pseudechis colletti

  1. G

    RBB as pets?

    just a few questions reguading red bellies guys so i live in qld and i believe that on a standard RWL you are able to keep up to 2 restricted reptiles, does this include elapids like red bellies? also i have heard from a lot of people that red bellies have really nice temperments when they are...
  2. Melzey

    Hi :D

    Hi all, I'm Mel. I have been stalking your threads for a while now and the other day I joined and started "liking" things... The next natural progression seems to be a hello post.. ;) I'm in Newcastle and have ordered our first little snakey to join the family.. I was going to get one at...
  3. benc63

    Red hot

    This little fella was found sitting up on top of a bin full of hessian bags last friday in 45 degrees. Moved like a rocket when discovered. Relocated to a nearby pond full of all the good things in life. Reeds frogs and water skinks as far as the eye can see.
  4. ouroboros

    That moment when your heart stops

    My brother visited me tonight which was nice, but it meant that I was a little distracted when feeding my baby beardie. His viv has a slide out plexiglass front and an open top. I usually take out the plexiglass, get Lumiere out and put him in his feeding pen and put the plexi back. After...
  5. I

    How to cope with 45C.

    This is how Sid managed her first day of heat wave...still in the bath at 20:30hours. She did spend time stalking the house earlier. How did your favourite beasties cope today?
  6. Crotalid

    Venomous Australian snakes

    I'm pretty sure I heard a while back on a program, that there are a multitude of venomous snakes in Australia that aren't considered medically significant to Adults. Is anyone able to tell me what genus' they were alluding to? (I already know about Boiga). Thanks.
  7. P

    Colletts Snakes

    Looking for a juvenile pair of colletts or even just single animals if that's all that's available. Please PM me if you can help. Located Brisbane area. Cheers
  8. V

    Where is the Conservation?

    I am writing this to elaborate on the DEC post "$3000 fine for conservation, or something ;-)" I just want to highlight the "conservation" efforts of our Wildlife Departments in recent months. Firstly, I made reference to a mining project that's on the cards for Northern NSW Biologists warn...
  9. dylan-rocks

    Handling Venomous Snakes, What's Your Opinion?

    As title says, handling venomous snakes, what's your opinion?
  10. shea_and_ruby

    I blame you APS for my new reptile addiction!!

    This is getting serious now I think, people are starting to look at me strange! In the space of about 3 weeks we will have acquired 3 new snakes (jungle, diamond and a md) as well as a new baby beardy. We are yet to pick up our MD, which should be this weekend I believe. After that, we really...
  11. Hooglabah

    psuedechis colletti husbandry.

    As the title suggests, im after colletts snake husbandry info. from what ive gathered online i understand: They are a larger elapid so a 4x2x2 enclosure would be ideal. Temps around 30-35 hot end as the are from the northern parts of aus. Feeding id imagine would be the same for most elapids...
  12. kawasakirider

    How did you get into reptiles? What is your favourite reptile, and why?

    As the title says guys, what is your favourite reptile, and why is it your favourite? Also how did you guys get into keeping reptiles? I've always been fascinated with anything out of the ordinary, I love sharks and crocodiles, and I've always been fascinated with snakes. My GF suggested we...
  13. Peterwookie

    NSW Colletts Black Snake

    Scientific Name Pseudechis colletti Common Name Colletts Black Snake Age 3 Sex Male Length I meter + Quantity Available 1 Price $350 Bred By Shane Black General Description He is the most calm & beautiful snake.. great feeder and hook handler would suit someone...
  14. cleobhp

    QLD Colletts snake

    Scientific Name Pseudechis Colletti Common Name Colletts Snake Age 2.5 Sex Unknown Length 2ft + Quantity Available 1 Price $500 Bred By Unknown General Description Beautiful coloured colletts nice salmon pink and black. Is a bit skittery, and a lot of...
  15. ZenPython

    QLD Colletts snake for sale

    Scientific Name PSEUDECHIS COLLETTI Common Name BLACK COLLETTS SNAKE Age 1 YR Sex FEMALE Length 700-800MM Quantity Available 1 Price $350 Bred By General Description AMAZING SNAKE SMASHES ITS FOOD LARGE PINKY RATS Location PARK RIDGE, BRISBANE QLD Willing to Freight? YES...
  16. Stefan

    Pseudechis colletti

    Today I cleaned the enclosure of my cb 2010 female collett's black snake. While she was checking out all the new smells I took some pictures of her. At this moment they are by far my favourite species in my collection. I really enjoy them a lot. They are not only gorgeous snakes to see, but...
  17. cement

    Some ID fun for the newies.

    I thought I'd have some fun and post some shots of a snake i recently caught and see who can ID it first. For the newbs, so you hard core seasoned herps with venom in your veins keep it to yourself eh! ok first photo will put another one up tomorrow!
  18. Stefan

    Back from Hamm show (Germany)

    Today I went to the snakeshow in Hamm and came back with some very nice snakes! It was a great day and I had a lot of fun :) Not the best pictures but I will take some better ones when I have some more time and when the snakes are settled down. 0.1 Pseudechis colletti (Now I have a pair of...
  19. Benjamin

    Pseudechis colletti

    Hi all, I´ve a question about the colouration of Pseudechis colletti. Juvenile snakes have all a brightfull colouration from red/black to orange/black. So my question is about the adults colouration. Is this wonderful colour going away with the age, what do you knowing about? Are adults brownish...
  20. redbellybite

    a copy/paste from some gullable people that dont see a joke when it is flashing neon

    (ok picture was of moosenoose holding a beautiful juvie colletts in his hand ..but playing dumb and asking what it could be as he found it in his garden ..the fact that he is from VICTORIA still wasnt a give away to some and so the joke goes like this :lol::lol::lol:) redbellybite...
  21. Stefan

    Some natives and exotics

    Hi all! I have some new pictures which I would like to share with you folks :D I hope you like them. I will start with the natives and then followed by some exotics. Cheers! Oxyuranus microlepidotus: Pseudechis colletti: This is my female which I get next month...
  22. ShepQLD

    I give up! can someone answer some licencing questions for me?

    Ive just spent twenty minutes on hold to the QLD EPA, had to hang up as I only have a mobile phone ($$$!!)... Ive searched their website, searched on my actual lisence but I dont see anything that clearly tells me what I want to know! my question is this.. (and it may sound silly but I really...
  23. junglemac

    license conditions?

    OK I am getting conflicting answers from people arounf me. I have a QLD RWL and it states: one place that the license gives me the right to keep unlimited animals, reptiles and amphibians under this it says Conditions for : keeping live commercial reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency...
  24. Goannas1

    NSW Colletts snake and spotted black snake for sale.

    Scientific Name Pseudechis guttatus,Pseudechis colletti Common Name Collett's snake,spotted black snake Age spotted black is a adult collett's is over 18 months Sex spotted black is a female collett's is a male Length colletts Roughly 60cm spotted is about 3ft Quantity...
  25. Asharee133

    Never thought it would be me...

    I just need help. My python got out last night, it was my fault as i overlooked the 4mm gap in between the glass. i totally forgot she could get out. i have a heat mat and a hide ontop of that under my bed, and a strong heater in the end of the house she could be so she doesn't get too cold and...
  26. C

    QLD male colletts black snake

    Scientific Name Cannia colletti Common Name colletts black snake Age unknown Sex male 100%. missing 1 hemipenis though Length 4ft+ Quantity Available 1 Price looking for any reasonable offer for this species and then for this animal in particular. Bred By General...
  27. L

    Inland Taipans

    Do these make good captives? Are they worth the risk?!
  28. SouthSydney

    Female Ven Keepers?

    Ok, so I was talking to a mate of mine and flicking through the elapid thread, and it got me wondering, how many female ven keepers are actually out there? That actually own them on their license and not just their other halves owning them etc...? And got into keeping hots, on their own accord...
  29. Stefan

    Some exotics for you guys! (lot of pictures!)

    Hi all! I would like to share some pictures I made in the last two months. I hope you guys enjoy them :D Vipera aspis atra: Naja mossambica: Crotalus molossus nigrescens: Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus: Sistrurus catenatus edwardsi: Naja...
  30. Varanus1

    VIC Colletts snakes

    Scientific Name Pseudechis colletti Common Name Colletts snake Age 3 months Sex female Length small Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description Nice healthy colletts, last two of the clutch. Good feeders, parents unrelated, showing brilliant colour...
  31. redbellybite

    Interesting ...

    I found it interesting in what type of anti vens are used for different species .... Immunotype Treatment of snakebite in a clinical setting depends in part on the immunotype to which the speces belongs. The Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) helps with determining this information...
  32. bundysnake

    Recreational wildlife list??

    Does anyone know where i can find the list of herps you can keep on a recreational license in QLD?
  33. R

    SA Colletts Snake

    Scientific Name Pseudechis colletti Common Name Colletts snake Age 6 weeks Sex Male Length svl 25cmPOA Quantity Available 1+ Bred By Australian Reptile Research and Breeding Centre General Description Location SA Willing to Freight? Yes Contact...
  34. Banjo

    Question about QLD Reptile Lincenses

    HI All, Are you able to keep GTP's in QLD on a standard Recreational Wildlife Licence. I have looked on the epa sight and I'm still not 100% sure. My license says; Conditions for: Keeping live commercial and recreational reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency Interest: General A1G1...
  35. krefft

    Strange snake behavior

    This seemed interesting so I thought I'd ask the experts... what is this guy up too?
  36. moloch05

    Aussie Elapids

    A guy on another forum made these disparaging remarks about our elapids. His comment was: I decided to reply and thought that some of you would enjoy these pics as well. I am sure that you will agree that we have plenty of brilliantly coloured snakes that are various shades of olive...
  37. venskeeper

    QLD Collett's Black

    Scientific Name Pseudechis colletti Common Name Collett's Black Snake (Venomous) Age 12 months Sex Has not been probed, but 90% sure female Length Approx. 80cm's Quantity Available 1 Bred By Originally bought from Dave Perry (Wizz) General Description Beautiful bright...
  38. percey39

    colletts snake wanted

    Hi im trying to find a juvie colletts snake, I have tried looking nearly everywhere but cant seem to find any one breeding or selling them. Any help would be much appreciated
  39. marvelfreak

    what's the longest living reptile you have?

    I haved my jungle 7 years now. She was about 2 when i got her. I was wondering what the longest living reptile everyone has , or has had ? And feel free to show pics. This is my girl:D:D
  40. m_beardie

    Red-Bellied Black snake owners

    Hey everyone. I'm doing a project about these snakes and was wondering if anyone wanted to maybe send me a photo of theirs that i could use for it? Also a bit about their behavior (couple of sentences) THANK YOUU :D
  41. colooch

    top 10 most dangerous snakes

    I was recently having a discussion with mate about the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world, he does not think Australia is home to more than half of the top10. so can anyone name the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world?
  42. Wild~Touch

    EOI Reptile Expo 2010 SE Qld

    I've been asked many times why we don't have a Reptile Expo in SE Qld, eg. Toowoomba,Gold Coast or anywhere in SE Qld So Why not ??? It takes a hell of a lot of hard work and no thanks and all blame - but don't let that put you off If you've got what it takes I'd like to hear what you...
  43. W

    She finally laid!

    Tommy finally laid 5 eggs this morning so told my mum to keep an eye on her and she got 3 more eggs while i was at school:D:D. So exciting she has been gravid for about 90 days:shock::shock::shock: Fingers crossed on the eggs now. She ate about 15 woodie:o:os so she has put on abit of weight...
  44. J

    Colletts Snake Bite

    G'day guys, Just got a phone call about some news broadcast on the radio today. Apparently a keeper has been bitten by a Colletts Snake. They are the only details I have but hopefully, whoever it is will recover quickly.
  45. K

    Is it Eastern Brown or Coastal Taipan??

    Hi is anyone able to identify this snake for me. I found it in my backyard yesterday and have been searching for an answer but at this stage I'm not sure if it's an Eastern Brown or a Coastal Taipan? Any help is appreciated Hope the photos are big enough!
  46. Shannon

    More Venomous Snake Photos by Shannon Plummer

    Hi guys, Here is the next batch of images from my last photo shoot - I'll get the two BHP photos out of the way first and leave the rest for the vens! These images have also been added to my gallery here on APS. © 2008. Shannon Plummer. All rights reserved. Black-headed Python...
  47. elapid@

    colletts black snake

    want colletts black snake m / f ok 0423906074 cheers steve
  48. krusty

    Top 5 Elite snakes to keep.

    Hey there just wanting to what your top 5 elite snakes to keep in your collection would be if you had the cash to spend. here are my top 5. 1.Albino Olive 2.Albino Darwin Carpet 3.GTP 4.RSP 5.Night Tigers.
  49. J

    some elapid picts

  50. AustHerps

    Collett's Snake Photos

    Had a play with a snake we sold to Punja about 12 months ago today :) Great to say hi again (last time we visited her she was about to shed) Pseudechis colletti Would love to see some other collett's snake photos :D Cheers, Aaron.