hoplocephalus stephensii

  1. Hoplo

    Stephens, paleys and broadies, .. Hops!

    Hoplo appreciation thread! lets make it as big as the old elapid thread . post your captive or wild Hoplo pics! - - - Updated - - - surely someone has something to share
  2. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  3. A

    Stephens Banded Snake Success

    One of our boys came home last night to find these. Well done Vince!
  4. jbest

    id snake?

    My mate found this at his house on the Gold Coast in mudgeeraba he said it was about 30cm long
  5. S

    unbanded stephens banded snakes

    does anyone have any photos of unbanded stephens banded snakes? cheers this forum is really lacking in the small elapid department
  6. S

    stephens banded snake pics

    does anyone keep stephens bandeds??? just looking around pics would be appreciated :)
  7. Ezmay

    ID before I release please??!!??

    Hi everyone, had to move this guy before he was killed by sum backpackers at our resort.... anyone know what it is? Am bout to release it but was just curious, ta :) - - - Updated - - - oh, and sorry about the bad pic but i didnt wanna touch it ;) lol
  8. H

    Husbandry of Stephens Banded Snakes

    Hi all. I am interested in how many keep, or have kept Stephens Banded Snakes. They are one of my favourite elapids however very few people seem to keep them and fewer keepers seemed to have bred them - or bred them consistently anyway (I know of a few people who seem to have bred them once by...
  9. emmbo

    brisbane valley herping pics

    just thought id share a few pics from the past 2 weeks worth of herping me and my partner have done around the brisbane valley i dont use a dslr so sorry for lack or professionalism :lol: but here they are anyway emmbo;) My b/f is a wildlife relocator.
  10. H

    VIC Wanted - Female Stephens Banded Snake

    Hi, Wanting to buy a female Stephens Banded Snake. Sub-adult/adult preferred but will consider any age/size. Must be legally acquired specimen, captive bred preferred. Message me or call on 0427039540.:D
  11. Rattler


    I found this on the footpath this morning in the middle of sydney. Was under powerlines so i dont know if a bird had it and dropped it or where it came from. What the hell is it? Some sort of corn snake?
  12. dottyback

    VIC WTB: Stephens Banded Snake female (Hoplocephalus stephensi)

    I am after a female SBS, please send pm or email ben_muhr@hotmail.com or call 0437077792
  13. U

    Pale Headed Snake

    hey all I was going through the forums and I came across this snake. But the details on the availability is a bit old [2007]. I was wondering if anyone knew someone that breeds them, or works with them? they are a really neat looking snake, needless to say.
  14. D

    Snake found in backyard

    Hi all you snake lovers, Does anyone know what kind of Australian snake is similiar to the attached pic? We found one in our backyard (Kellyville, Sydney) this evening and are curious to know what it is. Noooo we didn't kill it, we caught it and let it loose in the forest. I've attached a...
  15. G

    show us ya dead on road stuff thread

    ok I'll start with a sandy
  16. dneti

    best kind of climbing snake

    hey everyone. i am looking to get a second snake but would like something that climbs. i currently have a bhp and she's great but want to slowly expand my collection with something different like a climber. just want to know ppl's opinions on what u guys would recommend to get. thanks
  17. Sturdy

    Can you ID this.

    Hay guys. Mate of mine bred this.. Have a guess at what it is.
  18. bundysnake

    Recreational wildlife list??

    Does anyone know where i can find the list of herps you can keep on a recreational license in QLD?
  19. Banjo

    Question about QLD Reptile Lincenses

    HI All, Are you able to keep GTP's in QLD on a standard Recreational Wildlife Licence. I have looked on the epa sight and I'm still not 100% sure. My license says; Conditions for: Keeping live commercial and recreational reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency Interest: General A1G1...
  20. Acrochordus

    I Have Just Photographed 3 New Species!!!

    Hi everyone, I whent up to the Mid North Coast two weeks ago for 2 nights and 3 days, i tried to make this thread awhile ago but for some reason it didn't let me!!! Anyway I whent up there just to find 2 species that i have been wanting to find for a long time and haven't sucessfully, but i...
  21. Gecko75

    Reptiles and Amphibians of the mid north coast

    Just thought I would post a few herping pics, don't want to leave anyone out that doesn't use the other forums. you now know who I am if you already didn't, enjoy. these are the species I have managed to photograph. Agamidae Amphibolurus muricatus Jacky Lizard These lizards are very...
  22. R

    Stephens banded Snake

    Hi All, I'm a newbie and dont own reptiles, but have a property where they happily live. My 1st question for the forum is. I caught a Stephens Banded Snake in the aviary yesterday , it is fully mature but very placid. Does anyone have experience with this breed of snake ?
  23. dazzarama


    hi just wondering where some ideal spots to herp on the gold coast would be thanx
  24. D

    Breaking Her In

    Finally took the new 4WD out for her 1st proper herp trip last night, came across a few animals, most were camera shy and was impossible to get some pics of them, especially the grumpy Stephens that kept trying to eat the camera, therefore had to take photo's without looking through the view...
  25. Fuscus


    I finally taken the troll out for a couple of dirt trips and did some spotting. I saw thousands of snakes, unfortunalty most were Barkus barkus and Brownus stickerii :). Real snakes have been a bit thin on the ground with only a cute BTS in a public toilet ( no photos, sorry) and a large...
  26. Fuscus

    Hot, humid and the wifes away

    Its hot, humid and the wife is away. Should I A/ clean up the place for her? B/ do the washing for her? C/Go herping? Those who answered A or B are sick puppies! Seek help or suffer the rolled up newspaper :) Back about 11 ( though judging from dans thread...
  27. smacdonald

    Lamington Plateau

    Copied from my blog. The other weekend I went up to the Lamington Plateau with a friend of mine. We were hoping to find a bunch of Coeranoscincus reticulatus (after my extraordinary luck with them last time). Sadly, no coeranoscincids were to be found. But we did see a bunch of other stuff...
  28. S

    amazing mount nebo and mount glorious

    hey guys just wandering who has been herping up mount nebo and mount glorious we have been up 2 nights a week sinse december and have seen at least 3 snakes every night it is absolutely amazing up there snakes seen are death adders rough scales bandy bandys many and many coastals from 2 foot up...
  29. smacdonald

    Mt Glorious 08/09

    On New Year's Eve I was kickin' it old school, by driving up a mountain to look for crocodiles. We didn't find any crocodiles, but we did come across some other reptiles. There seemed to be a few other like-minded people up the mountain. If you were up there, you may well have seen me. I was the...
  30. D

    Tonights Herps (finally, 2 new species)

    Well the title isn't quite true, 1 from tonight, 1 from last monday night. Wont post any other pics as iv posted all the same species enough times. Tonght was one of the coldest crap nights we have had in a long time, yet i found my target species, a Bandy Bandy, yes, I know they are common...
  31. Nephrurus

    F.A.T.S Field trip pics.

    G'day all, Just a quick post regarding the Frog And Tadpole Study group field trip last weekend. It was warm and overcast all day and we got a tiny bit of rain in the arvo. We got a few frogs but the stars of the night were the reptiles. Amongst other species we saw several Dwarf...
  32. Bench_Warmer01

    Sunshine Coast Herping - Last Night

    Me and sunshine coast dan went herping last night.. saw 5 snakes... 2 Golden Crowneds,1 small eyed snake,1 white crowned snake and a STEPHENS BANDED SNAKE............
  33. Shannon

    More Venomous Snake Photos by Shannon Plummer

    Hi guys, Here is the next batch of images from my last photo shoot - I'll get the two BHP photos out of the way first and leave the rest for the vens! These images have also been added to my gallery here on APS. © 2008. Shannon Plummer. All rights reserved. Black-headed Python...
  34. J

    some elapid picts

  35. ryanharvey1993

    what do you prefer? keeping? herping?

    just wondering what everyone prefers, do you like herping mostly or keeping mostly? feel free to post your opinions aswell:)
  36. Bench_Warmer01

    Herping South-East Queensland 08

    Hey,ive posted on the other forum websites about herping the sunshine coast so some of you may know me already.. but i'll use this thread for all sunshine coast herping for the year,and start the thread off with a few snakes from the weekend including my first ever Stephens Banded Snake.. which...
  37. Nephrurus

    Field Trip to Smiths Lake, NSW

    A few of us went on the FATS (Frog and Tadpole Study group) field trip to Smiths Lake on the weekend. It's right by Seal Rocks, so we went for a bit of a swim before the serious business of herping went on. Heres a pic of the beach. It was a great night on the Friday, a hot day and a...
  38. dpeica

    buffalo soldier, in the heart of america, stolen from africa, brought to america.

    I've been bored so I stole my girlfriends camera and started taking photos.. Red Sydney adder Alice springs mulga Weird looking alpine blotchie next to a normal Hatchling taipan Inland Paleheaded Curl snakes Tassie tiger Eastern tigers Whip Might take a few...
  39. moloch05

    Mt. Glorious snakes and others (Queensland)

    In January, my wife and I spent 10 days in Brisbane. I was there for work so was not able to to much herping. We did visit the Lamington Plateau on a weekend (subject of another post). I also went night driving in the Mt. Glorious area on three occasions and this report will include the...
  40. python blue

    stephens banded snake

    hey people just on the news a man was attcked by a stephens banded snake what bull and then flewn to the matter hospital in newcastle
  41. elapid@

    stephens banded snake

    want stephen's banded snake m/f ok ........... 0423906074 cheers steve.......:lol:
  42. J

    Hybrid on Herptrader

    What do people think of the Stephens Banded x Broad-headed snake on Herptrader? Add no. 728-101
  43. mrmikk

    Most venomous

    It is a common discussion amongst snake enthusiasts as to how vens compare re; toxicity, deadliness, etc... I thought you might find this table interesting, it is based on comparison with the toxicity of the Indian Cobra venom, which is assigned a 1 rating. The table is not mine, but comes...
  44. kel

    another snake id thread

    what kind of snake is a blackish brown with a yellow head,its in qld and its about 2mtrs long
  45. bundy

    Top 10 deadly

    can anyone tell me what are the top 10 deadliest snake within australia?
  46. croc_hunter_penny

    Bandy Bandy

    I went out herping the other night and came across a beautiful little bandy bandy. Its the first and hopefully not only time I have ever seen one. Now I am curious about how I can go about owning one, if possible. I assume that because they are venemous, they can't be kept on a normal...
  47. F

    Snake sizes??

    I'm looking at getting some more snakes at a later date. I have two children's to date and will be looking for other snakes that grow to the same size 1 to 1.5m long. Can you give me some names of snake that grow to this size please. Scott
  48. Lost_in_the_Jungle

    I want it !

    So what do people want as their next reptile :D I know everyone will say GTP's of Albino's but i want to know what else people want. :D
  49. elapid68

    Excuse me, I'm just playing around

    Just sitting around feeling a bit bored, thought I'd try and upload a photo on a posting (never done it before. Here goes, let's see if this works.......
  50. Jonny

    Info on Stephen's Banded Snakes

    Gday All, The AHS received the following email from a student doing a study on Stephen's please email her if you can help out cheers Jonny