About 50 turtles found dead on Victorian riverbank

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    By Rick Goodman
    Thursday, 31 October 2019

    The dead turtles were found in the grass beside a river. Credit: Department of Environment

    About 50 turtles have been found dead on a riverbank in eastern Victoria close to tyre marks from a bogged vehicle.

    The Eastern long-necked turtles were spotted in the grass by members of the public beside the Avon River in Gippsland, near Stratford, last week.

    They reported them to authorities, who inspected the area.

    Wildlife investigators are now searching for the owner of a 4WD as it appears the vehicle became bogged beside the river near the turtles.

    "We'd like the owner of the 4WD to come forward and speak to us so that we can eliminate them from our inquiries," the Department of Environment said in a statement on Thursday.

    Anyone who spotted anything suspicious or who has information is urged to call the department or contact Crime Stoppers.

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