hemiaspis damelii

  1. J3ss_

    snake ID please

    I found this little guy this morning and unfortunately he had been run over by a lawn mower by my neighbour.. was just wanting to know what species it is. My guess would be a keelback but id like to know for sure.. It was about 60cm in length and i live in cairns..
  2. trogdor1988

    slatey grey snakes.. can anyone get em?

    hey all i was just curious about slatey grey snakes i think there an absolutely gorgeous snake.. but the only problem is no one seems to sell them ever.. would anyone here know anyone who breeds them or who might be able to get there hands on one?.. and maybe a rough price to.. cheers.. steve :)
  3. K

    A little advise for someone considering getting a snake?

    Hi, I've never had a snake or any other reptile before but I've always liked them and was considering replacing my fish (which are getting to be a bit of a pain - won't stop breeding) with a snake. My current fish tank/prospective snake enclosure is (just copied and pasted from product specs. I...
  4. wiz-fiz

    what do you prefer?

    which 1 is most popular? find out in 365 days! I prefer turtles Cheeers, Will ________________________ God always saves us, he never kills us! ________________________ Got 1 Cat 2 Dogs 1 Fish and 2 Yabbies
  5. _Jas_

    Snake ID

    Found this little guy at work tonight, suprized to see it so active as it was 8pm and 10 degree's out. Location was just outside Orange NSW, my guess is a copperhead but not sure. Anyways i found a nice place to let him go so he wouldn't get run over.Sorry about the bad pics but all i had was my...
  6. Kitah

    Brown snake?

    Tonight I decided to go for a walk and kinda half-heartedly look for some herps... on one road, a friend and walked partially down, then turned around and started to come back. We noticed a snake on its back, with a very, very pale belly; only reason we saw it was because it was nearly white...
  7. M

    My first elapid

    Hi My name is Miles I am an Aussie living in Dublin currently Just quit my job and coming home in a month or two I am keeping a lot of colourbrids (corns, kings, milks, bulls, gophers, trinkets, etc) and a rear fanged (boiga cyanea) currently. I treat the boiga like a hot even though it is rear...
  8. S

    Snake ID Illawarra

    Hi all this is my first posting!! We live on the Illawarra escarpment and while not a snake lover or keeper we like to be able to identify the snakes we come across. One small snake is making this dificult. They? appear under the dog kennel grey in colour cream under belly? Never longer than 30...
  9. smacdonald

    Pics from the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

    I headed out to the Brigalow Belt in Queensland to meet some friends of ours and see what cool critters we could find. I've been out to this particular spot a few times, but have never managed to see a De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi), despite this area being well-known for this snake...
  10. JasonL

    last nights herp

    Went for a quick walk in the back garden last night, saw a few critters, took a few pics and thought I'd share some Can anyone give me a ID on the caterpillar?
  11. G

    common tree snake... feeding?

    Hi all, I am interested in getting a common tree snake but have heard that in captivity they are buggers to feed and some will only accept frogs and skinks... Is this true? or after some effort will they except mice? Thanks all, Shane
  12. scam7278

    slatey grey????

    i was watching snake hunter the other day on austar and he had to do a rescue in a pub,and i think the snake was called a slatey grey.My question is..... is there another name for this snake cause i have never heard of it (not that i know the name of every snake) but it was absolutly beautiful...
  13. Hoppa1874

    the range of slatey grey??

    just wondering whereabouts in Australia u find these snakes???
  14. croc_hunter_penny

    Slaty-Grey Snake Q's

    Hi everyone, a mate of mine is buying an adult slaty-grey snake. it is about 5 feet long, not sure of it's age but it is apparently very placid and it feeds well on chicks and mice. So here's his questions that I couldn't answer: 1. is $500 a fair price for this snake? (i said it sounds good...
  15. zeke

    Colubrids and Elapids on recrational licence

    i just want to know what Colubrids and Elapids u can have on a recrational licence
  16. djai

    Some of my pets

    Just showing off some of pets.
  17. cris

    Small elapids

    Are there many small elapids available in captivity? I would like to get some Cacophis, Hemiaspis or Furina sp. are they kept in captivity at all?
  18. gaara

    I'm Curious.

    I'm curious to know of anyone that has any leads on a black and grey snake (no, not black and white...). I'm not fussed on species (assuming it'd be some kind of carpet anyway); just curious to know if anyone out there has anything like it.
  19. sandy

    Help with identification

    Hi. I found this snake in my back yard. I live in south east NSW. I'm wondering if it's possible to identify it from the pictures I took. I'm guessing it is approximately 45 cm long.
  20. Mysnakeau

    Slate-Grey Snake

    :D Does anybody have a picture of a Slate Grey Snake (stegonotus cucullatus). How common are they and what is their average $$$? Thanks Kathy :D
  21. Bonustokin

    Im after some Murry Darling pictures

    hey everyone, could all you murry darling owners please post some pics? Im really interested in these snakes, Apparently they dont get as large as other Carpets.... I have seen the pictures around this forum, but havent seen too many, and i was hoping some people could post some, so i can see...
  22. B

    New Python Species....

    The newly discovered Northern Territorian Brown Tree Python :wink:
  23. C'baoth

    ENDANGERED - Grey Snake ( Hemiaspis damelii )

    The Grey snake is a mostly harmless Elapid that is native to my area & is on the endangered list . So I'm very keen to do my bit & in a worst case scenario at least have them safe in a private collection . Can anyone help me out in aquiring a couple of these little fellas before it's too...
  24. peterjohnson64

    What do you want in your collection.

    Well the plans for the herp room are in council and I have now decided what I want to eventualy own in the way of snakes: An adult pair each of: Diamonds (kept outside) Darwins(4x4x2) jungles (3x4x2) BHP (6x2x2) Woma (4x2x2) GTP (4x2x2) I am interested in comments on the adult cage...
  25. Meg

    Lets keep it friendly - but what's the fav??

    Hey all, hope you're all doing well! Just a quickie, i'm getting a snake real soon, first timer, open to suggestions on breeds, but at the moment really tossing up between a carpet (coastal), or a diamond. I am aware of the size they grow to, i'm aware of the temperaments (even though...
  26. toxinologist

    Information on Snakebites

    Hi all, I am currently looking for information on the clinical effects of bites by a range of snake species including: Demansia papuensis and Demansia vestigiata (black whipsnakes) Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus (black-striped snake) or any other Rhinoplocephalus spp. Furina tristis...
  27. Splitmore

    'Snake Busters' tonight

    Did anyone happen to catch tonights 'Snake Busters' program? I think for once I have to agree with Ray Hoser in his assesment of Bruce Georges snake handling ability. The way they measured that scrub python was absolutely disgraceful. For those that didn't see it two adult men at either end of...
  28. wattso

    What is this beautiful snake?& how much would you pay?

  29. Hawkeye

    Most over-rated and most underrated snake

    Following on from Pinkies little survey....what are the most overrated and most underrated snakes: For me: Most overrated Green Tree Python, hangs there and after the colour change its green! Most underrated: Black Headed Pythons.....man they look just freaky :lol: Cheers Hawkeye
  30. O

    Update on ACT herp laws ??

    Here is an updated version of the herp laws, parks and wildlife have deemed suited to the ACT. Sorry bout the size of the post, but my question is, under category B, the license I hold, Olives, Jungles, BHP's and other fairly commonly available pythons seem fall under CAT#C license, can you...