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varanus glauerti

  1. Stompsy

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi Guys, So, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the politics of having certain species added to keepers lists, however I have fallen head over heals with Kimberley Rock Monitors but alas, they are not available to keep in Victoria. So, my question is.... what is the process to have any given...
  2. C

    Vic reveiw

    Hi, Just curious which year the licensing system review is? Also any idea what might change in terms of reptiles and amphibians listed under the scheduals 2, 3 and 7? Really hoping some more Varanus sp are added, such as Varanus glauerti. Also hoping N.asper and N.amyea are moved to basic.... I...
  3. Aussie_monitors

    Varanus glauerti prices?

    What's the going rate for kimbo's these days? Don't see them up for sale, I would have thought there would be more available these days. I see so many Australian monitors for sale overseas, but they are never available here or depending on the state laws we can't even keep them.
  4. Josch

    New Enclosure for Frilled neck Lizards

    Hi guys, that`s my old enclosure for Frilled neck Lizards late in the 90ies: Since summer 2015 I have again four young frillies and are now building a new terrarium, see the next post ............. - - - Updated - - - The rough construction is assembled by a joiner electric...
  5. Nero Egernia

    Display Licence

    ***Slight Vent Warning*** Right, at the moment I think I may feel better if I were to be bashing my head on a brick wall or something. Iv'e visited a few reptile keepers in WA and I see oh, a pair of Lace Monitors, oh, and a Central Bearded Dragon, but wait, not one, three(!) and, oh a Northern...
  6. asper

    Kimberley rock monitors

    Good money payed for kimberley rock monitors i am also willing to swap for high end animals please message me with what u have or contact me by email on chondroscritters@gmail.com thank you Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  7. geckodan

    Book review - A Guide to Australian Lizards

    Book Review - A Guide to Australian Lizards in Captivity – Danny Brown Robert Porter The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of the word “encyclopaedic” is “comprehensive, complete, thorough, full, exhaustive, in-depth, wide-ranging, broad-ranging, broad-based, all-inclusive...
  8. Ships

    Kimberley Rock Monitor

    Keen on picking up a pair of these guys, just wondering if anyone in NSW is breeding them or has them available
  9. sniffmylizard

    Bizarre ackie behaviour

    Well a couple of weeks ago my ackie female started to display some odd behaviour. I got her and her partner as an established breeding pair 3 years old. She has always been very wary of me and sometimes quite flighty until a couple of weeks ago. I think I might have been moving her outside to...
  10. E

    Monitor poll

    whats your favourite monitor? i wanna know cause im researching about monitors
  11. GeckPhotographer

    Herping in the Kimberley

    Recently I spent 3 weeks volunteering in the Eastern Kimberley with a scientific project radio tracking monitors, both Varanus panoptes and Varanus mertensi. The research was being conducted at El Questro Station a popular tourist destination in the East Kimberley and involved many different...
  12. mummabear

    Varanus glauerti

    I received my two very exciting new additions yesterday. Two six month old Varanus glauerti. I purchased them from Reptile City in SA. Just a few quick snaps to show them off. I could only get shots of 1 as the other was nestled tightly into a crevice. Will get more shots once settled in. These...
  13. The Reptile Outlet

    Who Would Like to Buy an Oenpelli Python?

    Who Would Like to Buy an Oenpelli Python? :D That's the subject of Dr Gavin Bedford's talk for our Scales & Tails Reptile Festival on November 12th. I've been chatting with Gavin over the last couple of days about our Festival and the subject of his talk and it's going to be fabulous! He'll be...
  14. reptilelover1994

    What People top 10 herp wish list is

    hey guys iam is pretty lame but not in order 1. Common Blue-Tongue 2. EWD 3. Whites Tree Frog 4. Thick-Tailed Gecko 5. GTP 6. Ackie 7. Blond Spotted Python 8. Carpet Python 9. BHP 10. Woma
  15. fishead

    NSW adult kimberley rock monitor female

    Scientific Name varanus glauerti Common Name kimberley rock monitor Age 3 Sex female Size approx. 60cm Quantity Available 1 Price $2800 or may consider swap for something out of the ordinary. Bred By Gavin Bedford General Description Nice krm girl in...
  16. R

    VIC Wanted pairs (Kimberley Rock Monitor, Pygmy Mulga Monitor and Short-tailed Monitor)

    Hi all, I have a few monitors and am looking for pairs of the following species: Kimberley Rock Monitor Pygmy Mulga Monitor Short-tailed Monitor Let me know if you have any of these for sale. Thanks!
  17. V

    baby Kimbo

    This has got to be the best start to a week, well for me it is, here is a photo of mum and the new arrival this morning, as you can tell I am a bit excited about it.
  18. S

    Varanus glauerti

    Anyone in Brisbane breed these? And what price to they usualy go for? I remember hearing about a shop in SA that breeds them but can't find much info on them Thanks if you can help.
  19. jinin

    My Sand Monitor

    Hi. I would like to show you guys my new sand monitor. Hes a juvenile and i have only had him for 3 weeks. Heres Some Pics:
  20. taylor111

    Varanus glauerti

    Varanus glauerti or Kimberly Rock Monitor 1. how much do these go for $$$$$ ? 2. are they very common 3. how big do they grow ps. if anyone has pics, post them up
  21. Callopistes

    Monitor pictures-Thread

    Hi, I have not a monitor :cry:but I want to see our monitors :Dand the cages of the monitors
  22. dottyback

    Pet shops in South Australia

    I am taking a trip to SA in a month and wondered which shops would be good to check out. I believe in SA they can keep/sell ven's in shops? Imm not buying anything just wanted to see diiferent critters other than bearded dragons.
  23. Rainbow-Serpent

    Show us your lizards

    Show us your lizards, Beardies, Monitors. Blueys, whatever!! :D
  24. TWENTY B

    monitors. How old to breed?

    how old do monitors need to be before they are ready to breed? Does it differ between say. Askies, goulds, lacies
  25. TWENTY B

    Monitors, adult size, weight, temperement chart..

    After having ackies for a little while as my 1st monitor like most people do, now i've decided i'd like something a bit larger eventually leading up to lacies or perenties. So, I'd like a little help on deciding and i'm sure alot of other people would be interested in also knowing This...
  26. cris

    Australian captive species list

    I was thinking it would be a good idea to put together a list of the herps that are currently being legally held privately in captivity. I have started by pasting in the species from the last nsw returns, please correct out any incorrect or outdated taxonomy and add the species that arnt...
  27. I

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi All, Anyone breeding these this season? You can PM if it's more convenient! Any info much appreciated. Cheers, I.V.
  28. glebopalma

    Varanus glauerti

    A few V. glauerti update pics and a little YouTube movie; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYSaLOqInVY. Cheers, Jonne
  29. hotrodrob

    monitor size dilemma

    hey, I just have a quick question. Is there any monitors available in between Ackies and Sand moniotrs?
  30. viridis

    Animals wanted

    If anyone can help me out with any of the following it would be greatly appreciated. Strophurus elderi Egernia depressa Varanus glebopalma Varanus glauerti Varanus pilbarensis Varanus scalaris ( only banded northern wa or yellow and black North qld rainforest colour forms)I am willing to pay...
  31. fishead

    glauerts and other stuff

    Howdy herpers, here's a few pics of my little glauerti pair and their new enclosure as mentioned in a recent thread. It's part of a new bank that's not quite finished yet. Top row is all for small monitors. Each enclosure is 4'x3'x2' and has a universal rocks background. There's four in the row...
  32. Driake


    Hey everybody, Am looking into getting a monitor. Was wanting a smaller Species, That still looks awesome. (pics would be good) Anyone have suggestions :D :D :D Cheerz Brett.
  33. Nephrurus

    Kimberley Area (Dial Up DEATH!)

    I spent a fair bit of time in the northern area of the Kimberley on my last trip (as well as the west) and as the habitat is a little bit different (less rugged) we caught/ observed a different array of critters. Hope you enjoy the pics, I'll do a little spiel on each species. The old...
  34. Nephrurus

    WANTED: Photo of a Kimberley tristis

    Does anybody have, or have access to or even know the whereabouts of a photo of a Varanus tristis from the kimberley region? Photos of northern WA or Western NT animals would probably be helpful. If so, I'd like a look! i don't want to use it in any publication or anything like that, i'd...
  35. xrushx

    New Mangrove Monitors!!

    Just got these 2 yesterday, they are the most stunning animals i have ever seen! got envy?;) ill post pics of the new enclosure for them when its done. (it will be a masterpiece)
  36. Lost_in_the_Jungle

    I want it !

    So what do people want as their next reptile :D I know everyone will say GTP's of Albino's but i want to know what else people want. :D
  37. morelia_morphs

    Albino Carpet Pics

    Hi everyone, I was chatting to Dr Stone from Southern Cross Reptiles over the weekend and he mentioned that he was going to start taking orders for next seasons Albino carpet pythons in a couple weeks time. Thought I would use this piece of news as an excuse to show off a couple pics of my 2...
  38. Simon_Archibald

    Monitors / Goannas / Varanids

    Howdy folks... Well it's been a while since I've stomped the ground around these forums and as many of you may remember I'm a goanna-lover to the core. I've kept 7 species all up, was fortunate enough to have bred 1 species and a female of another species threw a dud clutch of eggs due to...
  39. jimmy_the_kid

    Twilight Goanna (Varanus glebopalma)

    On the herp tarder there is six of these guys for sale for $10,000 . Sez there are the frist in captivity sounds intresting. I was just wondering if anybody here has kept one or more of these before.
  40. G

    NT sales

    Here is the list The Christmas Sale Species Sex Size Price Sale Price Desert adder x1 Female adult 300 250 Hills adders pr x2 adult 400pr 350pr Hills adders malex5 adult 400 350 Black head python male x1 adult 1200 900 Banded tree snake pr x1 sub adult 500 400...
  41. soulweaver


    airs on channel 7 at 6:30pmk, for those interested
  42. W

    Perthensis availability

    Hi, we have been looking through some of the classifieds and cant seem to find any perthensis. Wondering if many are available, the cost etc. They are such an excellent little python but not many seem to be available. Cheers
  43. B

    Wild Australia Expo

    The Wild Australia Expo is the first of its kind in Australia. Wether a second will be held depends on the support this expo receives. So please if you live within travelling distance of Darlingharbour, please support this event by attending and by also getting all your friends and families to...

    Varanus glauerti

    last week there was an add for Juv. Varanus glauerti for $800.00 on the herp trader (sent email no response). The add was up for and before the day ended the add was deleted the other post from the same person/s are still there..does anyone know anything about who has them. very keen
  45. Belinda

    Kimberley Rock Monitor

    Hey again.....Are Kimberley Rock Monitor (Varanus glauerti) legal to keep in Australia?