almost wet myself laughing

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by feathergrass, Jan 19, 2012.

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    So i was laying down with my toddler tryin to get her to sleep.
    When i heard my teen scream at the top of her huge as lungs.
    So i came tearing down from the other end of the house to the back sliding door to find my dad ( he is a very sick man) up on top of his Plastic green outdoor chair and my teen all sreachy about a snake that was by dads foot.

    So i asked where is it?
    It had gotten so much of a fright ( poor thing) that it had high tailed it into the darkness of our back yard and my 18 year old brother ( god bless is elusive dysfunctional brain) was running BARE foot waving his arms out into the back yard ( sigh).
    I called him back telling him an effing idiot and said the poor snake will be long gone but if its not your feet would make a lovely snack so back the hell off

    I then turned to my teen ( bless her artificial intelligence hair dye...for shes a natural blonde) telling me that she came out side and there was a snake right by dad foot turns out it was like a meter away.

    Asked well did any think to see what sort of snake it was and how big? and was told it was fat and about a meter long and brown and looked like it had eaten a few frogs LOL

    that was my night still having a good chortle wishing i had the camera lol
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