Ackies fighting

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    When we got our juvenile ackies, we were told that the smaller one was a boy, and a bigger one was a girl. They were ok together until about a week or so ago, when the smaller one started bullying the bigger one away from the hot spot, by biting her tail and even pulling her by the tail to make her leave. However, today I saw him grab her by the side of the neck and climb on top of her. She was walking slowly with him latched onto her. When they saw me, he let go and went to his hiding spot.

    As I’m not certain that they’re different sexes, is this normal territorial/dominance behaviour or is “he” trying to mate with “her”? “She” never fights back, although “she” is clearly bigger of the two.

    “Her” tail is also much fatter than “his” although they seem to eat the same. I tong-feed them woodies and mealworms to make sure neither misses out, and I also release woodies/crickets in their enclosure for them to hunt. They get occasional treat of pet-grade chicken mince, hard boiled eggs and pinky mice.

    We’re getting another enclosure tomorrow to separate them. Not sure about how old they are, but possibly 6 months old.

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