hemiaspis signata

  1. NickGeee

    Quick Peninsula Herp

    Afew weekends ago I headed down to the lower Mornington Peninsula, about an hour SE of Melbournes CBD. I was keen to photograph some white-lipped snakes, and this time proved to finally be the day!. First I did a circuit of a canoe dam surrounded by dense reeds on a resort that was close by...
  2. The_Phantom

    NSW Marsh Snake

    General Description - 1 or 2 Hemiaspis signata wanted. Location - prefer NSW sellers, as I'm in NSW on the outskirts of Sydney. Willing to pay for Freight? If necessary, but prefer NSW sellers within driving distance of Sydney. Contact Details - swampwallaby@hotmail.com Other Details -...
  3. G

    ID Please

    A friend took this photo in Newcastle, not sure which suburb, he estimated it to be 30cm long and the tail appeared to be dead. any ideas?
  4. Ironmind91

    Anyone watch "Snake Boss"?

    Has anyone else seen that show on animal planet "Snake Boss"? I saw it last night and am just curious as to what other snake catchers think? I quite liked it, entertaining at least. Plus you can see some cool snakes as well.
  5. A

    Snake ID

    Hi, I'm after some help with IDing a snake seen last week in Lamington National Park (SE QLD). The snake was seen on a track at Binna Burra and I would appreciate any help in identification. Estimated length was a little over a metre, with black body/tail and brownish head with light markings...
  6. AlexandreRoux

    My stay in Brisbane city

    9 days in Brisbane and I spend some time in some "wild" places so I've met some interesting guys ! I've visited (very quickly) the Mt Coot-tha botanical garden, a nice experience. Dwarf tree frog, Green Tree snake, Cane toad, Asian House gecko, Water dragons, some turtles and some water skinks...
  7. M

    ID please

    Caught this in the office at work today and released it outside. Was at pinkenba brisbane. It had no blotches on its belly. Belly was a rusty dark brown bourbon colour. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  8. levis04

    Not sure what type of snake this is?

    Found 50 ks from chinchilla qld anyone know what it is?
  9. PremierPythons

    Snake I.D please guys and gals....

    If you could help me out with the species that'd be great :-)
  10. K

    Snake ID?

    This little guy made his way through my front yard today... Is it a brown snake?
  11. T

    NSW Marsh snake (Hemiaspis signata) Licensed and captive bred.

    Species Common Name Marsh snake Age Length 6-7 months Quantity Available 1 General Description Juvie marsh snake feeding on scented pinkie parts and the odd tetra. Please not this species is a class 1 elapid. Not often seen for sale! Location Central Coast NSW Willing to...
  12. G

    Encouraging a new visitor?

    Hi all, New to the site, but a long-term snake + reptile lover. I just spent about half an hour watching a marsh snake in my front garden (about 40cm, so I'm thinking young adult?), before he went to hide under a bush. I'd love for him to stick around - especially as I don't want him going onto...
  13. PythonOwner25

    Hunter Valley Sep 2013 "PIC HEAVY"

    Hey all. I flew up to NSW last week for some herping around the Hunter Valley with a few mates. After getting off the plane, we went for a poke around some spots in Newcastle. First finds were a young Marsh Snake and She-oak Skink. Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata) by Matt Clancy Wildlife...
  14. M

    Snake identification

    Hey guys I was bush walking near campbelltown south west of sydney today. And I come across a small brown snake about 40cm long and had pale yellow markings under it's eyes and towards his neck. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what it was. Sorry I don't have a photo. Thanks
  15. saintanger

    snake ID

    found in sydney south west, its very small. has yellow line on either side that extends backwards. i think its a golden crowned snake but am not sure.
  16. A

    2 of these little guys in friends house

    Can someone please ID this little guy. I have found two of these in my friends house in 2 days and shes starting to get really concerned. Is it some sort of tree snake? Just hoping it is not a ven... Also they are very small is it only like a day or so old?
  17. thomasssss

    golden crown or other possibilities

    ok so just failed at attempting to catch a small snake about 15 cm(make that 20/25cm just looked at a ruler ) that looked very much like a young golden crowned snake , only thing thats got me thinking that it might not be is that it was in a very dry/hot area in my backyard in amongst a heap of...
  18. The_Geeza

    This little bub found @ work

    Was sus at first and the pic is crap but pretty sure as common as muck round here being a Marsh Snake..plz correct me if im wrong...cause pic so bad it was a nice olive colour with yellow cream stripe across mouth going down under body and small thin head with sideward eyes...was found on a coir...
  19. damian83

    marsh snake breeders?

    Is there anyone that breeds marsh snakes?
  20. Icarus

    herping in newcastle, nsw

    Sorry, no pics! My boyfriend and I went for an afternoon bushwalk in Glenrock reserve and spotted 3 adult and 2 juvenile water dragons and a little marsh snake. it's so great to see herps in the wild and know there's still plenty out there!
  21. F

    Snake ID

    Someone sent these pics to Garth
  22. GeckPhotographer

    Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata)

    A Marsh Snake was found in the playground of the local school, they caught it using tongs and put it in a bag and apparently someone knowing I liked reptiles decided to bring it to me to ask what it was and what to do with it. So I told them it was a Marsh Snake and took some photos when I went...
  23. MathewD

    What type of snake ?

    Hi, A mate that lives on the NSW Central Coast has been getting a daily visit from this guy/gal, any ideas of type? Sorry but it's the only photo he could get. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Mathew
  24. omg_a_gecko

    AHS Field Trip, Smiths Lake, NSW

    Thought you might enjoy some photos from a field trip performed last month by the Australian Herpetological Society, at Smiths Lake, NSW Australia. Barrington Tops Tree Frog, Litoria barringtonensis Golden Crowned Snake, Cacophis squamulosus Marsh Snake, Hemiaspis signata Juv...
  25. F


    Morning all, my kids searching the garden for snails to feed a wild blue tongue they have befriended in the front garden. Whilst upturning retaining wall stones they uncovered a baby snake, 60cm long, black in colour. Could be anything but high probability Marsh snake where we live on Midnorth...
  26. S

    What is this?

    Any help with what this snake is would be appreciated. Sorry pic isn't great. A friend found it on her front doorstep. Hopefully the link will work an a bigger image will come through
  27. ad

    Tiny Snake!!

    Here is an old pic I found, this little guy was found in leaf litter in a suburban garden at The Gap. Cheers Adam
  28. T

    Help Snake ID

    I found a snake in my yard, Small and brown. Thought it was a crown snake but not sure now after googling pics. It has a black belly, 2 white/yellowish stripes on the side of its face 1 in line with the eyes and the other in line with its mouth. The rest of its body is a brown olive colour. It...
  29. S

    Pretty much happy this is a Marsh Snake .. NSW north coast area.

    This pic is lifted from a hunting forum that discussed the snakes ID, some thought it might be a White Lipped, but in general are pretty much happy now its a Marsh Snake. Any help is appreciated, thanks heaps, love the forum ! (Hoping the pic transfer works)
  30. F

    Snake ID

    Hey Guys, I need someone to ID this snake for me. It was found inside the house in the dining room curled up in a ball on the tiles. Ive put it in the container for now so i could get some pics then going to take it to the creek near my house, but want to know the species as Ive only seen Red...
  31. Trench

    $100 for marsh snake?

    is $100 a good price to pay for marsh snakes? Cheers :)
  32. dickyknee

    Tonights Frogging Trip

    Went for a quick trip tonight with Simmo up to our local frogging spot...
  33. C

    whats this snake.

    i live in brissy. not sure what it was as it was in my backyard.
  34. B

    Help to identify a snake from Barrington Tops NSW

    On a walk through Barrington Tops this week, we spotted 11 snakes on one day, 8 clearly being red bellies. We did not see enough of 2 to identify, but the last one I can't identify. Can anyone help please. It was about a metre long and seen at about 300m elevation in the eastern side of the...
  35. S

    identify this snake please

    Hi guys, a mate of mine sent me this picture yesterday. He found it in his back yard of his new house after whipper snipping, unfortunaltey he killed it with the whipper snipper. Does anyone know what breed it is ? Cheers Simon
  36. G

    Identyfy snake to my house

    Yesterday I opened the front door and this snake was happily laying there. I did manage to take a picture and would like it identified. The snake then made it's way under the house where I store many things. Is it a variey that I should be concerned about? Regards Mario
  37. KREPS2011

    Marsh Snake

    I have been looking every were for a care sheet on marsh snakes. But cant seem to find 1. I did the mistake of buying it before looking for info. Now i cant find any info on it. Can some one please direct me to the right place for a good care sheet. Cheers Kyle
  38. mysnakesau

    Show us your WILD RESCUES

    The support I have received with my latest patient has inspired me to start a thread for you to post your wildlife encounters. Have you got photos of animals you have rescued? Even if they were simple catch and release jobs, let us see them :D And of course I'll start it off with my two...
  39. KREPS2011

    Id and licence repiurment info please

    I have been told this snake is called a black bellied swamp snake. But i cant find it in the speices list. Am i allowed to have this snake on a r1 licence?? Thank you in advance Cheers Kyle
  40. alexis

    help identifieing snake pritty please.

    i found a dead snake in my back yard and would like some help identifying it i will try post a pic latter to me an amiture snake identifier it looks like a ven and i know nothing about Elapidaes i was thinking it looks like a black marsh snake or a whip snake its black on the top and white...
  41. K

    Venomous snakes

    What would be the best Venomous snake to begin with? Any Names will do thanks :)
  42. S

    Small Elapids

    So I am running into a few small elapids in the coming weeks and they were some of the first snakes I kept as a child and I'd love to see some more! Whip Snakes De Vis Crowns Small Eyes Marsh Snakes! The list goes on!
  43. G


    Ahh yes another guess thread if you guess it correctly I'll post the full pic and you can have a turn I'll start easy
  44. B

    Help needed to identify snake skin

    Hi, I live in suburban Wollongong NSW on a big bushy block near Mt Keira and yesterday we found an entire snake skin on a sunny step on the council strip with the following characteristics: skin length ~ 40 cm dorsal scale rows at midbody = 15 ventral scales = 92 subcaudal scales = 65-66...
  45. Hooglabah

    Beginner elapid?

    Hay all. Just wondering what the elapid keepers out there would suggest as a good first elapid within this criteria. 1. Preferably not able to kill me. 2. Common 3. Plenty of information on the web. I'm tossing are the idea of a little whip snake, or a white crowned snake. Any advice...
  46. lizardman59

    where do you think is the best place to keep reptiles in AUS is

    where do you think is the best place to keep reptiles in AUS is :D
  47. omg_a_gecko

    Golden Crowneds and Marsh Snakes

    Earlier this month at the AHS meet in Syd, I picked up some beaut little snakelings from Colin Smallwood. A pair of Golden Crowneds (Cacophis squamulosus) and a pair of Marsh Snakes (Hemiaspis signata). Over a week later, I assist fed them gently on mice tails using a clever method suggested...
  48. niggz

    Snake ID please

    This photo was sent to me by a friend. It was found in a wood heap in his back yard on the the coast just south of Newcastle. It regurgitated a skink soon after. I thought possibly Cacophis krefftii - Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake?? And before everyone says "he shouldn't be handling a snake...
  49. cactus2u

    id please

  50. cris

    Funny snake encounter

    Just went outside to tun the tap on (located next to a garden that is waste high), I was washing down a branch and felt something moving in my pocket then falling/slidng down my leg. It was a nice little adult marsh snake. I have seen them try to escape my moving towards me before but never had...