vermicella vermiformis

  1. C

    NT herps

    Hi, so there is a good chance I will be doing a massive road trip next year up through SA (going through coober pedy) and into the NT so Alice springs, Simpson desert, Ayers rock and right up to the top for some barra fishing (and hopefully some croc spotting). I was just hoping for some...
  2. vampstorso

    Show us your Elapids!

    I think these beauties certainly need their own dedicated thread for everyone to centrally drool over :P So show us those beauties!
  3. S

    Finds of 2014

    just a couple of photo's from 2014, a bit of a disappointment of a season due to the lack of Hoplocephalus, but oh well enjoy anyway
  4. L

    Gympie for Chrissy

    Hi, I am heading up to Gympie for christmas and was wondering would any one like to show me around a few herp spots while I am there. I will be staying down Sandy creek. I should have access to a car which can make getting around a bit eazier. Thanks in advance.
  5. Jazzz

    Some recent Australian highlights

    Myself and my partner have been on a few herping trips lately and I thought id put up a few of the highlights. I'll start with the local stuff. I've just done a couple of pretty dismal nights herping around Brisbane so far. As there isn't too much to find I've been able to experiment with...
  6. Dr-Zoidberg

    Eastern brown

    An eastern brown I moved on from work last week, there's a lot of rats around the port. Not the biggest I've seen but had a lot of girth to it. The brown was hiding in the water main box, glad I look first before sticking my hands in there. Not the best picture, it wasn't very cooperative lol...
  7. hoppy

    species of snakes in yarrawonga victoria?

    hi all I live in Yarrawonga Victoria and I was wondering what type of snakes live around my area. I know that there are eastern browns, red belly blacks and tigersnakes but is there any other snakes? any pythons? or any other elapids? cheers
  8. stusnake

    After photos for guide book

    G'day all. I'm currently writing a small book called 'A Guide To Snakes Of The NSW Mid North Coast'. The book is now in the design stage getting backgrounds and cover sorted and photos to accompany species information. Currently I'm short a few images for certain species and some species pics I...
  9. Umbral

    Found in Wollombi NSW

    Not 100% sure what this is, my first thought was some sort of blind snake?
  10. Bredli1956

    What's your favourite python

    What type of aussie pythons are your favourite
  11. Y

    Bandy Bandy help

    Hello All, Once again I have been tasked with something I am completely unfamiliar with in terms of captive care. I will be shortly required to attempt to look after an injured bandy bandy and would love if anyone can help with a few things please only answer if you are competent. I...
  12. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  13. richoman_3

    VIC Mallee herping !

    Well Matt beat me to the APS post on this... but last is always better. After a riveting day of school Matt and I wasted no time (Maccas is not wasting time!) getting to Little Desert NP On arriving there we set up our camp, and the tempting calls of banjo frogs nearby lured us to their pond...
  14. PythonOwner25

    Victorian Mallee Nov 2013

    Hey all, headed up to the Mallee over Cup weekend with a few mates to see what we could find. We started off at Little Desert, then moved up through Big Desert, and across to Hattah - Kulkyne National Park. Here is some of what we found. Enjoy the photos! Banjo Frog (Lymnodynastes dumerilii)...
  15. Ranga

    Legless lizard... Or snake?? Do you know what this is???

    So I just got sent this photo from what I believe is an idiot mate... The caption was "check out what I just found"... I have no clue what it is but to me that looks poisonous... Any ideas?
  16. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  17. Jumby

    Who's your favourite?

    This is mine :) a beautiful Gaboon Viper
  18. Frozenmouse

    Please ID this little guy

    I am in the Darwin rural area
  19. benc63


    6.15 got a very distressed call about a large snake at a nearby property. Searching, searching, From the front and sides a wheelie bin fits snuggly to the ground but there is a gap across the back. Later that evening a nice little Bandy bandy. and a red phase death adder. Coming over a...
  20. DaReptileBoy

    Why Is My Female Frog So Aggresive

    alright so we setup this awsome looking tank for her my male frog and my eastern water skink it has a waterfall and every thing but anyway my female keeps attacking me and my skink when ever we go into this one spot has she layed eggs there and are pretecting them or something i just cant figure...
  21. K

    What is this ?

    Hi all, a friend of mine sent me a photo of a snake that was caught in his fish pond. He lives in the windsor area of Sydney. Could it be a Bandi Bandi ? I am trying to load images from my phone but is not very successful. The animal in question is black and white striped. Very clean white and...
  22. Sleazy.P.Martini

    Frog and snake ID

    Hey guys, sorry about the lowsy photos, the snake was sent to me via phone from someone else and I was drunk when I took the one of the frog. Anyway the frog was found in Townsville, and the snake found North shore Sydney, Hornsby to be precise. Thanks
  23. Dragonwolf

    I went driving.... look what I saw!

    Went for a bit of a drive yesterday evening ..... past the area of a recent large bushfire event and along the massive development (devastation) of a bush road leading into CSG territory. Usually I encounter nothing but tonight I was lucky, maybe due to the heat and rain around at the moment...
  24. J

    A rare treat

    Hi All, just thought I would post a few pics of a little critter that I rescued late last night. This little tacker was found under the dining table while food was being eaten. What I would like to know is how would these guys actually be able to eat Blind snakes at this tiny size? Cheers.
  25. 0bradl14

    Pinkie pump ?????

    I'm curious about pinkie pumps how you use them whAt there for an how you get a pinkie in there haha can anybody help I have a vague idea what there for

    heading to emmaville/glen innis at christmas

    hey guys just wondering although i know its a long shot, i am heading to emmaville near glenn innis in northern NSW and was wondereing if anyone on here lived there and wanted to go out herping, i plan on doing a bit while i'm up there as my brother lives on 20,000 acres and said there are...

    bandy bandy

    hey guys my brother sent me this pic this morning of this poor little bloke that had been hit by a car over night, now i dont know alot about bandy bandy's but everything i could find on the net says they live in QLD, my brother lives near Glen innis in northern NSW is this a normal area for...
  28. Fuscus

    Bandy Bandy

    This little guy was handed in to me. Its back was broken and was passed on to Australia Zoo who almost certainly euthanized it. It appears that the injury was non-accidental :evil:
  29. TreeHugger

    Bandy Bandy killed by another ignorant human.

    My brother in law continued to boast that he used his oh so manly powers and killed a 'snake' becuase it was 'hissing at his dog'. He wonders why I shot him down? Jack **** Apparently his colleague said it was a Bandy Bandy.... and he later confirmed it on a google image. But I have to...
  30. Wrightpython

    pure black

    Has anyone bred pure black diamonds yet or is this a new neich? Not that i have one just thought it would be cool.
  31. R

    Most venomous land snakes in the world??

    hey guys, got a competition to see who knows the top ten most venomous LAND snakes in the world, results vary ALOT, just wanting to see, what you guys think.
  32. ssssmithy

    a few collection pics

    I don't post much threads these days so i thought while im bored and up late, why not. hope you enjoy some of them :) cheers, smithy.
  33. emmbo

    brisbane valley herping pics

    just thought id share a few pics from the past 2 weeks worth of herping me and my partner have done around the brisbane valley i dont use a dslr so sorry for lack or professionalism :lol: but here they are anyway emmbo;) My b/f is a wildlife relocator.
  34. E

    Herping in sydney

    What animals have you found in sydney and are there any awesome shots. Im new to herping and want to see what animals you have found in sydney or NSW.
  35. Rattler


    I found this on the footpath this morning in the middle of sydney. Was under powerlines so i dont know if a bird had it and dropped it or where it came from. What the hell is it? Some sort of corn snake?
  36. snakeluvver

    Recent herping

    Just some pics from the past couple of weeks. :) First a bandy bandy near my house, sorry I couldnt get a good pic. Juvie Redbelly at Mary Caincross Murray's Skink at Mary Caincross, saw heaps of these over there. Murray's skink? (Not 100% sure, may be some other Eulamprus sp) at Mary...
  37. Sunny


    hey guys heres a coupple of relocations a mulga and pseudonaja aspidhorinchya sorry if the spelling is wrong
  38. M

    Hybrids good or bad?

    Hi, I have recently produced a clutch of hybrid gtp's x jaguar carpet Carpondro's, whats everyone's view on this? One of the hatchlings :)
  39. C

    How many eggs can Stimmies lay?

    Hey guys, I just baught a stimmie off Sonia Dewdney and now looking for a male, the 6 month old girl i baught is quite nice but never realised how freaking small they are! I have carpets and had bhp's but never anataresias. How big is their clutch for first year breeding (hopefully breed next...
  40. R

    unsuccesful snake hunt

    Went out into the bush decmorning, it was quit very sunny and warm. I had my camra first aid etc..... but no matter how hard i looked in the perfect conditions to find any basking snakes. I didnt find one.?
  41. kawasakirider

    How did you get into reptiles? What is your favourite reptile, and why?

    As the title says guys, what is your favourite reptile, and why is it your favourite? Also how did you guys get into keeping reptiles? I've always been fascinated with anything out of the ordinary, I love sharks and crocodiles, and I've always been fascinated with snakes. My GF suggested we...
  42. H

    bandy bandy

    Hi all, i don't know if this has been done before but has anyone got a bandy bandy or do people breed them ??? Whats their status ???? cheers :)
  43. B

    Help needed to identify snake skin

    Hi, I live in suburban Wollongong NSW on a big bushy block near Mt Keira and yesterday we found an entire snake skin on a sunny step on the council strip with the following characteristics: skin length ~ 40 cm dorsal scale rows at midbody = 15 ventral scales = 92 subcaudal scales = 65-66...
  44. Smithers

    Stuffed Olive

  45. CamdeJong

    Anthropomorphic Herps

    Hey hey. Today I took a few of my snakes who were due for defecation out to the yard and let them do their business and one of them did something very odd. My het for albino darwin Theia (close to 3 yrs) hasn't seen a great deal of grass as her outside time is usually spent in fruit trees and it...
  46. B

    photo's of the devil

    Hey all.... a little beauty found north of Kalgoorlie. WA D. Bloomfield
  47. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Alice Springs

    Continuing on from After camping near the small border town of Camooweal, we left Queensland and entered the Northern Territory on the Barkley Tablelands, again targeting Speckled Browns...
  48. N

    ID needed

    found this little guy wondering through the house tonite, can anyone let me know what kind of snake it is?????
  49. greeny1

    Herping This Summer

    Just thought i'd share some pictures from some herping around here this Summer. Local Carpet Red Naped Snake Brown Tree Snake Striped Burtons Common Scaly Foot Bandy Bandy Robust Velvet Geckos Large Small Eyed Gravid scaly Foot Common Death Adder Stephens...
  50. A

    what venomous snakes can i keep?

    hey guys, i am fairly new to aus and i was just wondering if you guys could give me a list of the venomous snakes i can keep as a pet? im aware of certain elapids avaliable such as death adders but i am having trouble finding a list of all which are avaliable. also, can i keep venomous snakes on...