varanus baritji

  1. B

    need some info on Varanus baritji

    Hey Guys just a few question that could lead into other question im sure, im trying to find a Varanus baritji but its difficult to find a seller and theres not much in the way of prices for these guys, im supper keen on this monitor and i really dont want to have to settle for something else...
  2. Jazzz

    Some recent Australian highlights

    Myself and my partner have been on a few herping trips lately and I thought id put up a few of the highlights. I'll start with the local stuff. I've just done a couple of pretty dismal nights herping around Brisbane so far. As there isn't too much to find I've been able to experiment with...
  3. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  4. sniffmylizard

    Varanus baritji.

    Just got a pair of these guys locally. Male and female 4 Years old. Plan is to breed them in the future. What would individuals be worth considering there are none available anywhere that I can see? Is it a species no one wants or are they just rare in the pet trade. Found them to be so much...
  5. spongebob

    Male baritji monitor

    Got females laying infertile eggs. Need a viable male. Varanus baritji
  6. P

    Aussie Monitors

    Following on from my thread on Aussie Snakes which can be seen here - - I thought I'd put up a thread on some of the monitor lizards that I have also encountered on my herping travels. I haven't seen a...
  7. phoebe

    My recent trip to the NT

    Couple of weeks ago I spent a week (not long enough!) in the NT. Started in Darwin for a few nights with some mates in bands (they were playing some gigs) and then my buddy and I headed down to Katherine, then a cattle station at Mainoru which we stayed at for a few nights and then down to...
  8. Tiliqua

    Macherps April: Varanus baritji talk

    Hi guys, this evening we have James Watkins with a presentation on Varanus baritji, the Yellow-spotted Ridge-Tailed Monitor. James has been successful in keeping and breeding this monitor species for a few years now and also ran an article in Scales and Tails magazine on this species. Sausage...
  9. SpilotaFreak78

    Macarthur Herpetology Society April News

    Just wanted to post this news from one of our chirpersons in the hopes of making people aware that the Campbelltown/Macarthur area does have a Herp Club and that we would love to see you at our monthly meetings and various activites, maybe even gain enough interest from everyone to have our own...
  10. vadnappa

    ATTENTION reptile keepers from all states

    the vic dse is considering adding some species to the list that victorians are allowed to keep. they require specific numbers kept and the keeper/breeders name and state they live in. if anyone has or knows of anyone who keeps any of the following please let me know. all that is required is the...
  11. spongebob

    NSW WTB Male Varanus baritji

    I've got two lonely young females looking for some luving.....
  12. D


    How does herping go in Darwin in late September - early October?
  13. The Reptile Outlet

    Scales & Tails Australia - Issue 15 sent to printers today

    The last few weeks have been hectic trying to get Issue 15 ready and to the printers for our early deadline. Our printers will be shutting down over xmas for holidays so if we missed our deadline of today we wouldn't have gotten back in until middle of January. We did it! Subscribers will be...
  14. Nephrurus


    Ahoi all, Recently I spent a few days with some friends in Darwin and I ticked off a few species I'd been dying to see for ages. I'd been up through darwin a few times but never herped there that with any effort. This time, in a slightly better season I was sure to find much much...
  15. WombleHerp

    Varanus baritji?

    Ok so a friend of myne is giving me a 4ft fish tank with a crack in it. Since he can't keep his fish in it anymore as it won't hold water, he asked if I could put any of my reptiles in it. Being the hoarder that I am I jumped at the chance of losing more money on herps :rolleyes::lol: Anyways...
  16. sarah_m

    Darwin Trip (VERY picture heavy!!!!)

    Well I have been slack as, since these pics are from our trip to Darwin in June/July and I am only just putting them up now:oops: Unfortunately most of the herps we saw were not in the wild but was still cool to see them. This was our first day there, at the Territory Wildlife Park. Saw this...
  17. bredli-sli

    Nt ackies wonted pictures

    hey guys could you be able to send me a few photos of ackies and there are only the sand fire form and the Northern territory form correct? school project, it will be great if you helped me out thatnks guyss!!! both forms if possible
  18. Bushfire

    Monitor ID

    This photo was taken from Daniel Bennett's book "Monitor Lizards: Natural history, biology & husbandry" pp 249.. I always wondered about this monitor's true identity. The caption says "Monitor from McArthur River, with characteristics intermediate between V.storri and V.primordius. Photo...
  19. TWENTY B

    Monitors, adult size, weight, temperement chart..

    After having ackies for a little while as my 1st monitor like most people do, now i've decided i'd like something a bit larger eventually leading up to lacies or perenties. So, I'd like a little help on deciding and i'm sure alot of other people would be interested in also knowing This...
  20. P

    WTB: Varanus baritji

    Wanted to buy a juv trio of Lemon throated Ridge tailed Monitor Varanus baritji. If anyone thinks they may have these available this season PM me.
  21. xrushx

    whites monitors?

    never seen these guys before the reptile show yesterday... looked like an ackie with a stripe down its back... pitty the lady at the stall didnt know anything about it :? annoyed me.... "um i think its from WA???" a duuur chances are... anyways, also not sure why i was a bit dissapointed with...
  22. S

    Southern Cross Guessing comp.Woma,Blackhead,Jungle as prize

    Great news members. Docrock would like to donate great price to run competition on APS again. This time he is offering extremely generous price. I will not say what is it now, He will announce that him self. Comp will be easy to enter. We will attach the picture and people will e-mail me...
  23. K

    V. Mitchelli, VIC Permit???

    Hi guys can anyone tell me if the mitchells water monitor has been added to the Vic fauna list? If not is it under review?? I'm very keen to grab a couple. Nez
  24. C

    This is me , Who are you?

    Well I know this is something that gets done every now and then, but I figure with all the new members as of late I would do another one to get things going again. Name : Colin Age : 32 Sex : (please) Male Location : Brisvegas Occupation : Pest Control ( at the moment anyway) Interest ...
  25. JunglePython

    What is everyones pet breeding project this season?

    This year I am determined to breed my Diamonds(who didn't go last year) and my black and golds(first go at it). What is the pair of herps you are most hoping to breed this year? Cheers Luke
  26. Tommo

    what does everyone have and do

    id like to know some more about everyone. what sort of reptiles do u guys have and what do you do for a living