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  1. R

    SOLD Green Tree Python (+Enclosure, Lamp, Humidifier) $800

    "Monty" our GTP is for sale. Originally acquired by my wife for our classroom at school (yes, we work together!) however due to starting a family and her on leave from work I have too little time to dedicate to all our animals. Monty is ~6 years old, a very bright and lively display snake who...
  2. LisaMelb

    VIC Looking to buy ~100-150cm ~3yrs+ python. Preferably with enclosure, beginner friendly. Open to offers and suggestions

    Hi there, Am looking for a beginner-friendly snake that is 100cm - 150cm. I am looking for something that is larger than just a yearling, which is why I've put 3 years old - but am flexible with age. Would love carpet pythons, diamonds, or even jungles with a good-ish temperament. Open to...
  3. C

    Macleay River Turtle advice

    Hi guys, I purchased a baby Macleay from Amazing Amazon around 5 years ago, and have followed the care guide from Australian Freshwater Turtles as closely as I could (except the width of her tank is a bit smaller than advised, and she’s the fussiest eater you’ve met). I had great plans for her...
  4. Virides

    RepX & Aquarfest - Melbourne 2018

    RepX is coming to Melbourne on Sunday 25th November at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre :) Also running tandem with RepX is our new event, Aquarfest - Australia's first aquarium expo in over 25years! Buy tickets online (10% off door prices) - www.repx.com.au/tickets RepX &...
  5. R

    Wanting To Breed Darwin Carpet (need male)

    Hi there, I've wanted to breed my Het Darwin Carpet for years, firstly out of my personal interest but also as apart of an educational program I run at my secondary school. I have done lots of research in the past on the process of breeding but have read and heard varying things; from specific...
  6. M

    Any Reptile Expos Melbourne

    i was looking if there were any reptile expos coming up in Melbourne and i couldn't find any so i was just wondering if there were any upcoming expos in the Melbourne area and when they are. Cheers, Angus
  7. M

    Reputable Breeders In Melbourne

    i have recently been given permission to buy a pet snake (i'm 15 so i needed permission). i was just wondering if you had any suggestions of snake breeders in Melbourne and if so can you also provide contact details (websites,phone numbers etc) i dont know what snake im going to get but im...