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litoria caerulea

  1. C

    FROGS! - Anything frog related.

    Anyone elese here love frogs? Been planning on getting some for a while haha haven't kept any for a LONG time (at least 5 years possibly 6). I had a brown tree frog when I was little, very cool little guy, can't remeber what happened to him, think he escaped. Pretty cool little fella. I'm...
  2. RoryBreaker

    Frog removal from tropical toilets.

  3. mikey_mike

    troubleshooting habistat thermometer / radiator

    I'm moving south so I pulled my old habistat thermostat & reptile radiator out of the cupboard (after 2 years of storage). Set it up and gave it a trial run - it was working perfectly. Unfortunately a few hours later it stopped. The habistat thermostat light stays on when the heater is...
  4. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  5. R

    best pet reptile for kids ?

    hi , wondering what's the best pet reptile for kids I have eastern long neck turtle and two levis levis geckos but my two kids don't touch or play with them . they ask me when they can get there own reptile they r 5 and 3 years old but they r good with pets they know they don't touch...
  6. Tigerlily

    Is this a Green Tree Frog?

    I found him in Surfers Paradise GC, clinging to the middle of a giant wall with not much vegetation nearby at all. I can't imagine where in the neighbourhood he could have come from... I'm 98% sure he's a GTF but I couldn't find any photos of juveniles (assuming from his size) with these white...
  7. shano

    Local GTF resident

    Just thought I would share a couple of pic's of a green tree frog I just took. He (or she) frequents quite often and is usually sitting on the same window sill. He is pretty big and has been around for I would guess a couple of years. Any experienced herpers care to comment on what looks to be...
  8. princessparrot

    Frogs and hermits

    about how big do GTF get in captivity? I know the wild ones up at my grandmas in qld were as big as my hand not stretched out but I haven't seen any that big in captivity, I've only seen ones about two thirds the size of them at the most and smaller. I think the main thing I'm trying yo ask is...
  9. RoryBreaker

    Green tree frog pulls off great escape.

  10. Jazzz

    Some recent Australian highlights

    Myself and my partner have been on a few herping trips lately and I thought id put up a few of the highlights. I'll start with the local stuff. I've just done a couple of pretty dismal nights herping around Brisbane so far. As there isn't too much to find I've been able to experiment with...
  11. D

    HELP! My 10yo Dainty Tree Frog

    Hi Guys, Had this little guy for 8 years, shes about 10 years old. Recently she has been staying the water alot, and not eating (ive tried hand feeding). Please help! today she was covered in this (what i think is either poo or blood) I will be taking her to a vet dont you worry, i just want to...
  12. Rocket

    2014 so far...

    2014 has been reasonably good to me so far in regards to the herping trips I have been on. I just wanted to show some of them off... although I'm quite the dreadful photographer. Regardless, here they are. Lucasium damaeum - beaded gecko. Nephrurus deleani - Pernatty knob-tailed gecko...
  13. Mavrick

    Tell me your Green Tree Frog Baselines

    I'm in the process of setting up a tank for some Green Tree Frogs and I'd like to know where those who already have GTF's, set their basics. So if you have some, please tell me the following of your enclosure. Your Base Humidity Ambient Tank Temp Water Temp Also, I'd like to hear what you use...
  14. jedi_339

    Alteration of photos - is it cheating?

    Hey All, After submitting a few photos for a reptile and amphibian photography competition with rules that allow some minor manipulation, it got me thinking, I (Prior to this competition) have never altered any of my photos and would rather take a great photo on the camera and if it doesn't...
  15. AmazingMorelia

    Cane Toads

    The march of the toad is reaking havoc as im sure everyone is aware. I was talking to a herpertologist at the museum here and he was saying snakes and lizards are getting demolished in NT at the moment. So why wouldnt the government be doing more. I have two ideas. 1. Make the canetoad exempt...
  16. RSPcrazy

    So you couldn't sleep last night?...neither could I.

    I had a pretty hard time getting to sleep last night, after finding a Funnel-Web Spider under my bed. Your reason for not sleeping doesn't seem so bad now, does it?
  17. B

    Frog enclosure bedding

    hey guys n gals i'm new here and i have a pet green tree frog i rescued from a dogs mouth about 12 months ago it was as small as a 50 cent coin back then but he//she is huge now!! i have a question about my frog tank/enclosure (i live in QLD so no need for heating or anything like that) i want...
  18. C

    Green Tree Frog Semen?

    Today as I was just trying to replace half of the water and at the same time get any unwanted water-dwelling poo out of the enclosure, I am just noticing semen everywhere.. all over the glass and in the water.. As I was getting the biggest of my 6 back in, I noticed he had some in his mouth.. I...
  19. C

    Custom Green Tree Frog Enclosure Input / Ideas

    As my frogs are getting bigger and I am looking at getting more, I'd like a much larger enclosure. Does anyone know of anyone in Victoria that does custom glass enclosures? Also, how to people work heir filters in larger frog enclosures? Just with having to prevent escapes.. Also, show me...
  20. Djbowker

    Kids and Reptiles

    So I've got a three and a half year old, who loves his reptiles. The other day I tried to teach him common names of the reptiles, and started with the easiest, the Woma. He started laughing his head off, and said no dad, it's a snake. This went on for about 15 minutes, before he finally started...
  21. SarahScales

    Green Tree Frog Enclosure

    Hi guys! Just thought I would show you my most recent tank build. This one is going to be for Magnificent Tree Frogs eventually but has some little Green Tree Frogs enjoying it at the moment. I started with the Exo Terra Tall/Wide. I must say I was surprised at the sheer quality of this...
  22. n3xia

    Illegal Aussie Herps in Saudi Arabia

    Hi everyone, I recently wrote to Wildlife Trade Compliance to alert them about this guy I found on Instagram. I actually found him because he liked a photo I'd uploaded of my snake. They reckon they can't do anything about it because the animals might be from populations that were established...
  23. ronhalling

    Another Frog ID

    Seems like Frogs are the flavour of the day, I was trawling through FB a couple of nights ago and came across this awesome pic of a frog i had not heard of in Australia, It was being called a "BLUE" Tree Frog from the Rainforest region of Nth QLD, as i have said i have never heard of a Blue Tree...
  24. D

    Please help

    Hi all, Noticed my Dainty green tree frog, female, 10 yrs old, that ive had for 7 yrs, she has these spots / broken skin on right leg i noticed about 3 weeks ago and it seems it has gotten a little worse. She has lived in her own terrarium for more than 4 years. She is feeding as normal, and...
  25. greeny1

    Outback NSW

    Recently I had the chance to head out to far western NSW for 2 weeks on a family holiday with my mum and dad and with a few suggestions of places to go to I managed to fill in a fair bit of herping in that time. Unfortunately the weather wasn't always in our favor with many windy days and cool...
  26. Unclewo-wo

    Illawarra lizards and frogs ident

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  27. Reptiles101

    Green Tree Frog's

    One of my mates are coming down to Melbourne next month and he's offered to give me his green tree frog, which I'm very interested in, but I've got a couple of question's about caring for one. (1). What is an appropriate sized enclosure for one or two? (2). What kind of heating/lighting do they...
  28. Bananapeel

    Tree frogs - which one?

    Hey guys, So I'm keen to build a vivarium and hope to put some sort of frog in once I've finished. The tank itself will be either 60x45x60 or 45x45x60 (lxwxh) and have a false bottom but include a pond area with which I hope to have a gentle waterfall running into and will use all live plants...
  29. H

    Green Tree Frogs

    Do green tree frogs need uv and what are there requirements for lighting and heating??? Cheers!!!
  30. P

    Green tree frog question

    Is there any reason why he goes darker in colour when we put his terrarium fogger on. He loves it and spends a lot of time in the fog but just worried. Cheers
  31. princessparrot

    Housing frogs together

    Would it be possible/safe to house a baby green tree frog with a baby water dragon and/or an adult perons tree frog? i currently have a perons which I revived and rescued and I really want a green tree frog(I miss the ones at grandmas so much:cry:) and kind of want a water dragon it the future...
  32. markannab

    Embarrassing Snake Bite

    As you read this article, take note of paragraph seven. Was it the reptile he was looking at? No Cookies | thetelegraph.com.au

    couple pics from the territory, nothing special i'm not photographer.

    Water Python Water Python eating a Mclays Water Snake Slaty Grey Flood Plains Death Adder ( was stoked when i found this) Northern Long-necked Turtle Burtons Legless Lizard Green Tree Frog Saltwater Croc
  34. C

    Electricity Consumption Costs.

    Ok...straight up, maths was never my strong point. I've currently got 4 frog enclosures in my small study room & I'm debating whether to heat them individually OR simply place an oil heater in the room connected to a timer... My question is...Is there a formula I can work out which scenario...
  35. Buterz88

    Can my male jungle have a friend ?

    Hey guys. my placid Atherton jungle python is 3 year old male. Around 6ft. The tank is 4ft wide x 3ft high x by 2ft deep. Is there any other reptile or even python that could share the space with him? Or is this a bad idea? What would happen if I chucked a lizard in or a juvenile python? Need...
  36. J

    Green Tree Frog owners

    I am thinking of getting 3 or 4 GTF and therefore am setting up the aquarium at the moment. I have been researching and pretty much think I know it all .....hahahaha ...... The one thing that has me stumped though is that as a morph you need to have food on hand for the frogs all the time...
  37. G

    gtp / green tree frog question

    Hey everyone I was looking for advice on putting green tree frogs in same enclosure as a gtp I understand potential for disease and parasites like tapeworm in frogs but does anyone know if this can be treated or minimised by breeding frogs I remember years ago seeing 4 or 5 green tree frogs in...
  38. Fang101

    Tableland Herping

    Hi Everyone, here are some photos I've taken recently up around Mareeba/Tablelands, hope you enjoy the photos. Tommy roundhead Diporiphora australis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Diporiphora australis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Dead Robust blind snake Ramphotyphlops ligatus by Kieran...
  39. PythonOwner25

    A weekend at Kakadu!

    Hey all, flew up to Darwin then headed to Kakadu National Park for the weekend (25th - 29th April). Here is just some of what we found, hope you enjoy the photos :). Fresh Water Crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Frill-necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus...
  40. L

    How do you find snakes at night?

    Last night I took my little sister outside at 11:30 to try and find some snakes... All I found were lots of hidious rats, possums, and one very pudgy green tree frog. I was looking forward to finding some snakes (Their was three, one was relocated, other two still out their some where) (their...
  41. C

    Breeding Green Tree Frogs

    Hi, I am currently undertaking a research project on breeding green tree frogs as a beginner and I would love your opinions. I own three of these frogs myself and have created a survey on this topic aimed at any green tree frog breeders. The link for this survey is: Breeding Green Tree...
  42. M

    Tadpole ID

    Does anyone know what Frog these tadpoles will turn into? Found just south of Port Macquarie, NSW Thanks
  43. A

    Which Tree Frog is it?

    Hi, which Tree Frog is this? Atherton Tablelands: Thank you very much, Alexandra
  44. Ezmay

    Green tree frog question??

    Hey Guys, I live in rural NT and am wanting to know if I can get a mesh enclosure for 1 or 2 green tree frogs and set it up on a large balcony?? I wanted to keep it as natural as possible with rocks and pot plants maybe?? Temp wise, im wondering if I can just leave that natural as well? Being...

    Green tree frog

    hey guys filling out my licence book cos i got some green tree frogs today and i cant find my code book, what is their species code????
  46. Levold

    What did you get today at the VHS Expo?

    I got some rats and a possible female kimberly phase norrhern bluey. Kind of glad I didnt splurge on an albino darwin hatchy. Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  47. R

    3ft long enclose frog?

    Hi, I just got a 3ft long enclosure from a friend and was wondering if its too big for 1 green tree frog. It will be heated properly and filled with plants ect. It won't stress him out will it? Oh his an adult to. Thanks!
  48. R

    Fattening up green tree frogs

    I was given a white's tree frog that is very skinny. the lady i got him from kept him in a rubbermaid tube w/ just substrate and a water dish. i think she may have been feeding him crickets but i doubt it was very often. what type of diet can i put him on that will give him quick weight gain?
  49. Tehmwak

    The wildlife in and two steps out of my bedroom...

    I took a walk to the power-meter a couple of hours ago... And took my camera for the ride. This little fella was on the roof inside my room. Just above the door. 1# I open my door to see... 2# /sigh I saw a little bit of movement off to my right; 3# YAY! Brown thing! My girlfriend decided...
  50. E

    NSW Green Tree Frogs / Whites Tree Frogs

    Scientific Name Litoria Caerulea Common Name White's Tree Frog / Green Tree Frog Age 8 months Size 6cm Quantity Available 2 Bred By Timothy Matthews General Description Two green tree frogs, healthy and growing quickly. Need to sell to make space for new creatures. Location...