varanus pilbarensis

  1. mrkos

    Varanus pilbarensis

    I saw one of these critters a long time ago in a cave in the Pilbara and have been fascinated by them since. A few years ago when I had a pair of glauerti I used to dream of owning a pair. After alot of searching and phone calls I was informed they were around in very small numbers and basically...
  2. C

    Northern Pilbara rock monitor V.pilbarensis

    Hi everyone, Can any of you really knowledgable people give me some solid information on V.pilbarensis in captivity? These guys are a fairly new species to me and I'm keen to learn more, been googling them and they seem like a pretty interning species :) thanks in advanced. CN
  3. eipper

    Reading list

    Just a thought re identification might be worth a sticky thread on recommended reading. If you guys would like me to put something together let me know. I could also put up notifications and references to new taxonomic papers as they are released. Let et me know and btw I hope everyone has...
  4. PilbaraPythons

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved. Water pythons Rough scaled pythons Pygmy Pythons North Westerns Carpets Brown Tree snakes Time to go herping and have me some paid fun I think Regards Dave
  5. Niall

    Pilbara Trip a few months ago.

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since ive been on here, went through the Field Herping Forum and its lacking colour! Heres a few things to brighten it up a bit ;) boring looking Central Netted Dragon Ctenophorus nuchalis we found along the dirt track. On the way into Carnarvon we found a Thorny...
  6. E

    Monitor poll

    whats your favourite monitor? i wanna know cause im researching about monitors
  7. S

    Favourite Monitor?

    I just want to ask people what are your favourite monitor lizard? Mine would have to be Perentie.
  8. grimjob


    man i cant wait till we are allowed to keep exotics here, was just checking some american reptile sites and there is so many cool critters, don't get me wrong i love the reptile available in australia and we defiantly have some of the coolest, but its just cool to get a new toy to play with...
  9. reptilelover1994

    What People top 10 herp wish list is

    hey guys iam is pretty lame but not in order 1. Common Blue-Tongue 2. EWD 3. Whites Tree Frog 4. Thick-Tailed Gecko 5. GTP 6. Ackie 7. Blond Spotted Python 8. Carpet Python 9. BHP 10. Woma
  10. Simon_Archibald

    Not-so-common Monitors being kept?

    Hi all, I've been out of the herping picture for a little while (young family and all) and a little out of touch with whats happening in the hobby. For everyone who knows me my real reptile interest is in monitor species - all up I've kept 9 species so far. There are the usual species all...
  11. Niall

    Pilbara Trip.

    Hi all. Been up in the Pilbara for 2 or so weeks catching up with mates and herping. Ended up turning out to be a great trip. Found a good number of species, considering the amount of flooding they are having up there this year. Black headed Python. Woma Python. Stimson Python...
  12. animush

    BHP eats large monitor

    Hey guys, Last night I came across a pretty cool blog titled WA Zoologist. It covers a wide variety of fauna but seems to have a few good reads on reptiles of WA, and other species too. His pictures are also excellent, and even some videos too. If this is old news or a repost I apologise...
  13. lizardman59

    where can you keep better herps AUS or USA

    i think aus has a bit better herps then usa but tell me what you think
  14. PhilK

    Which Monitor Next?

    Hey all, I have that 'no new herp' void in my life at the moment.. Went over to my mate's place last night and saw his brand new rough scale python babies... His two BHPs he ordered weren't ready so he got given roughies instead... damn him. Anyway the whole thing really made me want new...
  15. Callopistes

    Monitor pictures-Thread

    Hi, I have not a monitor :cry:but I want to see our monitors :Dand the cages of the monitors
  16. kakariki

    Top 10

    I was talking to a mate today & we were wondering what the most difficult snakes are to keep & breed. Also the same for lizards. The reason being, we want to avoid buying them at this stage. We would appreciate some input from those of you with experience.
  17. smacdonald

    The Pilbara, WA

    Hi all, This the final installment from my WA trip. Earlier episodes: The Pinnacles and Lesueur National Park Numbat alert! Perth Zoo Tiger snakes Into the Rat's nest Shark Bay Monkey Mia and Hamelin Pool Cape Range National Park and Exmouth In this exciting...
  18. viridis

    Animals wanted

    If anyone can help me out with any of the following it would be greatly appreciated. Strophurus elderi Egernia depressa Varanus glebopalma Varanus glauerti Varanus pilbarensis Varanus scalaris ( only banded northern wa or yellow and black North qld rainforest colour forms)I am willing to pay...
  19. PremierPythons

    Reptiles Most Wanted List

    Hello Everyone, I've finally got myself the financial backing i've needed to start a great many breeding projects. I know this question has been asked in the Reptiles Australia Readers Poll a few issues back, but what would be your most desirable reptile to own? Although I will qualify my...


    i was just wondering how many people on aps like myself are goanna owners please post what type and how many you have just for people to see how much goannas are liked thanks, VARINIDAE:D
  21. Aslan

    Pilbara Rock Monitors

    Does anyone keep and/or breed Pilbara Rock Monitors (V. pilbarensis)... ...I can't find them listed on the NPWS paperwork at all...I have seen pictures of them being kept in overseas collections and was curious as to the situation with them over here...
  22. Z

    Best Reptile Photo Comp - Round 3 ~ Entries & Poll

    Here are the entries into the Best Reptile Photo Comp - Round 3. # 1 - Woma - Aspidites ramsayi #2 - Pilbara Rock Monitor - Varanus pilbarensis #3 - Eastern Tiger Snake - Notechis s. scutatus #4 - Knobtailed Gecko - Nephrurus levis #5 - Murrays Skink...
  23. Magpie

    Pilbara Trip

    Just got back from a whirlwind 4 day trip to Newman and beyond. Pics are here, please feel free to browse. My biggest surprise of the trip was how stoked I was to spot the pygmy goanna and the gecko and how blase i was about the...
  24. NatureWA

    Varanus pilbarensis photo

    I thought i'd post a pic of a species not many people get to see, due to its relatively small distribution and presumably elusive habits. It's a pretty bad pic of a pretty ugly individual (compared to others), but lighting wasn't desirable. Taken in summer 2005 in ze Pilbara region (duh)...
  25. Moclobe

    Emerald Monitors

    Does anyone in Australia currently hold Varanus parsinus in captivity? What would people pay for these monitors if you could keep them?
  26. Gregory

    Collecting Wild Reptiles.

    I'll start this off by saying this is not a personal attack on the members of APS that do this. I have an inherent disgust that people in WA ( and other states and territories) are able to buy a licence and can then go out and collect wild reptiles and sell them for what is obviously very...
  27. W

    Perthensis availability

    Hi, we have been looking through some of the classifieds and cant seem to find any perthensis. Wondering if many are available, the cost etc. They are such an excellent little python but not many seem to be available. Cheers