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I thought I would share some photos of some of the snakes that I have encountered over the last couple of years whilst herping. Unfortunately I haven't managed to photograph everything that I have seen though.. yet there are still a lot of species left to tick off! Some of the pictures have probably been seen before, but I thought I had better get a bit of variety in there! :)

Firstly the pythons..

Children's Pythons (Antaresia childreni)


Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa)

Stimsons Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni)


Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus)


Woma Python (Aspidites ramsayi)

Water Python (Liasis mackloti)

Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus) - a poor bastard that was on his last 'legs'.

Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)


Centralian Carpet Python (Morelia spilota bredli)

Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota)

Scrub Python (Morelia kinghorni)

Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis)

Files and Mangrove snakes...

Arafura File Snake (Acrochordus arafurae)

Bockadam (Cerberus australis)

Macleays Water Snake (Enhydris polylepis)

White-bellied Mangrove Snake (Fordonia leucobalia)

Richardson's Mangrove Snake (Myron richardsonii)

The stinky snakes... Colubrids...

Brown Tree Snakes (Boiga irregularis)

Common Tree Snake (Dendrelaphis punctulata)

Northern Tree Snake (Dendrelaphis calligastra)

Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus)

Keelback (Tropidonophis mairii)

Now the decent stuff... Elapids.

Common Death Adders (Acanthophis antarcticus)

Northern Death Adders (Acanthophis praelongus)

Desert Death Adder (Acanthophis pyrrhus)

Highlands Copperhead (Austrelaps ramsayi)

Australian Coral Snake (Brachyurophis australis)

Narrow-banded Shovel-nose Snake (Brachyurophis fasciolatus)

Unbanded Shovel-nose Snake (Brachyurophis incinctus)

Northern Shovel-nose Snake (Brachyurophis roperi)

White-crowned Snake (Cacophis harriettae)

Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake (Cacophis krefftii)

Golden-crowned Snake (Cacophis squamulosus)

Eastern Small-eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens)

Black-striped Snake (Cryptophis nigrostriatus)

Yellow-faced Whip Snake (Demansia psammophis)

Lesser Black Whip Snake (Demansia vestigiata)

Devis' Banded Snake (Denisonia devisi)

Red-naped Snake (Furina diadema)

Orange-naped Snake (Furina ornata)

Brown-headed Snake (Furina tristis)

Grey Snake (Hemiaspis damelii)

Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata)

Pale-headed Snake (Hoplocephalus bitorguatus)

Stephens' Banded Snake (Hoplocephalus stephensii)

Dwyer's Snake (Parasuta dwyeri)

Monk Snake (Parasuta monachus)

Mulga Snakes (Pseudechis australis)

Spotted Black Snake (Pseudechis guttatus)

Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus)

Pygmy Mulga Snake (Pseudechis weigeli)

Strap-snouted Brown Snake (Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha)

Speckled Brown Snake (Pseudonaja guttata)

Western Brown Snakes (Pseudonaja mengdeni)

Ringed Brown Snake (Pseudonaja modesta)

Northern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja nuchalis)

Eastern Brown Snakes (Pseudonaja textilis)

Little Spotted Snake (Suta punctata)

Curl Snake (Suta suta)

Rough-scaled Snake (Tropidechis carinatus)

Eastern Bandy Bandy (Vermicella annulata)

Centralian Bandy Bandy (Vermicella vermiformis)

..and a dirty Blind Snake to finish it off with...
Ramphotyphlops ligatus


Awesome mate, well done. You could fill a field guide with all those pics!


Very Well-Known Member
Wow! Very impressive work.

Although, reading the list, I'm really a little underwhelmed at the common names for most of them.
I can imagine the conversations though...

"I found a new snake!"
"Cool! What colour is it?"
"Well, brown snake's taken. What else has it got?"
"It's got a ring around it."
"Sweet, that'll do, we'll call it the ringed brown snake."
"What about this other one I found? It's little, and it's got spots."
"Little spotted snake it is then."
"But there's one more, It's a lighter brown, but it's got some black markings on it. How about spotted brown snake?"
"NO! That one will be BOCKADAM!!!!!"



I bet Shannon could find one ;)

Or if I didn't have to pick up that car my begginers luck could've helped you lol

Haha she is only good for finding small-eyeds, and as I've told her many times - they aren't a real snake! :p

I'll get an oenpelli next time, I earned it after the effort we put in last time!
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