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    Are CFL UVA/UVB lamps still dangerous for turtles?

    I remember many years ago being told to avoid CFL for turtles because it could damage their eyes, is that still valid info or have they gotten better? Currently I use mercury vapor bulb on the basking spot and a 4 foot reptisun T8 10.0 fluro for the rest of the tank (6 foot tank). I've...
  2. R

    Green tree python lighting and heating.

    So ATM I'm currently converting an old Balinese cabinet into an enclosure for a GTP. The enclosure dimensions are 800 high X 1000 wide X 600 deep. Any suggestions on where to get a heat panel big enough for the enclosure and the best way to supply UV in the cabinet? All while trying to do it as...
  3. K

    Lighting Large Enclosures. Help.

    Hey guys, so long story short I'm getting an enclosure built for me( was getting a custom bed built and figured why not). Anyways it's still being built but ultimately it's 5ft x 4ft x 3ft. It'll be the forever home for my rapidly growing bred little. But my issue currently is. LIGHTING...