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  1. N

    Help needed urgently - Ackie

    G’day all, I needed some advice semi-urgently. Or I might not, depending on if this is normal in your experience. I have a male Ackie/ ridge tailed monitor https://ibb.co/cK53TV I obtained him a week ago now, and have him housed in a 5 x 2 x 2 enclosure. I run a single 150W basking globe in...
  2. Barmy

    Just got a new rick walker red beardie!

    Today I picked up an approximately 5 week old rick walker red!
  3. S

    New To This

    Hi as the title says I'm new to this, I live in Australia and I would like to own a pet snake. I'm looking for some information on: what is the best Australian snake for a beginner, what this snake eats and it's size and where is the best place to buy snakes in Australia? Thanks
  4. Dobby

    Deciding What Snake To Buy!?!?!?!

    Im a green handler and want a hatchy to grown my skills as it grows. I've thought of the spotted pythons and the albino darwins but am not sure which has the best temperament or what is easier too look after. From google it seems the spotted python are a really tame python but don't grow very...
  5. K

    Lighting Large Enclosures. Help.

    Hey guys, so long story short I'm getting an enclosure built for me( was getting a custom bed built and figured why not). Anyways it's still being built but ultimately it's 5ft x 4ft x 3ft. It'll be the forever home for my rapidly growing bred little. But my issue currently is. LIGHTING...