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hemiaspis signata

  1. Gibblore

    Moran Falls Lamington Nat Park

    Went for a drive up the mountain for a quick herp on thursday to kill some time, Plus it's good fun to give the ute a good flogging up the mountain to. Please feel free to i.d the herps as i to lazy to at moment. Enjoy the pic's I do do more pics soon
  2. O

    Identify this snake

    My daughter called out that there was a dead snake in the yard - obviously killed by my cattle dog. She said it was a black snake. As soon as I saw it I said No it's an eastern brown - but then thought no it's a black. It has the black body of the red-bellied black snake, the orange...
  3. Karambit

    Is this little fella a Marsh Snake? if not what exactly is he? :)

    Cheers for the help guys :)
  4. ssssnakeman

    Elapid relocation

    Thought Id make a thread for snake catchers to show off their rescued / relocated venomous snakes. Me 1st
  5. U

    need help with snake identification

    g'day everyone, I just joined this forum in the hope of trying to identify a snake I found in my front garden, Northern Beaches in Sydney. It's not the best photo as the snake was hidden under rocks. It's approx a foot long, maybe a fraction longer so only a young one. When I first came...
  6. Tinky

    I've been bitten by:

    Following on from the 'my first bite' thread What have you been bitten by, (add any not already listed) Dog Cat Snake Bearded Dragon Possum Horse Rat Ferret Ants Mozzie
  7. Elapidae1

    Handling non Identified snakes

    Just want peoples thoughts. There is a thread at the moment where someone has been criticized for heading a snake he couldn't identify, he appeared to have at least some knowledge in handling snakes, I have some experience in handling, mainly spotted brown (dugite) and Western Tigers these are...
  8. woody101

    Snake ID please

    Hi found this little guy at work today wondering what it is
  9. G

    Anyone been bitten by something venomous?

    Has anyone out there been bitten by a venomous creature? and if so what creature, what were the circumstances and what effect did it have? I just thought it might make an interesting thread.
  10. M

    Communal Snakes.

    We all know that most snakes dont do well with other snakes. But I was wondering if there are any snakes that are often found in groups in the wild. Thanks
  11. G

    frog eating snake

    found this picture floating around the net so just thought id share it
  12. moloch05

    Wollongong -- late summer and autumn

    Here are photos of various plants and animals from the Wollongong region. These photos were mostly taken from late summer to autumn. I have not been out all that much recently due to work commitments. A shot of typical habitat near Wollongong. The coastal forest is damp with eucalyptus...
  13. Bench_Warmer01

    Comprehensive Sunshine Coast Herping Post

    I've been herping the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland on and off for several years, and have found almost all snake and larger lizard species. Enough to show this comprehensive photo library of the reptiles I have seen. Here's the snakes.. The coast is home to around 21 different species...
  14. GeckoJosh

    Guess the herp

    Hey guys, Rules: Yes or no questions only Whoever wins does the next one
  15. wizz

    3.3m carpet

    pic of big carpet tony got on a call out ......:shock:
  16. Gecko75

    backyard furry friends

    We are lucky enough to have a few red necked wallabies living on our property, even luckier since we have joes aswell (we used to live in bush area, but its slowly getting built up. we slowly loose them each year, mostly loose the parents and joeys to cars, and also loose the joeys to the dogs...
  17. Gecko75

    Reptiles and Amphibians of the mid north coast

    Just thought I would post a few herping pics, don't want to leave anyone out that doesn't use the other forums. you now know who I am if you already didn't, enjoy. these are the species I have managed to photograph. Agamidae Amphibolurus muricatus Jacky Lizard These lizards are very...
  18. lizardjasper

    Backyard Herps

    Reptiles found within your fence line! How many are out there and we just don't notice them? Post your pics and let's start counting... A friend of mine found this big girl next to her back veranda the other day. After awhile, she captured and took her down the road to some bushland to let her...
  19. justbrad

    ID needed pls!

    Hi all, this was at a mates place (in his dining area) in delaineys creek last night. Can sum1 pls ID it for me. Cheers, Brad.
  20. Acrochordus

    Frogging & Herping With Ryan Harvey

    Well me and my family went up to the Mid North Coast the other week and i finally got to meet Ryan Harvey, some off you's might know him as ryanharvey1993 or jamesf55 or Mrgoodspeed, here are some of the herps and frogs i found with Ryan and on offer occassions. First i will start of with the...
  21. L

    Found this snake, what is it??

    can any one help us out as to what this lil fela is??
  22. kingbrown


    Hi I am new to this group, I haven't seen any requests for Identification so I hope I am not breaking any rules by asking for an ID. Yesterday I was walking in the bush near Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney when I came across this attractive young/juvenile snake, and am curious...
  23. GeckoJosh

    Guess The Herp!

    Im bored so i thought id do a GTH Clues: Not Exotic Not an amphibian
  24. K

    what is this snake?

    gday guys im not that familiar with snakes. i found this little critter while mowing in m back yard can u tell me what kind it is? sorry its a ordinary pic lol i let it go down my corner in the bush :)
  25. D

    DECCW Reptile Ballot

    The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) is offering a number of reptiles for disposal through a ballot. The following species have been identified for the Department and are advertised as: 4 - Yellow-faced Whipsnake (Demansia psammophis) 1 - Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis...
  26. MrsDragonLady

    What snake is this???

    Wedding Anniversary today so hubby and I went bush walking at Tamborine Mountain (Curtis Falls). No luck herping other than skinks, then a kookaburra actually dropped this little snake between 40-50cm. Hubby got photos of the Kookaburra with blood on its beak while I got these (not so good)...
  27. Timmy-Morelia

    catch that red belly

    Guy from work has asked me to give him a hand to try and catch the red belly he has in his wall at home:shock:first aid is kitted up ready for action wish me luck people i think im gunna need it this timeLOL AND YES IT WILL BE RETURN BACK TO THE WILD:D
  28. ryanharvey1993

    Put rocks back!

    Went out to the warrumbungles the other day and was shocked to find, a rest area which I go herping at on the way out (there are a few different species there its ajacent to a national park) was trashed, every rock was rolled over and left there, or flipped, smashed etc. just thought I would...
  29. moloch05

    A few from around the 'Gong (early Oct)

    Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks. It has been hard to get out much due to the strange weather. I had hoped to go on a number of walks on the long weekend but there was just too much rain. I did get out for a few hours this morning before the rain once again returned...
  30. moloch05

    A few mid-Sept herps from the 'Gong

    Here are a few photos of the herps and flowers from this past week. Broad-tailed Gecko (Phyllurus platurus) -- I made a trip up to see “my” leaf-tails that live in a rocky area near Wollongong. The night was mild and I found a number of these geckos. The gecko in the following photo...
  31. moloch05

    Mustard-bellied Snake and others

    Spring is here and on Friday, I heard the raucous calls of Channel-billed Cuckoos for the first time this season (see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3e/Channel-billed_Cuckoo_Sep07_kobble.jpg/580px-Channel-billed_Cuckoo_Sep07_kobble.jpg). This is a great time of the year...
  32. JasonL

    Class 1 Dwarf Adder feeding

    These guys are great, fed both my male and female 2 pinkies each today, male knocked one out of the tongs...fantastic little guys, been mating strong, fingers crossed
  33. moloch05

    Few from this weekend

    This is a great time of the year to be out in the field. The herps are once again active and the spring flowers are a lovely sight. Here are photos of a few animals and flowers from the Wollongong area this past weekend. I have watched what I think to be the same Eastern Water Dragon...
  34. deebo

    Yellow Faced Whip Snake...dangerous or not?

    Gday All, Now I know that they are venomous but some info on them says they are potentially very dangerous and others seem to imply that a bite from one would be of no real oncern. The reason I ask is that we get quite a few of them around the house and just want to know a bit more about them...
  35. hodges

    Elapids (Class One)

    Hello all, I was recently talking to a few people that keep elapids and the like i brought up the topic of class one elapids it seems there are huge amounts of interest for these elapids i myself have jumped in on the fun with these amazing elapids. We are now seeing quite a few number of...
  36. da_donkey

    I.D this one will test you.

    Now i found this today on my golf co**** (Dent island, Whitsundays) it had been dead for a couple of days ( ate a skink that was too big and the skink stuck a leg out through its guts). It was had been damaged by ants, no eyes etc. about 2 foot long As wide as an average persons index...
  37. Stefan

    Looking for info on Elapids

    Hi all! I am from the Netherlands, and I have a big interest in Aussie Elapids. But for me it is pretty difficult to find some good info on some of your species. So I hoped that people over here can tell me something of the next animals in captive and wild conditions... Cacophis harriettae...
  38. hodges

    Small Elapids

    Hello all, I thought id take few pictures of my small elapids some of which i recently received, Enjoy, Brad
  39. mysnakesau

    Bitten by Marsh Snake

    Damn, I was disappointed that my TLC isn't appreciated by this little fella. Was trying to help him with retained shed and he mouths my thumb and chewed. Less than a minute the bite area swelled, this morning half my hand and wrist is swollen and tender. This pic is my hand last night. You...
  40. Lplater

    melbourne snakebite?

    Anyone heard on the news today of a man bitten by a snake in Melbourne when he put his hand into a dumpster? He is now being treated in hospital for the bite according to the news on JJJ.
  41. Reptile_Boy

    Crown snake release

    Hey guys TOday my dad found a little crown snake cruising ou t the front he immiedietly caught it due to the feral cats in the area. i took it and releases it in the general area about 1km from my house where there is no cats and a nice population of reptiles. i have notice hat the...
  42. M

    What kind of snake is this please?

    Can someone please help me with what type of snake this is. We live on the mid north coast of nsw Australia, Thank you very much in advance.
  43. P

    Some Locales from around my area.

    Heres a few different species i commonly find around my area,first is a Blue-tongue,then a Lacie and 2 Toads that were playing dead,then a baby Small Eye and lucky last a Eastern Cobra,i mean Marsh snake,enjoy
  44. Oriolus

    Snake (?) ID help

    Hi guys, I'm back with another id query. This was taken by a mate of mine just north of Sydney and the closest guess I could come up with was a Burtons Legless Lizard with a swollen head :) Having flipped through Wilson & Swan I've still got nothin, so I'm hoping one of you can shred some light...
  45. m.punja

    Elapid Keepers.

    Fact or Fiction. I have always believed and understood that elapids aren't as elastic as pythons and that they should be fed smaller feeds. Recently, however I have experimented and am starting to think that this is fiction. What are other keepers opinions.
  46. Ozzie Python

    How Many Confirmed Albino Species?

    Having read the albino jungle thread it got me thinking, what are the actual 100% confirmed albino species that have been found/bred in Australia. Not the "i have heard" there is one, but actual confirmed sightings, including any that have been found in eggs or hatched but not survived. We all...
  47. A

    Sanke ID please

    What is this snake? it was out the front of my mates house in newcastle. We Took some photos and then let it go. woops lol here they are...
  48. naivepom

    Snake ID and field herping around TSV

    Hi guys, Fairly new to north Queensland from the UK and loving the wildlife over here. Have been out herping a few times and mostly seen roadkill (see picture below - apologies about the quality). Is this snake a keelback? Also I often see fairly large (@ 1.5m) snakes crossing a favourite...
  49. ryanharvey1993

    Smiths lake AHS field trip

    Here are a few pictures from the AHS field trip to Smiths Lake, the following species were found while herping. Amphibians Litoria barringtonensis Leaf-green Tree Frog Litoria chloris Red-eyed Tree Frog Litoria fallax Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog Litoria latopalmata Broad-palmed Frog Litoria...
  50. M

    Golden Crown snake

    Hi, think i may have found one in the house. It's black on top, glossy black head, pale belly with two golden stripes starting just below and in front of the eyes extending to the nape. It's only about 20cm long. Doesn't like the light. What do they eat and when? are they easy to keep, or...