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NT Albino & poss. het. olive python hatchies


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4 x Albino & 7 x poss. het. olive python hatchlings ready to go.
All have had many feeds since hatching in December. $250 for poss het albino olives. $2000 for albino olives. All unsexed at this time but likely both sexes available.

Also have 3 year old female albino available, still a year or two off of breeding size – $3500.
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I should have these sexed and health checked by the end of the week and will update photos.


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Hello, wondering if you still have any albino olives available? Would prefer a male if available. Is it possible to arrange payment plans?
Regards, Liana


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Hi Liana, yes still have some available. I won't freight animals until payment is made but I'm happy to hold the snake while you pay it off. There would be a non refundable deposit of $500 required initially.
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