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liasis olivaceus

  1. A

    VIC Albino Olive Pythons

    We have a few Albino Olive Pythons 6 months old available for sale. Contact us for more info Amazing Amazon 365 Springvale Road Glen Waverley, VIC 3150 Phone: 03 9545 0000 www.amazingamazon.com.au Opening Hours: Mon - Wed 10am-6pm Thurs-Fri 10am-7pm Sat 10am-5pm Sun...
  2. C

    SA Olive Python

    Sold. Sold.
  3. Gizmo101

    Olive Python.....

    So I've finally started to consider my boyfriends request for his birthday (not until august), he wants an olive python hatchie as his gift. I've never owned an olive python, nor do I know of anybody who has so I'm hoping some keepers on here who have owned one to give me a bit of insight on...
  4. montay

    QLD Male Olive Python - Breeding size and age - wanted to buy

    We are seeking to purchase an adult MALE Olive python that we would like to breed with our female this year. We would prefer that he is located in SQ Qld, we are at Ipswich. Please contact Vicki on 0412 232 243; pythonsrus@hotmail.com or PM me. We are very experienced, and he would be...
  5. H

    Weird lumps

    Hey I bought a beautiful olive hatchie earlier this year and he was bought with little lumps on him and his muscle just looks almost undeveloped. I've never seen it on my other snakes and I wasn't sure if anyone may have seen this before.
  6. dragondragon

    reptile licencing

    How long do I have to renew my licence it expires today can I do it online I'm ready to upgrade to class 2 can I do that online also I'm from nsw thanks
  7. andynic07

    Crack down on subspecies crosses Queensland

    It appears that the authorities in Queensland are starting to enforce the rules around hybrids as I have heard of someone getting fined and snakes being confiscated. Has anyone else heard of this happening?
  8. PythonRob

    NSW Olive Python - Male - 2yo - Excellent Health and to Handle

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 3 Length 1.4 - 1.5 mtrs Quantity Available 1 Bred By Snake Ranch General Description Purchased from Snake Ranch as a Juvenile as male. Licensed as male with DECC but have never probed since purchased as I planned to keep as pet and not to...
  9. M

    Opinions please - Olive hatchling missing upper jaw scales

    Hello and thanks for opening my post. I have recently obtained an Olive Python from a local seller, I did a pretty decent check of the snake prior to purchase, it seemed to be all good. I got it home, into it's new enclosure and left it for the night. I awoke the next morning to see part...
  10. WILDEY

    QLD Olive Python hatchlings

    Olive Pythons Hatchlings Length - 300mm $400 each Bred by Me Olive Pythons hatchlings, all feeding well and shedding, great handler's like parents Location - Townsville - Kirwan Willing to Freight - yes Contact - 0747238181...
  11. Amynickid

    Why did you call your snake that?

    Hey guys, I have heard some funny and interesting stories on how peoples snakes got there names? I am posting this to ask for people to share their naming stories and names for entertainment. Cheers :) I have two stories one of my own and one of a old friends, my old friends first, had a Bredli...
  12. Varanoidea

    Experienced Olive Keepers

    So I recently reacquired my olive python that I got when I was 9, so he will be 10 this year and eclipsing 9ft (very rough guess, he is probably a bit bigger). I'm planning a new enclosure for him since his current one is about 6 years old. In peoples experience what sort of heating do your...
  13. Bench_Warmer01

    Interesting Find - West Arnhem Land

    Hi All.. Strange night herping.. drove over a water python on the highway coiled and thought it was dead. Did some more searching 10-15mins later drove back to have a look at the "dead" snake. Turns out snake was very much alive... with it's tail end coiled jumped out and had a look (busy...
  14. Scarred

    NSW Olive Python - Male 4 years old

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 4, born 23/12/09 Length 2.4 Quantity Available 1 General Description Typical olive temperament, cage defensive, however once out of his cage he is very placid and a great handler. Loves to explore and climb up anything he can grab. Healthy feeder, has...
  15. WILDEY

    QLD Olive Python hatchlings for sale

    Olive Pythons Hatchlings 350mm 5 Myself females only, very handable Townsville Willing to Freight - Yes at buyers expense email - wildesnorth@bigpond.com or PM me License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details
  16. NicG

    Olive or Water Python

    Snake eats crocodile after epic fight in Queensland News reports, and now Wikipedia, have this as a water python, but my first instinct was that it is an olive. AROD distribution also suggests that it should be an olive python: AROD > Reptiles / Squamata / Pythonidae / Liasis | AROD.com.au
  17. veenarm

    Snake strangles eats crocodile near mt isa

    Amazing images: Snake strangles, eats crocodile near Mt Isa | News.com.au
  18. Tiliqua

    NSW Olive Python pair

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 4 years Length Female=2.75 metres, Male= 2.3 metres Quantity Available 2 General Description Female is snappy in cage, but fine out of cage- male handles fine. Female is 2.75 metres, Male is 2.3 metres, both good eaters. $1,400 for the pair. Both 4...
  19. J

    olive fight

    went in to check my reptile this morning and found my two olive python rapped around each other I don't know if the male or female started the fight but the male was losing I had to get my wife to come hold the females head because after 10 min of fighting to get her off him I was getting...
  20. Darlyn

    Wallaby has a crack at an Olive Python

    Ha ha, angry wallaby's are great fun to watch! Wallaby takes it up to snake | NT News
  21. Scarred

    NSW 4 year old male Olive Python

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 4, born 23/12/09 Length 2.4m Quantity Available 1 General Description Cage defensive, however once out of his cage he is very placid and a great handler. Loves to explore and climb up anything he can grab. Healthy feeder, has rarely ever turned down a...
  22. P

    Begginer snake?

    Hi all, i am very interested in getting a begginer snake. i want something that can tolarate being handled and not one that needs a big container. i am willing to take a few hours a day and almost all day seting it up, i have been looking at childern and spotted pythons because they say they are...
  23. Royziee

    I posted my Olive on Facebook, jokingly called it a Brown Snake and now this's happen

    I have an inside joke with my mates calling her a Brown but now it's accidentally going viral... I don't expect everyone in the world to know the difference between a python and elapid but it proves most people will believe anything they read on the Internet. I wonder how far it will go...
  24. B

    cranky snake

    Hey guys is it just the heat or is my snake becoming a grumpy one. Ive had him for bout 6 yrs and hes never bitten anybody, well during xmas holidays my 3 yr old daughter decided she wanted to play with bundy and stuck her hand in the enclosure and bundy got her, held on and constricted her...
  25. clopo

    2013 in review

    Hi all, Its been a while since i have put a post up, so I will try and put everything from the year in one big post. There will be a few areas of Australia covered. I am still working in Mount Isa in North-west Queensland, however I am now living in Brisbane. This change has given me a...
  26. C

    Hi from Cairns!!

    Hey my name is Shelby!! born and bred in Cairns Owned a beautiful 6 year old female Olive Python named Ms Snapper. Unfortunately she broke out the same time as my next door neighbours male Olive. After looking everywhere I'm sure they have found a great family home to bring up their babies lol...
  27. R

    My new Bubba

    Hi Guys and girls, My name is Ross and I've been a passionate lover of snakes since my first Olive Python " Ollie ". Recently decided to get back into the game with my new girl " Slippery ". She's a pure Diamond around the 7yr old mark. To be honest out of the 6 Diamonds I've owned she is by...
  28. n3xia

    Feeding wild birds to my snakes

    I was explaining to my colleague today how animals are bred and euthanised for snake food. She said she gets suicidal birds smashing into her windows all the time and just has to throw them over this hill near her place, and offered to freeze them for me. I said no initially, but now I'm...
  29. OldestMagician

    At what size does handling a snake become a 2 person job?

    I just had my Spotted out tonight who I tend to let curl around my neck to hang out for 10 minutes or so. Tonight he started squeezing and it actually became quite tight and it got me to wondering at what size it's a good idea to have a second person around in case this kind of thing happens...
  30. S

    Olive Python Musk...

    I have a very young wild caught (legally) Kimberly olive python. I've had it for nearly a year I guess. Nearly every time I pick it up it emits urates or a musky fluid. Has anyone else experienced such a thing with olives?
  31. U

    He escaped!

    Hi all, turns out my yearling decided to escape from he's cage, when I was at work, looked everywhere, moved furniture and looked along power boards. Think he's moved on. Anyway how do I document for my licence? Cheers!
  32. SnakeRanch

    Win a pair of Olive Pythons!

    We are running a competition on our Facebook page where one lucky keeper will win a pair of Olive Pythons. Check it out HERE In the mean time, heres a pic of an amazing three metre Albino Olive Python. We can't wait to bring more of these special animals into the hobby this season. It's gong...
  33. J

    how popular are olive python

    how popular are olive python and whats a good price for a baby olive
  34. zeke

    My new olive python

  35. honey1

    Olive python heat source

    Hi all, I'm considering getting an olive python in the near future. I'm assuming they'd prefer a heat mat/rock as their heat source, but would like to know of others opinions and experience.
  36. princessparrot

    Bedroom/under bed themed setup

    Ok so my woma loves ugg boots and going through clothes and I want to set up her new enclosure abit like a bedroom floor(I'm sure she'll appreciate the ugg I'm putting in) but I'm wondering what would be good substrate to imitate "carpet"? I was thinking just shredded paper and/or paper towels...
  37. C

    My First Snake - Camden, NSW

    Hello everyone... Over the past several years I have wanted to get a snake and the other day I decided to get my R1 license. Unfortunately I am not that familiar with snakes and have only held a few over the years, most recently an Olive Python in QLD while on holidays. I find snake mesmerizing...
  38. chiko48

    QLD Olive Python

    Species Common Name Liasis Olivaceus Age 5 Length 2.4 Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Healthy Olive eats well and sheds well very placid Python had her since hatched Location Browns Plains Willing to Freight? Maybe Contact Details 0428195912 License Number...
  39. montay

    QLD Wtb frozen rabbits and whole feathered chickens

    WTB - large frozen rabbits and whole feathered chickens suitable to feed to a large olive python. I live in the Ipswich area, willing to travel up to 50 km radius, and prefer to buy several at a time. PM me - or pythonsrus@hotmail.com or 0412 232 243. thanks!!
  40. V

    Virides to do Name Plates for your Animals

    We have decided to start simple with what we offer in Laser Etched Items - we are still wanting to do photos as we proposed in another thread. A simpler item to provide is a Name Plate. We have ordered the material to make these Name Plates which is a silver plastic panel that when etched...
  41. B

    QLD Black-headed pythons and olive python

    Species Common Name Black-headed python QLD locale female Black-headed python QLD locale male - proven breeding pair Olive python - female Age BHP's are 7 - 8 years Olive is 10 - 11 years Length 2 metres to 3.5 metres Quantity Available One of each as above Bred By...
  42. C

    What should be done with sibs?

    No one is going to stop the breeding of jags, zebras other cross morphs, so what should be done with the sibs? I personally think that they should be culled, so that these mongrels don't get sold and then passed off as "pure".
  43. A

    New Enclosure

    Hey, I'm into saving money were I can so here is my new project we knocked this out today so here it is. Bottom an sides Being secured. Sides, back, Bottom in place. Basking Lamp 150w $9 bunnings Special. Enclosure built Testing the Light. Needing doors now.
  44. H

    new snake problems

    Hey guys I'm am the new proud new owner of an olive python brought from Amazing amazon which i am very happy with him, but he does have some minor problems that i haven't experienced with my other three snakes, first of all he is extremely cage aggressive, and strikes at me as a walk past if he...
  45. F

    VIC yearling 100% het female olive python

    Species Common Name olive python Age yearling Length 3-4ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By URS General Description 100% het for albino female olive python eats and sheds well bred by URS fine to handle once out of enclosure $950 Location Sunshine western suburbs of melbourne...
  46. G

    Question five: Where do we go from here? Its up to you!

    Finally, I hope you have come this far and question five here puts things into perspective. Please have a say and PM me if you don't want a name next to your voice. I appreciate all you have done! You have all read and many have answered the four questions I have posed to date, there were...
  47. matthew.21

    Advice on albinos

    I see albions are very popular reptile and everybody wants one inculding myself. My question is which albino pythons are good and who better to ask then you guys , so I'm asking questions about the value and the colour I have noticed some albinos are more orange than yellow and the sizes...
  48. J

    To Elapid or not to Elapid?

    Hey I am considering buying my first ever elapid, at the moment i'm only holding one other snake (monty my spotted) but I've always been intrigued with the more lethal side of herps. would love some advice on a good elapid to start off with especially for someone who hasn't dealt with them...
  49. C

    should common species be on the licensing system?

    should common, cross or unknown locality species that hold no conservation value thus being nothing more then pets be on the licensing system? I think that only pure locality reptiles that hold conservation value should be on license. These licenses should only be give to people with real...
  50. chiko48

    QLD Olive python

    Species Common Name Liasis Olivaceus Age 5 Length 2.4 Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Healthy Olive handles well Location Browns Plains Willing to Freight? no Contact Details 0428195912 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details...