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A controversial subjects channel


Not so new Member
I think it would be interesting to have a controversial subjects channel, where commonly discussed and disagreed upon subjects in reptile keeping such as f/t v live feeding, heat mats or heat lamps and so on- are discussed. This would not at all be for the purpose of arguing, but for raising points and questions as well as providing pros and cons for the many controversial subjects in reptile husbandry


Staff member
Historically on APS live feeding discussions get locked/deleted due to the fights they tend to cause. There are many other controversial topics (hatchlings in large enclosures, heating without thermostats, etc.) that are best left alone simply because they can encourage newbies to end up in all sorts of drama.

That being said, you're welcome to start a discussion in General and we will see how that goes. If enough traffic is generated and it feels like a dedicated forum is warranted then we can certainly look at creating one.