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stimson python

  1. J

    QLD LF stimson python breeder

    Hey guys and girls! I'm looking to get a stimson python as I think they are the best looking out of the 3 antaresia and the size suits me well :). was just wondering if anyone knows some breeders I could get in touch with to get ready to buy a hatched in the next few months when they start...
  2. Cyansnake

    Stimson Python Questions

    Hello! I am not new to the reptile community but it has been almost 2 years since my last reptile. (Had a 16 year old Beardie who I got at 8 years old who sadly passed on) and I have been thinking of renewing my license. Now I have 10 years experience with lizards and geckos though I was...
  3. Tyrant pets

    Re-title: stimson sick -vet vist

    Hey everyone, My pet stimson is pregnant and iv got everything ready for when eggs arrive but just wanted to ask about how she is right now. Ill attach a few photos of her as of last night. In the photos she is quite swollen in the lower part of body. So my question is: In everyone opinon...
  4. SmudgeDaz

    Adult python suddenly doesn’t want to eat

    Hi guys, I have a Stimson python which I have owned for 8 years. She would be around 9-10 years old and i haven’t had any issues until recently. I need some advice as I’m worried something might be wrong but just want others opinions! She has suddenly stopped eating. which is very unusually...
  5. F

    QLD Older Children's/Stimson/Spotted Wanted

    I'm thinking of buying a snake- but because of personal reasons cannot commit to their 20+ lifespan, so I'm looking for older snakes, preferably 10+. I am a beginner to snakes but not reptiles. I have a glass enclosure that is approx. 1m long and 60cm wide and tall. I have the funds available...
  6. C

    Stimsons Python Qld Pet

    Hi everyone, I'm just doing a bit of research to see what species you can own in Queensland. I've found that you can own a Spotted Python and a Children's Python with a Recreational Wildlife licence (on the Qld Govt website), but Stimson's Pythons were not listed and could not find any...
  7. V

    Stimson Python

    Hey guys. Very new to being a snake owner (almost four weeks in). I have a couple of concerns and the Pet City I got my Stimson from isn't very helpful. My Stimson was hatched on the 10/02/19. I've had her for four weeks tomorrow. She's been taking two pinkie mic since the 04/06/19 and they...
  8. T

    Preparing for a stimsons python

    Hi! Just wanting to ask some questions about setting up the tank for a stimsons python. 1.) What is a reliable but affordable thermometer and hygrometer for the tank? 2.) What is a good way to clean the tank? I read something about f10 solution but before doing that is there any home remedy...
  9. R

    Do I need a license for Stimmie python in QLD?

    Hi, I'm just unsure and i cannot find much information on it. Wanted to check here to be sure.
  10. D

    First Snake!

    Hi everyone! I have been researching about getting my first snake for a while now and it's finally going to happen! I am still debating what type to get though. I've been looking at childrens and stimsons pythons but people have been telling me snakes such as the darwin carpet python are easier...
  11. M

    Help//gravid stimmy behaviours?

    Hi everyone, My female stimmy laid with her stomach up and started to get larger. She had a shed on friday and i am assuming that that was her prelay shed. I was away for 3 days so i kept the temps at 32-34 degree c hot end and when i got back the female was very active and looking for food, is...
  12. L

    Newbie question

    Hey, so just a quick newbie question, i have a 5 month old stimpson python, he seems to want to eat 1 pinky every 3-4 days, i know in the wild they could go a hell of a lot longer than that between meals, my question is, will it hurt him/her to feed that often? Also just wondering what other...
  13. S


    Looking for a male hatchling Stimsons python. Located in the Sydney metro area but willing to drive or have it freighted interstate. Many thanks Nic
  14. S

    New Stimson python

    Hi, it’s my first time having a snake. I would just like to know, how do I get him out of biting. Every time I pick him up, except for once, he tries to bite me. I’ve had him for about 2 and a half days. I’ve only been trying to take him out a maximum of 2 times a day.
  15. L

    Heating for Stimson Python

    Hi all, I am upgrading my enclosure for my Stimson Python and the new height will be 60cm (2ft), so the thing I am most concerned about is what new heat lamp to use due to the large height gap between light and reptile. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. P.S The enclosure is wooden.
  16. S

    NSW Female Stimsons Python

    Young female $100 ONO- currently on fuzzy mice almost ready to go up a size. Can be quite bitey and defensive Located Newcastle NSW
  17. H_dog_hills

    Help for my Stimmy setup

    hey all! I am a first time snake owner, and I have just acquired my little Stimmy yearling. I was just wanting to ask a few questions, as I am starting to doubt if the heating and lighting is the best for him, and it’s causind me to panic a lot! The enclosure I have for him has got two...
  18. S

    Stinson python advice!

    hi guys, new to this but I was hoping I could get some advice. I have a stimsons python, just over a year old. He is still on pinky mice as we had too many and didn’t want them to go to waste. Is it okay to keep feeding them to him ever 5 ish days. He’s always eager to take food, temps are all...
  19. B

    Substrate Question

    As I wait for my license to arrive I've been doing my research (this weekend I'm going to visit a couple of reptile sellers). In the book "Keeping & Breeding Australian Pythons" it's mentioned a suitable substrate for a stimmies is marine gravel or newspaper. I'm keen to read people's thoughts...
  20. DragonTemple6

    Stimson Python in feeding mode for a week now.

    Hi, I have a 4 year old female Stimson Python who eats regularly and well. She suddenly wouldn't take her two mice one day, and I thought OK, I'll just try her next week. The next week she was prowling her enclosure looking for dinner and she took two mice instantly. Then the next day she was...
  21. S

    My Snake Is Acting/looking Weird

    My Stimson Python (aged 3 1/2 yrs) has been looking and acting kind of weird. I noticed last night that the way he was laying made his head look weird, like i honestly thought he was dead cause his head was on such an angle. He's been laying in the same spot for the past couple days. I checked...