NSW Aquaone 510 with lots of fish and plants

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    Central Coast NSW
    Aquaone 510 for sale
    Comes with all plants, breeding colony of Orange Flash Apistos (2 male 8 or so females), 2 Ottos, 3 female Endler Guppies and a Spiny-tailed Eel. Also includes heater.
    I paid $450 for the tank brand new, comes with built in filter and lights, very easy to maintain, pretty much you just do a 30% water change once a month and give the filter a basic clean every 6 months or so.
    Plants include Amazon Sword, various Anubias, Blyxia's, Java Fern, subwassertang, various Crypts and Val.
    Substrate is a homemade CO2 producing deep sand bed, it works really well, and you can grow most plants in it, for the higher maintenance plants I have had much success by adding a CO2 setup.
    Very reluctant sale but I need the room for other projects.
    $350 or make and offer.
    Pickup is from Wyoming or can drop of anywhere on the central coast if petrol is paid.
    Call me anytime on 0435940579
    or PM me
    Thanks Josh

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