Ahhh - Take me back to 1995!

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    So I was just doing a random dig through my belongings, as you do sometimes and there tucked away in a bag covered in dust in a dark corner of the hall cupboard long forgotten was a treasure from my earlier years. Bless my mum who took the long drives from the bush in the upper Macleay valley into the Newsagent in Kempsey each fortnight to collect this publication for me back in 1995.

    Did anyone else ever collect this publication?? I have read all 65 editions from cover to cover many times but I haven't seen them for years. Made me smile.

    Very pleased they have survived all this time in great condition, still even have the 3D glasses for viewing the 3D centrefolds in each edition.

    This is where my obsession with critters and inverts began.
    20180303_205148.jpg 20180303_205218.jpg 20180303_205243.jpg 20180303_205256.jpg 20180303_205307.jpg 20180303_205319.jpg 20180303_210130.jpg

    I've got some re-reading to do! :D
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