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strophurus williamsi

  1. Tim.Arm

    NSW Eastern Spiny-Tailed Geckos

    Species Common Name Eastern Spiny- Tailed Geckos Age 6 months Length Small Quantity Available 4 Bred By GeckoJosh General Description Great small geckos, feeding well on dusted woodies and crickets. Pick-up only, no swaps. If all are brought together, i will sell for $400. Thanks for...
  2. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  3. richoman_3

    Herp Trip to South Australia

    Well last Tuesday night after watching some epic cricket, matthew (pythonwner or some boring name like that on here) got ready to get up at 4am to get a flight to Adelaide. Arriving at Adelaide we met up with JP from QLD and waited for shawn (rocket) to pick us up. We went to his house and saw...
  4. GeckPhotographer

    Recent Western Herping

    So a couple weekends back I finished a couple of large assignments and decided it would be a good opportunity to spend a couple weekends in a row herping. Yay! The first weekend I headed out to the Hunter Valley for a night, my parents were going to some bush dance out there, so I just tagged...
  5. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  6. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  7. Rocket

    SA Strophurus williamsi female

    Scientific Name Strophurus williamsi Common Name Eastern spiny-tailed gecko Age Unknown Size 12cms Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Mature female gecko ready for breeding. Voracious female that readily exposes herself under light...
  8. D

    Not sure what they are called

    Hey guys! I've seen a few pictures of some geckos that have some wicked spikes on them? Does anyone know what they are? And how much they are?
  9. Smithers

    Show Us Your,.....Strophurus Species

    I'll start,
  10. B

    Housing two species of Gecko together?

    Gday Folks I have wondered if i have an enclosure big enough, can i house a terrestrial species and an arboreal species together. Im assuming they would inhabit different niches within the enclosure. im just wondering if anyone has ever done it before and recorded inter species fighting...
  11. kitten_pheonix

    NSW Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus williamsi)

    Hi i am looking around for a Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus williamsi) hopefully in the newcastle area. i found one not to long ago and my partner fell in love with the lil guy but id rather get one leagally then take one from the wild. please pm me if you know anyone with some for sale...
  12. Jamisgec

    NSW HUGE gecko sale! Downsizing. Lots of different species

    Scientific Name 1. Strophurus ciliaris (grey and katherine forms) 2. Heteronotia binoei 3.Gehyra variegata 4. Diplodactylus steindachneri 5. Oedura lesueurii 6. Strophurus williamsi 7. Strophurus taenicauda 8. Phyllurus platurus 9. Oedura rhombifer 10. Oedura marmorata Common Name 1. Spiny...
  13. kitten_pheonix

    NSW WTB: Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus williamsi)

    Hi i am looking around for a Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus williamsi) hopefully in the newcastle area. i found one not to long ago and my partner fell in love with the lil guy but id rather get one leagally then take one from the wild. please pm me if you know anyone with some for sale...
  14. TNWJackson

    January 2010 trip - Northern inland NSW and Southern inland Qld

    Hi all, I've posted these pics on another forum that I know some APS members frequent and moloch's awesome sequences above almost make me too embarassed to post them here too but what the hell, I thought I would anyway! The pictures are in roughly chronological order, as we moved North through...
  15. M

    SW QLD Herping Trip Part 3 - Geckos

    This is part 3 of our SW QLD herping trip, here I'll cover the geckos that we found. Eastern Stone Diplodactylus vitattus Unfortunatly the only one we found and without a tail. Bynoes Heteronotia binoei The most common gecko that we encountered and the colours/patterning varied from one...
  16. D

    Southwest Qld - Part 1, Snakes & Geckos

    In addition to Matt's post(s) here are some pictures that I got on this trip. I can't be bothered re-counting the number species of reptiles we found, but excluding all the various garden skinks, I think there was around 35-36? Majority of them being new to us, Matt can confirm that if he can be...
  17. ryanharvey1993

    distinguishing similar species (ID questions)

    ok, I have a few ID's that I am not 100% sure on, could I have some help from some experts, I do not want guesses, I want people who actually have seen this stuff in the wild and know how to tell the difference to help me. first pic is a dragon, either Amphibolurus nobbi coggeri or...
  18. Lars K

    New gecko additions

    I got two young Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus and 1,0,3 Strophurus williamsi at the weekend and wanted to share the first pics of them. Hope you like the pics. :)
  19. geckos_are_great

    show us your geckos

    come on every1 post some pics of your little geckos:D
  20. Divan

    Any one know if u can buy these??

    does anyone have a Strophurus williamsi "spotted" on here?? I am looking at getting one cause they are amaizing but i havnt seen any for sale soo i dont know if people actually keep them. this is what they look like for people that dont know
  21. geckoman1985

    help strophurus id

    got a pair of spiny tailed geckos of jayson athew weeks ago and he sead thay were northen spiny tailed geckos how ever i have a nother spiny tailed gecko who also northen spiny tailed gecko as he is simmler to strophurus ciliaris ciliaris the nt formand has light red whitebrown colour and the...
  22. TWENTY B

    species codes needed.

    hey. I need the species codes for strophurus williamsi And the species code and scientific name for murray darling carpet. I can't access the pdf at the moment. Thanks.
  23. smacdonald

    Brigalow Belt pics

    This year I've been out to the southern brigalow belt twice. Once to look for pale-headed snakes (which slacker has already mentioned), and another time to look for yakka skinks. Both trips were successful. My yakka skink trip took place over the long weekend, and I saw three new species (new to...
  24. wizz

    St George

    some pics from the weekend:D 1.western 2.shingle 3.cyclorana uerrucosa 4.gouldii
  25. smacdonald

    Day 7: Charters Towers

    Copied from my blog. -- Day seven saw us heading inland, from The Caves on the coast, through Emerald and up to Charters Towers. It was mainly a driving day, but we did find some roadkill along the way. We got some rooms at the Charters Towers pub and then headed out for a night drive...
  26. moloch05

    Warrumbungle National Park, NSW -- nocturnals

    We went night driving during each of our three nights at the Warrumbungles. The first and third nights were cool and we did not see much. The second night was overcast and remained warmer for longer and was quite productive. The road in the national park passed through ironbark eucalyptus...
  27. geckodan

    QLD lots of lizards

    Strophurus williamsi 4 months old $100 Oedura castelnaui yearling male $120 Ctenotus taeniolatus adult pair $180 Oedura leseuerii hatchlings $50 each Oedura castelnaui hatchlings $100 each Oedura monilis (rainforest form) hatchlings $150 each Oedura attenboroughi...
  28. geckoman1985

    going down to tara on the western darling downs looking for geckos

    can any one tell me what geckos i am likeley to find there i know golden tailed geckos are found there and is it to far north to find thicktailed geckos there
  29. geckodan

    QLD Geckos for sale

    Strophurus williamsi 4 months old $100 Oedura coggeri 4 months old $120 Oedura tryoni 3 months old x 2 $100 each Oedura castelnaui yearling male $120 Diplodactylus (Lucasium) steindachneri 3 months old $100 Gehyra variegata adult trio (1m:2f) - $300 the lot Location Sunshine...
  30. rmcneill

    Gecko I.D please

    Sorry about the massive pic but a friend of mine is studing animal science at Latrobe and apparently her teacher has been studing these little guys for over ten years. Except i think its a Strophurus Williamsi....im so sure it is but she recons its a Ctenophorus fordi, commonly known as the...
  31. Mark Newton

    Eastern Spiny Tailed Gecko

    Strophurus williamsi Found this fella amongst rotting mallee roots on my last trip to the SA mallee. </center>
  32. TWENTY B

    Strophurus Williamsi

    Hey, i'm after pics and info on eastern spiny tail geckos.. looking at getting some later in the year, some hatchies, so i'm starting my reaserch now.. how much are they.. ? are 4 or more ok in 1 enclosure? how big.. what do they require,? heat, light, food is there any books or care...
  33. falconboy

    'Downsizing Collection' GECKO SALE

    All adult breeders TRIO Southern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus intermedius) $320 TRIO Eastern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus williamsi) $320 PAIR Northern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus ciliaris) KATHERINE FORM. $430 PAIR Northern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus ciliaris) Normal Form...
  34. Macca

    West Qld 06

    Hey, finally a field forum on the site. These are some photos from a fairly recent herp trip around western Queensland. The habitat is mostly semi-arid. We spent 6 days on this trip, travelling 6500km, leaving from and returning to Sydney. A total of 55 herp species were found. The first...
  35. falconboy

    Pairs/Trios of Geckos & Pair of Pygmy Beardies

    I don't really like letting animals go (I should really get over my attachment to animals) but I wish to simplify my life, get a few $$ (gotta love interest rates), and concentrate on setting up my dragons/blueys a bit better so I am interested in moving some or all of the following adult...
  36. moloch05

    herps from the Warrumbungles, NSW

    I visited the Warrumbungles several times in the last few years. This is a great place to see some of our dry country reptiles and it also is excellent for bushwalking. I think that the Grand High Tops walk is absolutely stunning with magnificent views of the cores of these old volcanos. This...
  37. J

    Breeding colony Strophurus williamsi

    Scientific Name Strophurus williamsi Common Name ...Eastern Spiny Tail Gecko? Age 2 years Sex 1 male, 4 females Length 10cm Quantity Available 5 Bred By Unknown General Description Breeding group of S.williamsi, excess to needs, produced 12 eggs last season. One...
  38. V

    Need to check something - gecko species

    I checked the Victorian scheduel and it lists Spiny Tail gecko under the species name Diplodactylus ciliaris, now is that an old classification of Strophurus ciliaris? And are they likely to allow Strophurus intermedius under the heading "spiny tail gecko""?
  39. C

    WTB Spiny Tail and Levis Gecko's

    Hey, Looking to buy Spiny Tail Gecko's Strophurus Williamsi and Levis prefer breeding Pair but also consider juvie. Cheers Chris
  40. smacdonald

    Pics from the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

    I headed out to the Brigalow Belt in Queensland to meet some friends of ours and see what cool critters we could find. I've been out to this particular spot a few times, but have never managed to see a De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi), despite this area being well-known for this snake...
  41. alex_c

    gecko people i need advice

    well im considering getting into geckoes. what do i need in terms of housing? and what are some good species to start with? cheers
  42. Lars K

    Cool Gecko Website

    I have just seen this website with awesome gecko pics! BTW, this guy sells a pair of young Strophurus williamsi. How much are they here? (They cost 565$) http://www.reptilwelt.de/
  43. Rocket

    Various Q's

    A have a few questions on my mind that I need to be answered by all you Pro's out there..... 1) What would be a minimal sized Cage for 1x Adult H.boydii? (I will have a 3x3x2 ready if that is large enough) 2) Does anyone have any general caring requirements for P.lindneri? (I know they can...
  44. I

    Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko

    Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko(diplodactylus Williamsi) They Are 4 Months Old .unknown Of Sex Look Like A Pair Because Of Size But Not 100% Sure. Eating On Small Crickets .showing Nice Colours And Patterns. Sydney Buyers Only Thankyou $250
  45. nickamon

    Geckos for noobs

    Hi everyone, I would like to start keeping geckos in the next year or two, and I've started reading up on their requirements and care. I have a few questions for the experienced gecko keepers here. Which species would you recommend for a beginner? I know it's not safe to house two males...
  46. M

    Man Hides Geckos In Socks!

    Man 'hides geckos in socks' A MELBOURNE man allegedly caught hiding three native geckos in his socks will be charged with wildlife offences. The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) says the man caught the protected native lizards then hid them in socks while transporting...
  47. A

    Heteronotia binoei Plz reply ASAP THX

    will Heteronotia binoei be able to with stand heat in the NT? temps 28-34 outside temps ....cooler inside though Thx Daniel
  48. Saz

    Hey there!

    Hi everyone, I have been a quiet member of your group for a few months now. I thought I'd introduce myself. I haven't introduced myself before as I don't actually keep snakes or Pythons, so can't contribute to the snake talk. I do have a fair few geckos though, all of which I love to...