the house (with my long rake :) ) so the missus wouldn't stand on him in the morning. He wasn't moving much but was still alive...
  12. A

    help identifying snake skin head!

    Hi there, I found this snake skin head in my yard a few days ago, can anyone help me identify what type of snake it could be?
  13. bugeye23

    Snake id please

    Hi guys, I got home from work today to my elderly neighbour asking for my help because she had seen a snake in her back yard, this was my first capture and release anyway I think it might be a green tree snake but i just treated it like a poisonous one i'm not too familiar with other breeds...
  14. GeckPhotographer

    Herping the Macquarie Marshes (Pic Heavy)

    So recently I volunteered with Jo Ocock of UNSW to help with frog abundance surveys in the Macquarie Marshes for her PhD. It was a great trip and I got to see 13 species of frog and a bunch of new reptiles for me. I also got to take some pictures of some of those which I thought I'd share. We...
  15. AllThingsReptile

    2012 Vic Reptile Expo

    just a few weeks to go :D who is going? who is selling and what are you selling? plans on buying new additions? cant wait got some money coming and going to get something, plus my mate is getting something beautiful and expensive , going to be great :)
  16. Black.Rabbit

    Slaty-grey snake

    Hey all I am reading into this species and I am finding it hard to find much information on its needs etc... even using the search function, not really much comes up... I am very intrigued! Can anyone tell me a little more about the Slaty-grey? Is it difficult to keep? Any info would be...
  17. Poggle

    Understanding Identification.

    Hi all, I am making this thread to assist with people making I.D's of snakes. Have been alot of threads lately and people guessing at I.D's. So i am making this thread for it. Please feel free to post pics of snakes for peopleto try and figure out what it is. Please explain your reasons for...
  18. dottyback

    Slatey Grey Snake With Eggs

    Woke up today with 16 Slatey Grey Eggs, 5 candles yellow though... :)
  19. Steve82

    I.D of Snake

    Found out at Hatton Vale QLD. Black body, Brown head. Nice looking snake!
  20. Trench

    show us your Colubrid

    these are my fav group of snakes so if you keep them please post pics :) :) :)
  21. JimWetherall

    Metcalfei Medley

    Hi guys, I've had a lot of new additions join the collection and having that many animals to look after has left little time for photos but I've finally scraped together a few half decent ones. First up is the best feeder out of the bunch and my favorite, this guy is called Spear and his...
  22. snake_freak

    SA Slatey grey snake

    Species Common Name Slatey grey snake Age unknown Length 1.1m approx. Quantity Available 1 at the moment. Another inconsistent feeder available soon - has only recently started taking mice consistently but feel free to enquire if interested. Bred By Purchased from Sonia...
  23. richoman_3

    ALOT of Herping pics (feedback wanted!)

    Went back to my spot the other day on an overcast day to get some pics of skinks :), worked out good and im very pleased!!! i took alot of videos but relised i had them all on a low size thats why they have been all coming out crap :( (relised that before the bird video!), so didnt put much...
  24. XKiller

    Iron Range NP

    Here are some pictures i took from the Iron Range NP, and the travel up 8 days total... being Winter it would be the best time to do a herping trip lol, spending only a handfull of days in the NP its self the drive up was just as exciting, well once you get out of ****ty weather SEQLD, i decided...
  25. S

    Freak Blue-ish snake

    Well Blue-ish grey Jungle python.. Hope it stays this color..... I have posted a pic of it before but here are some more :D
  26. G


    Ahh yes another guess thread if you guess it correctly I'll post the full pic and you can have a turn I'll start easy
  27. cactus2u

    id please

  28. XKiller

    Herping Glenmorgan - St George

    Heres a few pictures of afew reptiles i saw from this weekend herping between Glenmorgan-St George and Dalby sertin spots in each aeras. Leaveing thursday afternoon heading stright to Glenmorgan to stay the night target species for the weekend brigalow Woma..to rub in Dans face lol, De vis...
  29. crikeymate

    Only in australia!

    This story was in the "Melbourne Herald-Sun" on Monday...
  30. impulse reptiles

    Show off your Co-dominant morphs

    Official ''Reduced Pattern Morelia/morph'' thread.... Show off your Co-dominant morphs right here anyone breeding this season? 8)
  31. N

    what type of snake is this

    Hi I was out driving late last year and found this snake was just wondering if anybody could tell me what type of snake it was??
  32. SerpentNova

    What kind of Snake??

    Can someone tell me what this is??? Sorry if the photos aren't super clear but they are the best I could get.:oops: And what should I do with it? It ate 2 mice and killed another 2 :( And now it is stuck in the cage. Can I take it up to the national park (5 min walk away) and let it go? Or...
  33. scottyo998

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    I have been wanting to double check what my basic license allows me to keep here in victoria, but for some reason the DSE website seems to have 'misplaced' the files. Am i the only one this is happening to or can no one access the forms on their website. It is not only happening with this PDF...
  34. G

    Mouse Thief!!!!!!!!

    Hello All, A few days ago I noticed that my prize breading buck mouse had gone missing. The mesh at the top of the tub was slightly lifted and I assumed he had somehow escaped and was amongst my camping gear. Today I decided to unpack the gear to try to locate my mouse. When I picked...
  35. shellfisch

    It's a snake eat snake world

    Published On: 4-13-2010 Source: NT News A CHILDREN'S python has swallowed a slaty grey snake whole ... well, almost. Go to Original Article
  36. itbites

    VIC Slatey-grey Snake

    Scientific Name Stegonotus cucullatus Common Name Slatey-grey Age 3yo Sex Male Length around 70 to 80 cms Quantity Available 1 General Description This little guy feeds very well on thawed medium mice, he handles very well and has never bitten...
  37. bundysnake

    Recreational wildlife list??

    Does anyone know where i can find the list of herps you can keep on a recreational license in QLD?
  38. Banjo

    Question about QLD Reptile Lincenses

    HI All, Are you able to keep GTP's in QLD on a standard Recreational Wildlife Licence. I have looked on the epa sight and I'm still not 100% sure. My license says; Conditions for: Keeping live commercial and recreational reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency Interest: General A1G1...
  39. T

    What snake is this?

    I saw it in Cape Tribulation, north of Cairns. Is it a Slaty-Grey snake? Small-eyed Snake?
  40. gecko-mad

    how much? everything else

    well the last 2 threads i did the research AFTER posting so this time i did the research BEFORE posting, the question is whats the average price? all help is appreciated. Stegonotus cucullatus-Slaty-Grey Snake Dendrelaphis punctualata-Common Tree Snake Drysdalia masterii-Masters’ Snake...
  41. WombleHerp

    Slatey Grey & Small Eyed snake

    what are the major key differences between these 2 species? e.g. SVL head shape scales colouration just interested is all :) Nat ;) x
  42. smacdonald

    Some colubrid picts

    Righto. I want to usurp The Other Thread and make a new 'longest running thread' on this site. Who wants to help? Unfortunately I've only seen four out of Australia's approximately eleven species. Hopefully I'll add to my count later this year with a trip up north. Brown tree snakes (Boiga...
  43. L

    what am I looking at?

    ok, not into whacking snakes, prefer to leave em, but last night on the balcony this one came at me when i was getting rid of a couple of cane toads. was too close and cornered me on the end of the balcony in the dark..... I had a shovel...I made one choice... sorry to post this pic if it...
  44. itbites

    snake ID plz

    Can someone I.D these snakes please?
  45. smacdonald

    Brigalow Belt pics

    This year I've been out to the southern brigalow belt twice. Once to look for pale-headed snakes (which slacker has already mentioned), and another time to look for yakka skinks. Both trips were successful. My yakka skink trip took place over the long weekend, and I saw three new species (new to...
  46. smacdonald

    Days 9 to 11: Atherton Tablelands

    After Tully, we headed to the Atherton Tablelands. We spend three nights there, during which time we saw a ton of stuff. We went to: Millaa Millaa Falls, Malanda Falls, the Curtain Fig, Lake Barrine, Wooranooran National Park, Mobo Creek Crater, Chambers Eco-Lodge, Yungaburra. Here are...
  47. smacdonald

    Day 8: Tully Gorge

    We left Charters Towers and headed back to the coast and up to Tully. We arrive mid-afternoon, and went for a short walk to see what we could see. Down by the river I saw a little head peeking out of a hole in a tree stump. I waited patiently for the body to emerge. Saproscincus sp...
  48. M

    Can you help me identify this snake?

    Hi Guys, just wondering if you can please identify this snake I have living in my house yard? It was fairly aggressive as in he rared up at me. It was only about 60cm long. Thanks inadvanced! Cheers, Matt
  49. slacker

    Lake Broadwater [DUW]

    Was out at Lake Broadwater for a couple of days. Didn't find many interesting reptiles, but we found the one we were most interested in seeing. Now for the photos. First a shot of the lake itself:
  50. KaaTom

    Eastern Browns....

    Would love to know more about them, they are just awesome looking snakes. Any pics and or other info regarding them would be much appreciated.