NSW 2 Piece Reptile enclosure

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    Home made enclosure designed to come apart in 2 separate pieces for easy removal.

    Total dimensions 2100 h x 930 w x 630 d

    Top Section is 1300 h
    - Top section twin hinged doors, secured by slide latch on one door and magnetic child lock on the other side.
    - plug n play ceramic light fitting for heating
    - also has hole at the top covered by mess if you wish to add additional lighting.

    Bottom section 800 h
    - sliding glass doors with ground in finger grips
    - plug n play ceramic light fitting for heating
    - includes a batten light fitting.

    Enc 1.jpg Enc 2.jpg Enc 3.jpg Enc 4.jpg

    Located in Northern suburbs of Sydney. Needs to be collected due to size. $200

    Contact me (Rick) on 0424 001 590 for further enquiries.
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