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Advice for holiday preparations (care of frogs)

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Hi everyone, I need some advice on what to do with my frogs.

I'm going away for 10 days and have not been able to find anyone to check on my two Green Tree Frogs while I'm gone.
How can I best prepare them for the 10 days?

The GTFs are 5 years old, and of medium size. I plan on feeding them 2-3 large roaches each on the 3 nights leading up to the leaving date, and chucking in some extra roaches on the morning I leave. The way I have my tank setup is such that I have large river pebbles in the bottom, about 4cm deep, and fill the water level to normally about 1 cm over the top of the pebbles (it's a tall tank, with mesh top section and fish tank bottom section). There would probably be about a litre of water available normally (but due to the pebbles it's at varying depths). Before I leave I will make sure the water is fresh and topped up probably 2 cm above the pebbles (this would probably add about another 400mL of water to the tank). I've monitored the water levels without heating turned on and I normally only need to top it up once a week, so I think with the extra water I shouldn't need to worry about evaporation.

Is there anything else I should do, or anything I could improve on? And as a side question, how long, at a rough estimate, can an adult green tree frog go without food for, without losing condition? I understand snakes can go for many months without a feed, but there isn't this sort of information I've found about frogs. Would I be right in thinking 2 weeks would be the maximum period of time they could survive without food?
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