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liasis olivaceus

  1. ingie

    QLD 35yo Long Billed Corella 'BILL' TAME & TALKS

    PRICE: Negotiable to the right home Bill is a fantastic bird with a lot of personality. He is around 25-35 years old (I am not exactly sure). He talks a lot and LOVES being the cetre of attention. He plays fetch with plastic cups and keys, chasing after them and throwing them through the air to...
  2. nico77

    QLD wanted olive python

    Common Name jungle python Age 7 months Sex unsure Size 50-60cm Quantity Available 2 Willing to Trade For olive python General Description Healthy black and gold jungle hatchys eating small adult mice Location North Brisbane Willing to...
  3. D

    NSW Adult pair of Olive Pythons

    Species Common Name Olive Pythons Age 6 yrs Length Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By General Description Male is a proven breeder,female is ready to breed,selling as i am moving Location Sydney or Dapto Willing to Freight? yes Contact Details...
  4. M

    Olive Python with flaky scales after shedding

    My Olive shed 6 days ago and it came as one piece. He had a bad mite infestation prior to this but has been treated with Top of Descent 3 times over 10 days and no mites left. He hasn't been soaking in water bowl either. Problem is that his skin is dry and the fairly glossy top layer of each...
  5. krissy78

    New Olive Python AT LAST

    Well after starting my herp collection 5-6yrs ago I have finally got my Olive python a 6 month old female with a het male on the way too can't wait... Pics once she arrives home.
  6. waruikazi

    Slide marks gait vs. length

    I want to see if there is a way to get a relatively accurate idea of a snakes length and girth from the gait on their slide marks. If you know a rough ratio i'd love to hear it or if you have pictures of slide marks from animals of a known approx length and girth (particularly pythons) can you...
  7. Suenstu

    Gammon Ranges Carpets? Anyone got any info on these?

    finding it somewhat challenging to find out a bit more about these guys..... If anyone has any info, or knows where I can find out a bit more, or (better yet) potentially where I can get one (I'm in Brisneyland), would be great to find out.... Thanks ;)
  8. blakehose

    Olive House

    This is a new one Dad and I put together. Will be ready for its new occupant by the end of the week hopefully! The globe will be changed to an infared when it's done, this was just a tester. Dimensions are 6x3x2... it's going to take up a fair chunk of the herp room! I'll put up more photos when...
  9. larks

    SA 100% Het Male Olive Python

    Species Common Name Olive python Het for albino Age 3.5 years Length 8 - 9 feet, weighs 6kg Quantity Available 1 male $2000 General Description Het for albino male Olive python, has been cooled for breeding and is keen to breed, we are selling him due to our pair of hets turned out to...
  10. zeke

    Escaped snake

    Just wondering as 1 of my snakes has escaped and hasnt shown up of yet. What has to be done for the record boom if it doesnt show up/cant find him?. Just curious as i dont like my chances and all around my house is thick bushland. And for those who are curious to what kind of snake it was my bhp :(
  11. C

    HELP - What breed of Python is this?

    I am getting my ex-boyfriend's python, but we are unsure on what type it is exactly. The person working at the pet shop who we buy our feed from suspects he MAY be a jungle python, but is unsure. If you could identify what breed he is - that would be really appreciated, thanks! :)
  12. B

    QLD FOR SALE Olive Python Hatchling and Enclosure

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 5 months Length 45-50cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description I recently purchased a Olive Python Hatchling. He is 5 months old. I love snakes but i don't think i can handle owning one like i thought i could. He comes with his...
  13. zacthefrog

    bear grylls

    hey everyone, does anyone know if Bear Grylls has a HUGE reptiles licence or just gets away with eating the reptiles in various country's, I know it's a survival program but when he was in Australia he ate a Olive python ?...
  14. D

    big vs small

    hi guys im trying to decide on what snake to get now i know at the end of the day its down to personal preference but i basically wanted to ask some people for there advice now i have basically narrowed it down to either a bredli or a smaller snake from the antaresia group big deifference...
  15. Londos1990

    NSW diamond pair

    Scientific Name Common Name Diamond Python Age 1.5Years Sex M,F Size 1.5M Quantity Available 2 Willing to Trade For Female BHP, Olive Python, Possible cash adjustment either way. Also For Sale $550 for pair or serious offers? Pics in for sale thread, more available on request...
  16. larks

    SA Het For Albino Male Olive

    Species Common Name Het For Albino Male Olive Age 3.5 years Length 8 to 9 feet and 6kg Quantity Available 1 General Description Het for albino male Olive python, has been cooled for breeding and is keen to breed, we are selling him due to our pair of hets turned out to be a...
  17. falana1

    QLD 2 female olives $400ea selling most of my collection

    Species Common Name olive python $400ea female jungle $200ea m&f bredli $700 for the pair 1 hatchling jungle $50 just quik sale for it fine shed well eat fine Age olive python ova 3yr 7ft ova m&f bredli's just ova 3yrs 1f jungle bloody good eater near let us down she good to handle...
  18. AshleighMarie

    I want to put a face to the names!

    Post photos of yourselves so we know who we are talking too! :lol: I like to put a face to the names!
  19. B

    NSW olive python

    Sold thankyou
  20. thefridge71

    Hey There. Pictures of my new Bredli!

    Hi Guys, Have only asked a few questions on the forum so far so thought I'd introduce myself here. Have always wanted to have a snake since going around Australia when 8 years old and seeing a large Olive Python in Glendambo Caravan Park as a youngster. I have been seriously researching it for...
  21. M

    Thermostat and timer products

    Towards the end of this year i am getting a water python and an olive python. I am getting a dual enclosure and wanting to know what would be recommended for heating as i don't know whether to go with light and ceramic heat or heat radiator panel and light ? The next question is what do people...
  22. H

    how old would a 5 meter olive python be

    at work we have a resident olive python living at the water/sewer farm for the town and guys that work there recon its over 5 meters cause they spotted it next to a piece of 5m poly pipe and it was a little bigger than the pipe
  23. Naga_Kanya

    How old are your older snakes?

    Last year when my little Stimson's python hurt himself, I took him to a reptile vet who seemed extremely surprised at how old he was (12 years old). He kept saying that generally you didn't see snakes that old. I was under the impression that pythons generally live to around the 20 year mark (as...
  24. saximus

    What makes you smile?

    Thought it might be a good idea to start this to try and combat all the haters (totally my own idea, nothing to do with Slim ;)). Easily the top of my list is learning something new. Gaining an understanding of something I previously misunderstood or didn't understand at all gives me a real...
  25. R

    Warning please do not let your pet pythons to get near your face

    This morning l was attacked by one of my captive breed Olive Pythons on my face as you can see in the photo, the Olive that bit me on my face is the one you see in the photo on my hand. Has you can see if you look close it got me on my nose near my left eye, and above my right eye, it was...
  26. R


    hey everyoe looking for a enclosure to suit a 11 foot 10kg olive python in vic call jack on 0402928838
  27. M

    What are your favourite reptile youtube clips?

    As you know i like Olive Pythons and Water Pythons so here are my favourite clips to watch on youtube. Maximus YouTube - ‪Olive Python Maximus‬‏ Feeding YouTube - ‪Bindii Does Biggy - Olive Python eating a Rat.‬‏ Water Pythons YouTube - ‪water pythons‬‏ YouTube - ‪Water python‬‏
  28. dylanthomas


    hay all, so my 1 year old costal dont want to eat its been about 1 mounth, and ive trid everything he usally eats every 3 or 4 days so this is really wierd for him but yeah can anyone help or tell me wat im doing wrong............. thanks
  29. S

    QLD Olive Python

    Hi there, Im after hatchling/sub adult female olive in the cairns region. Is there anybody who can help me out?
  30. Snakewoman

    Great recovery for coastal

    I bought a coastal from a pet shop in July last year, the previous owner has neglected the snake, and gave it to the pet shop as it was knocking on death's door. He was very thin, and had burns on him, I'm assuming from a ceramic heater that wasn't covered. The pet shop didn't hold out much hope...
  31. leviathan

    heat mat question

    i have just got a 4ft w - 4ft h - 2ft D enclosure for my coastal, winter temps in melbs are getting colder. up higher the enclosure the temps are nice and warm and are no problems but the temps at the bottom are reading a little too low for my liking cold end reached a low af 22. over night...
  32. F

    How convincing are you?

    Ok how did you manage to convince your partners to let you keep what you keep? And how long did it take them to start cooing over every little hatchie they saw?
  33. P

    Olive Python hatchie qld

    Looking for an Olive Python Hatchie preferably or young im located on the northside of brisbane qld . :)
  34. P

    Qld Brisbane Wanting to Purchase Olive Python?

    Looking to purchase preferably a young olive python... or hatchie Northside Brisbane
  35. dylanthomas

    So whats everyone going to breed this year?

    well the title says the question.....:)
  36. P

    Looking to buy a olive python hatchie or young? QLD Northside of brisbane

    Hello im looking to purchase a young olive python preferably a hatchie i live in brisbane northside qld any one who knows of any breeders or if you have any please let me know... thanks :)
  37. P

    please could i get some info on olive python enclosure sizes?

    How high length and width please Iv'e looked through the other things about this but it doesn't say in which order height length width etc????
  38. HypnoticSlither

    Just a quick thanx to you all.

    hey there, i think it was roughly a month ago i joined. i had been givin a coastal python and had no idea what to do or how to look after him . Every single day since i have been learning and continue to do so. Will ( my coastal) is now growing, shedding normally and eating well. He is...