oxyuranus microlepidotus

  1. Imported_tuatara

    Victorian WildLIfe Licenses, Suck.

    i know this is a pretty known thing, but honestly.........Examples:We can keep salties, yet not freshies. We can keep inland taipans, but not other python species......Oh, and we can keep a lace monitor on a Basic wildlife license, but not any rock monitors, on even advanced......Of course, i'd...
  2. Sam123


  3. Snapped

    Snakes (vens & pythons) on the loose after Unit fire in Reynella SA

    Snakes (vens & pythons) on the loose after Unit fire in Reynella SA Awful thing to happen :( I really hope that the remaining snakes are captured/found and returned to the owner... As usual, the media hypes it up "Deadly Snakes on the loose in Reynella".....only 4 are venemous out of...
  4. C

    NT herps

    Hi, so there is a good chance I will be doing a massive road trip next year up through SA (going through coober pedy) and into the NT so Alice springs, Simpson desert, Ayers rock and right up to the top for some barra fishing (and hopefully some croc spotting). I was just hoping for some...
  5. Stuart

    2016 Calendar Photo Competition

    The Photo Competition to get your photo featured in the 2016 Aussie Pythons and Snakes calendar is now open. It is a simple competition where you can upload up to 3 photos to our Gallery for consideration by a chosen few as well as some independent persons (to avoid favoritism) who will pick the...
  6. A

    Keeping first Elapid/License

    Hey Guys So ive had snakes for years... Ive done a snake handling course which was awesome i really enjoyed it.. So now im considering getting an Elapid.. What do i need to do to get my license in QLD? I was thinking a RBB for a start.. even though id love a inland taipan lol but probably not...
  7. B

    Snake ID, Daintree Rainforest

    Hey guys, thank you again for your help with the Inland Taipan ID. This time it is probably not that spectacular ;) Today I spotted this little guy at the Jindalba Boardwalkin the Daintree NP/ Cape Tribulation area. Time: around noon on a hot and dry day. I can't give any information about...
  8. B

    Snake ID, Coober Pedy

    Hello, I am from Germany and right now here in Australia on a roadtrip through the outback. A few days ago I saw a snake on a gravel road whilst driving. I have no experience with identifying snakes and limited internet here so I would be really happy if you could help me. At the moment I can...
  9. P

    Obsessed with ball pythons

    Hi all, I've fallen in love with the ball python but I have no idea where to start and how hard it would be to import one from the US as I haven't heard of or seen anyone in Australia with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated on how to go about it cheers
  10. moosenoose

    Taipan Bites Handler at Portland Christmas Picnic

    When I first heard this I thought it must have been an escaped pet (being the snake was an inland taipan in Portland Victoria). The first report said it was a person bitten whilst at a picnic. Then further clarification revealed it was a handler whose demonstration went a little off the rails...
  11. C

    should common species be on the licensing system?

    should common, cross or unknown locality species that hold no conservation value thus being nothing more then pets be on the licensing system? I think that only pure locality reptiles that hold conservation value should be on license. These licenses should only be give to people with real...
  12. Fuscus

    Let me finish!

    Callout was 40km away so it took awhile to get there. During that time the snake caught a rat even though it was only 17 degrees ( IMHO a very uncivilized temperature). The father was a well built guy with a totally bald head ( a GREAT look ;) ) and terrified. When I got there and found the...
  13. $NaKe PiMp

    Get on to youtube and comment on this idiot

    people killing snakes and gloating about it in Australia How to beat a taipan snake - YouTube mind you this peanut thinks this is an "Inland Taipan" omg WARNING-May Offend! Dying Taipan... Deadly Snake will KILL!!! - YouTube heres another one
  14. BiteAndSqueeze

    Snake Identification Kakadu, NT

    Hi guys. Just wondering if you can help me identify the attached snakey seen on a road side in Kakadu NT. Pretty snake about 1.5 m long
  15. GeckPhotographer

    Fun Snake ID

    So guys, this has actually already been ID'd for me from multiple trusted sources, but I didn't ID it myself. I thought since the photo quality was pretty poor I'd put it up here and see how you guys went IDing it, and I'll let you know if you're right or not. Untitled by Stephen Mahony, on...
  16. Jasmine

    Sunning my Snakies

    Thought id give my guys a bit of natural light today.:)
  17. Icarus

    Snake cake

    I turned 23 a few days ago, and my mum made me this amazing snake cake! Not a bad job considering she's terrified of snakes. She had no particular breed in mind... what do you all think it most looks like?
  18. ReptileMad_98

    What is your favourite Australian reptile?

    Ill start off, either the olive python or the inland taipan :D.
  19. Mavrick

    Lifespan of Inland Taipan?

    From what I've spotted on the net so far, it only says 2 years. Can someone with infinitely more experience than me "or wiki answers" give me an approx on their lifespan please. And no, I don't want to buy one, it's info to pass along to a zoo volunteer guide sheet.
  20. D

    Snakes eating food

  21. Dutchy88

    The appeal of venom ??

    Just out of curiousity whats the appeal of owning venomous snakes? I've only been in the game a few years so maybe it hasn't click in me yet. But why would I want to house something that could kill me? I can't really interact with and just watch through the glass rather then have them sit on my...
  22. TheJoyces

    One Super Snake

    This may seem a little random, however my husband and I were discussing different breeds of snakes last night, from the most prettiest vens to some of the largest boas. Then it got us into a discussion of one super snake. Which got me thinking. If you could pick only THREE breeds to make ONE...
  23. damian83

    did anyone watch deadly 60 tonight in Australia

    He was chasing inland taipan. Speckled brown. Blue ring octopus and Tassie devils
  24. Dash667

    QLD Large Inland Taipan

    Need a big Inland Taipan for a reptile show on the Gold Coast this weekend! We have just opened a new exibit and it has limited our animals and we need more quickly! Willing to pay good money for the right snake. Contact Laura on 0404545975
  25. aspidito

    From the Couriermail

    A sad article - Very quick First Aid response to snake bites is absolutely critical. Grieving dad makes plea to cut snake deaths across Queensland | The Courier-Mail Also check out the GALLERY: Snakes and their snacks at the bottom, some interesting pictures.
  26. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  27. The_Geeza

    This little bub found @ work

    Was sus at first and the pic is crap but pretty sure as common as muck round here being a Marsh Snake..plz correct me if im wrong...cause pic so bad it was a nice olive colour with yellow cream stripe across mouth going down under body and small thin head with sideward eyes...was found on a coir...
  28. Fuscus

    I'm from the country and I know snakes - its a King Brown!

    "Oh golly gosh* he is going to tell me about all the snakes he killed" I thought. He then preceded to tell me about all the snakes he killed! BTW - it isn't a brown and has been safely released! * not my exact words.
  29. D

    Best breed to keep in outdoor enclosure in syd

    Hi all, whats the best breed of python/ snake to keep in an outdoor enclousre in sydney? thanks!!!
  30. Sezzzzzzzzz

    Energy worker killed by Taipan

    Energy worker killed by taipan - Seven News Queensland
  31. Slytherin00

    Cairns Breeders

    Does anybody know of an snake breeders in cairns, im looking to get a hatchy, of either a Jungle, Black headed python or Childrens. It seems that cairns is in a real draught of breeders, and the more I read about buying from pet shops the more im going off the idea, So please please help if you can

    found this on the net

    have a look at number 7 Top 10 Deadliest Snakes in the World
  33. cagey

    Update on INland Taipans

    Biting back at deadly snake trade | thetelegraph.com.au
  34. moosenoose

    News: Mystery over boy bitten by Inland Taipan

    Mystery over boy bitten by world's most venomous snake Sounds like a lucky kid! No doubt it's someones pet that's escaped...or been stolen.
  35. P

    Kurri Kurri Huh!

    Someones got bricks in their underpants at the moment.
  36. Skinnerguy

    Snakey I.D please

    Hey guys, A friend of mine put a few pics up on Facebook of a snake that she found and killed, up in the town of Sarina North Queensland. I put my opinion forward that it is a Brown Tree Snake (Boiga Irregularis) but apparently the fact that google says the locality is different and the pattern...
  37. cathy1986

    is there a difference between a snake and a python

    if so what is it ??? im a tad bit confused :s
  38. markannab

    What Snake Is This?

    News article: Can you identify this snake? | 3AW Neil Mitchell |
  39. pyalda

    rare tipans

    in 2006 there was a newly discovered Tipan species called the CENTRAL RANGES TIPAN. these guys are extremely rare... to tell u how rare...only 5 of them have ever been seen and captured. here is some pics and URL's u can check out if ur interested. by far the most beautiful and gorgeous snake...
  40. bob_python_lloyd

    Venomous Aussie snakes

    Hey all, My partner is studying to be a vet, has a degree in Animal Science and has done venomous snake handling courses. I am just a lowly python herder. . We have discussed building an aussie animal display which will include, among other things, venemous snakes. Does anyone...
  41. W

    Photo thieves

    I just came across this very poorly done clip: Top 10 Deadliest Snakes In Australia - YouTube and there is a photo reproduced from my book Spectacular Snakes of Australia - no permission, no copyright release just bloody theft. I also recognised John Weigel's photo of an Inland taipan. Well done...
  42. r3ptilian

    Snake murdered/ Authorities powerless

    A mate has just rang me saying his mother killed his juvie RBB, he came home to find his snake dead upside down under its exoterra hide. Apparently she had taken a spare key for the lock from his car keys without his knowledge and waited until he went out for the night before entering his room...
  43. I

    Elapid shift boxes.

    I'm considering some shift boxes on my new Kingy enclosures as an added safety feature, for more usable space and to double as hides, perhaps one in the cool end and one up the warm end. As I've never used these previously, I was wondering what experience others have had with them (pros and...
  44. HerpMad

    How do you deal with it?

    Howdy, Its anybody else sick of the myth and legends that the general public "know". lol I'm just over correcting people when they see my collection of herp books on the shelf and they come out with, "did you know that the Taipans and pythons are interbreeding?" and "my best mate was chased by...
  45. Fuscus

    Giving pit bull owners a bad name

    Note that the gator cannot open its mouth due to tape http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=B9i8RezZdho And a rotti actually biting a gator ☠ Dog Attacks Alligator - AMAZING - NEW!! (Graphic Content) - YouTube
  46. stomk4

    unknown snake

    Hey guys/girls today my dad and i went to brisbane and back in that time there was a snake that tryed to come into the house my mum was that scared she is still crying the discription she gave to me was a light yellowey creamy color around 1-2 meters long and about 3-5 cm wide anyone know what...
  47. vadnappa

    ATTENTION reptile keepers from all states

    the vic dse is considering adding some species to the list that victorians are allowed to keep. they require specific numbers kept and the keeper/breeders name and state they live in. if anyone has or knows of anyone who keeps any of the following please let me know. all that is required is the...
  48. dintony

    Reptile Myths and Tall Stories...Share?

    For example.. Carpet pythons are breeding with browns and producing cross breeds that look like carpets but have the venom of a brown snake... Or A fella told me that in Red Centre they have a snake called the Crimson Python and it grows to well over 6ft long....and crannnnky! Oh and I...
  49. Wrightpython

    do you feed live food to lizards

    Just wondering if people feed live food to lizards and whether there is legalities with that. Are you allowed to feed live bugs and if so why arent you allowed to feed live mice etc
  50. I

    Help with obtaining restricted license

    Hi im isaac,new to aussiepythons but long time snake,reptile and animal lover.Recently moved to mount isa,qld for work and trying to apply for restricted and recreational reptile license,as wish to own my own black headed,jungle pythons and hopefully inland taipan.Can anyone help me with info on...