Alternative Reptile Care

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    cuttlefish bone has been used for 2000 years by chinese for treating open wounds and mouth and stomach ulcers
    I agree that in theory it shouldnt work
    But that can said of many other things as well such as manuka honey
    it works but nobody can explain exactly why

    My kids were on bactrim for years
    Dosages increased every few months until tonsils were removed

    Any decent reptile vet will tell you this
    Baytril works. But the snake will always be more susceptible to RI afterwards
    Plus the RI will be worse each time requiring a higher dosage

    So although for the same ri the treatment will be the same
    If the snake gets another ri the subsequent dosage will be higher to fight the same infection
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    No matter what the treatment, no matter what or who the patient.
    All anyone or any medicine can ever do, is provide an environment whereby the organism can heal itself.

    Drugs, massage, doctors, vets etc,etc do not heal people or animals. They only provide/or attempt to provide conditions to promote self healing.

    Reptiles are very fast healers when given the right conditions. I hear of many treatments for burns and wounds etc, that are spoken of highly, but do they really work any faster then if they were left alone? How would we know? How can you tell if a burn has scarred less with a certain medicine or not?

    We use ways to keep infection at bay, and provide restful peace, while the tissues regenerate. Much more than that is debatable.
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